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They are Sunnis and Shiites. However, they are two religious schools or groups rather than real two different sects. They, both, share all basic principles of Islam. They differ only in minor details. Refer to the related question below for more information.

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Shia Islam is the second largest Islamic denomination.

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The Shiites are the second largest Islamic sect.

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Q: What are two of the largest Muslim sects?
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Who are members of the muslim sect?

Islam is not a sect. It is a religion, which contains sects.Members of the Islamic religion are called Muslim. The major Muslim sects are Khawarij, Shi'a and Sunni. Each of those sects have sects.

How many Muslim religions?

there are about 72 Muslim sects

How do you use sect in a sentence?

In muslim there are two majors sects, 'Sunni' and 'Shia'. What is your sect ? . Do you believe in sects ?? (as many muslims don't believe in sects and consider them as 'FITNA' (conspiracy).

How many Muslim sects are there and what are their names?

There are many Muslim sects. However, all sects agree on the basic Islam pillars and principles. All of them recite the same Quran with the same exact text without single letter change. All of them pray in the same mosques. They differ only in some minor and philosophical issues. The main two sects or schools are Shiites and Sunnis. Refer to related question for more information.

What are the 2 largest religious groups?

The two largest religious groups are those following the Abrahamic traditions (sects such as Jews, Christians and Moslems) and the those following the Dravidian traditions (sects like Hindus, Buddhists, etc)

How do religion, politics, economics, and geography continue to cause tensions in the Middle East Briefly explain your answer.?

A major source of conflict in the Muslim Middle East is the divisive nature between the two main sects of Islam: Sunni and Shi'a. Although these two sects agree on the fundamentals of Islam and the teachings of the Quran, they are in conflict about who would lead the Muslim community after Muhammad's death.

Which is the largest Muslim country?

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country

What are the two largest Muslim countries in the middle east?

Saudi Arabia and Iran.

What are the names of the two sects of the Islamic faith?

It is mainly not called two sections. Shia and Sunnis are both Muslims, but they have a slight difference in their way of Islam. A Shia Muslim can't let a Sunni Muslim enter their mosque because he is a Sunni. It goes the same for Sunnis as well.

What is the major Muslim sect in Iraq?

In July 2006 estimate Iraqi population is above 27,000,000. The religious compisiton in Iraq is: Muslim 97% and Others 3% The Muslims here are divided in two sects: the Shia 60% and the Sunni 40%.

What is the world's largest religeon?

When all of its sects are combined, the world's largest religion in number of adherents is Christianity.

Largest religion in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The largest religion in Maylaysia and Indonesia is Muslim. Maylaysia is about 60.7% Muslim and Buddhism is the next largest religion. The largest religion in Indonesia is Muslim...don't have the percentage.