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AnswerBerka or Burka is not a religion requirement. It is a matter of local culture or tradition practice. So, wearing Burka or not is up to the woman and her local society practices. The religion requirement is that woman should wear cloth that covering fully her body, including her head and hair, except her face and her hands. The piece of the cloth covering head and hair (without face) is called Hijab which is an Islamic requirement.


A prostitute was once walking along a dusty path, when she stumbled upon a shabby looking dog.

The dog ran up to the well and signalled to the woman. Realising that the dog was thirsty, and could not reach the water inside the well, she took off her shoe, leaned inside the well, and brought the water up for the dog to drink.

I believe this story came from the Sayings of our Prophet (PBUH), and I believe the Hadith confirms, that the woman went to Heaven for this deed.

Moral of the story, whether or not you wear the Burka, only Allah (SWT) will judge you. And with a truly clean heart, I dont think a burka can determine where you will go in the Afterlife.

Bear in mind, only the hair must be covered and non-revealing clothes should be worn... So only if you feel comfortable wearing a Burka, should you decide to.

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Q: What happens to muslim woman when they dont wear berka?
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