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There's only one of you, so if you over-emphasise your own desires you are not doing your best!

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Q: How does individualism contribute to suffering in Buddhism?
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What is the cause of suffering for Buddhism?


What religion believes All life is suffering?

Buddhism teaches that all life is characterized by suffering, known as Dukkha. This concept is one of the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism, which form the foundation of the religion's teachings on the nature of existence and the path to enlightenment.

Theravada Buddhism and mahayana Buddhism have what belief in common?

Similarities are the four noble truths. -There is suffering. -Suffering is caused by attachment. -There is an end to suffering. -Suffering's end is found in the Path. The differences are of intention and focus. (T: me; M: all)

What are causes of suffering?

In ancient buddhism readings people say it is desire that creates suffering'

What is the aspect of Buddhism?

The aspects of Buddhism are the various qualities which the Buddha taught lead to enlightenment. The four noble truths of Buddhism are that suffering is part of life, that suffering is caused by desires, that happiness is possible by learning to be present in the moment, and that by following the Eight-Fold Path ends suffering.

What is the focuss of Buddhism?

The focus of Buddhism is to alleviate human suffering by leading sentient beings to enlightenment.

What are the concepts of Buddhism?

Buddhism concept is to tame our wild minds and make free from any suffering.- Yeshi

Why Buddhism important to the Buddha?

Buddhism is unimportant to the Buddha, the Buddha only cared about reality and ending suffering.

What kind of military did Buddhism have?

Buddhism is a set of practices designed to alleviate dissatisfaction (suffering, trouble). It has no military. .

Why did Buddha start the belief of Buddhism?

To save beings from suffering.

How does one avoid suffering in Buddhism?

By achieving Nirvana, silly.

What are the three basic teachings of Buddhism?

they are suffering, death and starvation