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It is believed that death will end the time that you were given on this earth. After death, you will go back to the earth or dissolve, till you are summoned again (on the Day of Judgement).

As long as you are alive, you continue to do good or bad deeds. All of it is recorded. Death ends you time to do any deed. Then, you are summoned and told about the good v/s bad deeds which you did, when you were alive. Based on which way the balance tilts, whether you have more rewards or sins, you are shown your place--Heaven or Hell. Remember, all can be forgiven except "shirk" or worshipping or having faith on others, instead of Allah. Believing that an email / stone / amulet / ring etc can bring you good / bad luck is also shirk. God bless you for asking

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He faces great pangs of agony. Death angels appear to away his soul. They take away the soul to the place reserved for the Good or Wicked souls. It is known by Almighty Alah and none else.

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Q: What do Muslims believe about death?
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Do Muslims believe in the after life resurrection?

yes, Muslims believe in resurrection and in the eternal life after death.

Do muslims believe in heven?

yes we believe in life after death

What do Muslims believe happens to believers after death?

they is another life after death

Why do Muslims believe about angels and judgment?

Muslims believe in angels because its one of the pillars of iman

What do Muslims believe in death?

Death is just a start of new endless World >>> whether Heaven or Hell

Why do Muslims not believe that the phrophet eesas death could be a sacrifice for the sins of mankind?

Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus did not die but was raised to Heaven alive, and that he will return again before doomsday. Muslims believe that every soul is responsible for his sins and will be judged individually by Allah (God).

Who did the muslims believe in?

Muslims believe in Allah

Do Muslims believe in death?

Answer 1It depends in what the question is asking. Muslims certainly believe in death, in the sense that they acknowledge that death is a real thing (as opposed to something imaginary).However, Muslims do not pursue death and much of Islamic Law is devoted to how a person should live (and not die).Answer 2Muslims; as all people of the world believe in death. It is a fact that everyone observe on daily basis. However, committing suicide; for any reason (justified or not justified) is forbidden per Islam teachings in Qur'an and per prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) commands. It is worth mentioning also that Muslims; as other God religion followers; believe in the 2nd eternal life after the Resurrection Day..

What do Muslims get from praying?

Muslims get rewarded in the hearafter (that is after death)by the owner of the heavens ,earth and all that exists. They truly believe in one creator if you don't believe then it does not matter to you.You need to believe in the first instance.Then it goes on from there.So to the non believer it will not be comprehended.

People who believe in Islam are Muslims?

yes people who believe in Islam are Muslims

Do muslims believe in heavan?

YES Muslims believe in heaven and in Hell.

What is meant by arkanul iman?

It is the pillars of faith of the Muslims. Muslims must believe in them for their belief to be correct. There are 6 pillars or prerequisites: to believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His Messengers, the day of judgement and that the power to do good or bad comes from Allah and lastly the resurrection after death.