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Certainly not


It is not halal for Muslims to eat hyena. Refer to question below for details.

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Q: Is hyena halaal in Islam
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I know what Halaal chicken / meat is; It should be slaughtered and before that Bismillah must be said. ONLY IN THIS WAY MEAT IS HALAAL. If you don't know the source and a Muslim says it is halaal then it is 100% halaal as it said in Islam that you should believe your Muslim brother and there are also Hadees on that. But the main thing I want to know is that, if a Christian or Ahle kitaab say that the chicken is halaal(no hadees or fatwa found on this one); does it becomes halaal. Like you have food in TESCO, ASDA or big stores. there are items that contains meat and it says on them halaal; does it becomes halaal or we should only take meat from Muslim shops.

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