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Q: What god would you pray for a safe Mediterranean trip?
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What god would you pray for a safe Mediterranean trip roman?

little jerry

Have a safe trip to Quebec in french?

"bon Voyage au Quebec' means have a safe trip or have a good trip

How do you say have a safe trip in maori?

The phrase "have a safe trip" can be translated to Maori as "Haere whakamaua, haere kore kai."

When was Safe Trip Home created?

Safe Trip Home was created on 2008-11-17.

What are the release dates for Safe Trip - 2007?

Safe Trip - 2007 was released on: USA: February 2007 (Filmaka)

How do you spell travel safe in Norwegian?

Directly translated, it would be "reis trygt", although I believe "ha en trygg reise" ("have a safe trip") would be more correct.

What would you do if a guy you like is on a trip to Vegas?

Answer: Pray long and hard, and if you don't pary..well then you better be finding someone new or beg to go with.

Have a safe trip back in Dutch?

Have a safe journey = heb een veilige reis

How do you say have a safe trip in french?

Bon voyage would be close enough.

Have a safe flight in Brazilian Portuguese?

Tenha uma boa viagem (have a good trip) would be the most common.

Is Punta Cana a safe place to go in September?

Yes, Punta Cana is a safe place for enjoy a vacation and I must suggest this amazing trip for all. I would like to share one of my sweet experience in Punta Cana trip which I went by FunTrip2 and it was really an awesome trip for me. I enjoyed a lot and seen most of the natural places with an affordable cost. The main important thing was all over the trip were wonderful and safe to visit.

When do Baptists pray?

Devout baptists take the statement, "Pray without ceasing" literally. It is customary to pray before a meal, when embarking on a trip, when getting ready to study, the Bible especially, when there is a need for healing of the body or spirit, when there is need for strength. So, I would say that baptists pray not by the clock but by punctuation. Whenever you want help, what to give thanks, or you think about it.