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They were still called Hebrews or Hebrew people. But they were also called Israelites or the Children of Israel.

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They were called Hebrews. No one knows what the Egyptian word for "Hebrew" is though.

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Q: What were Hebrew people called after the exodus?
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Who feed the people in the exodus?

In Exodus god provided manna for the Hebrew people.

The Exodus commemorates the flight of the Hebrew people out of what country?


What is the second book called in the Old Testament?

The second book of the Bible is the book of Exodus. In Hebrew it is called Shmot.

What name was given to the Hebrews journey out of slavery in Egypt?

That is called the Exodus, or Yetsi'at mi-Mitzrayim in Hebrew.

Whats the name of the second book Hebrew scriptures?

Exodus, which is called Shemot (שמות) in Hebrew

The migration of Israelites from Egypt is called the?

In Hebrew, yetzias mitzrayim. In English, the Exodus.

Why was the Exodus a signifigant event in Hebrew history?

because moses let his people out of Egypt

What were the Hebrew people facing at the beginning of exodus?

They were facing the stubbornness, wantonness and cruelty of Pharaoh.

What book of the Bible talkes about Moses freeing the slaves out of Egypt?

The second book of moses called Exodus tells in detail of the freeing of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypyt.

Why were the Hebrew laws created?

The Hebrew laws are contained in the Torah. God gave us the Torah (Exodus 24:12) as a manifestation of His covenant with us (Exodus ch.19), to make us a holy people.

Where did the Hebrew people establish a kingdom at the end of the Exodus from Egypt?

In the land of Israel (formerly Canaan).

What was another name for the Israelites escape from Egypt?

The other name for the escape of the Israelites from the land of Egypt is also called the Exodus of the jews.Exodus means a long uncertain journey. The second book in the old testament is called Exodus givinga historyof their wanderings.