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Q: Who were the people called that were against immigrants and Catholics in the 1830s and 1840s?
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What were people rebelling against Catholic Church during Reformation called?

Catholics called them heretics, they called themselves protestants.

Who were the KKK against?

The KKK discriminated against Black people, Jews, Catholics, Republicans, carpetbaggers, scallawags, and many more groups/cultures/races. The Klan of the 1920s strongly supported Prohibition and attacked moonshiners and bootleggers.

Why were catholics and Jewish people discriminated against?

the answer is banana

Who tended to be oponents of prohibition?

Highly educated people, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, city dwellers, and libertarians.

Why did nativists want to place limits on Irish Immigrants?

They were catholics while most people in the US wereprotestant

Do catholics allow filming during marriages?

Catholics are against pornography that involves people over 16, so as such are against filming their wedding night.

Who does the KKK discriminate against?

The Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist group which discriminates against anyone who is not white. This includes African-Americans, Latinos, etc. They also discriminate against Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, immigrants, and other groups of people.

What group besides African Americans suffered from Ku Klux Klan attacks?

Actually, there were a number of groups the Klan disliked. While they are best known for their racist hatred of black people, the Klan also hated Jews, Catholics, and immigrants-- especially immigrants who had darker skin (people from China, India, etc). Their ideal was the white, Germanic, Protestant Christian.

Catholic immigrants suffered special Prejudice from people who?

Catholic immigrants suffered special prejudice from ignorant people who believed that all Catholics were backward, uneducated, and dirty. They believed that they worshiped statues and idols, that they were not "true Christians".

What caused people to become prejudiced against the immigrants?

Competition for jobs

Prejudice was against the immigrants in the 1800s?

Yes, because people were nativists.

What is people from newmexicostateare called?

illegal immigrants :/