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Q: Why are Muslim women not allowed to leave the house without a male relative?
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What do you call Muslim house of warship?

The Muslim house of worship is a mosque.

What animals are the muslim allowed to have?

Cats,birds,horses,sheep, goats,camels,cows,rabbits,fish,donkey,chickens,ducks,geese.Dogs are only allowed for security proposes,however they are not to be kept in the house.

What access equity you need to be aware of if a Muslim girl and aboriginal youth are in a relationship and wanting to move into a shared house with the boyfriend. family has strong family values?

You need to know that: Muslim females are only allowed relationships with males that will lead to marriage AND Muslim females are prohibited from marriage to non-Muslim males.

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In Nixon Tx. Pit bulls are allowed to run in the streets and in any bodies house without a leash. In Nixon Tx. Pit bulls are allowed to run in the streets and in any bodies house without a leash.

Can you leave parents house without permission at 16 and live with a relative over 21 in Minnesota?

Only if you emancipate yourself.

Is speaker of the house Boehner a Muslim?


What is the name of the Muslim holy book and the Muslim house of worship?

Holy Book: Qur'an House of Worship: Mosque/Masjid/Jame'a

Were pets allowed in the White House?

yes,pets were allowed in the White House.

Am I allowed to move out of my mother's house if I choose without her consent at the age of 19 in South Africa?


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Yes, I have a relative that has.

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