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First off the Amish aren't the only ones that wear suspenders. Many businessmen, especially ones of the larger variety, much prefer suspenders or "braces" to wearing a belt. Notably for two reasons one: belts don't hold your pants up and are mostly for decoration whereas braces once they are set at the desired length will keep your pants right where you want them, and two: due to the aforementioned reason when wearing slacks with braces you can leave a little extra room around the waist which will make your pants much more comfortable. Just be sure that you don't wear both braces and belts at the same time, unless you want everyone to think you're from Texas.

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Q: Why do Amish men wear suspenders and not belts?
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The best place to buy belts and suspenders in Reno, NV are Walmart and any men's fashion stores. Walmart is going to have the best deals on the belts and suspenders though.

Is it proper for men to wear a belt and suspenders with a suit?

Following are the major tips for enhancing men's look - Ties, cufflinks, belts and shoes It will express a powerful impressions about your look.

Does Walmart have suspenders?

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How do men wear belts?

Men wear belts around the waist.

How many men wear suspenders?

Los tomlinson

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Do amish men wear underwear?

It's against the Ordinance for the men to wear underwear.

Is it more of a preference of older men than younger men to wear suspenders with a suit these days?

It does not matter at what age you wear suspenders as long as your pants are not around your knees with your boxers showing. Personally I like clean cute men young and old. So please wear your suspenders and do not worry about what no one has to say.....especially those that have never tried to wear them man or woman. Sexy is as sexy feel.

How to Properly Wear Men's Suspenders?

One men’s accessory that never goes out of style is the suspenders. Suspenders are also known as braces. Suspenders are preferred by some men over belts, because the former holds the pants up more comfortably both sitting and standing. On the other hand, some men choose to wear suspenders just for being extra stylish in their wardrobes. If you are planning of wearing suspenders, there are some things that you might want to consider first, so that you will know if wearing suspenders will suit your style and your taste. • Choose the appropriate suspenders for your clothing. In general, there are different types of suspenders. If you’re planning to wear suspenders on a business suit, you should not choose clip-on suspenders. For business suits, suspenders should be made of silk and should have button holes for attaching to the pants. Aside from that, the color of your suspenders should also match your overall outfit. • Ensure that your pants have interior buttons. If you’re planning to wear suspenders, make sure that your pants have interior buttons where you will attach your suspenders. If your pants do not have interior buttons, you can look for a pair of bachelor buttons. These bachelor buttons are accessories that modify pants so that suspenders can be used. • Button the suspenders onto the pants. Normally, suspenders have one attachment button at the back and two in front. Before putting on your pants, you should attach the center back button. • Put your pants on and pull the suspenders over your shoulders. Attach the buttons in front and adjust the suspenders to make sure that they fit comfortably. You should not over adjust it in a way that your pants end up in an uncomfortable position. In wearing suspenders with a formal outfit, you should make sure that your suspenders compliment your tie, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it matches exactly. Make sure that your suspenders do not pull your pants up too much that it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

Name something an old man might keep adjusting?

pants hair suspenders hearing aid socks belt

Do Amish schools have uniforms?

I wouldn't exactly call what the amish wear "uniforms." It is a sort of dress code, though. Each Amish community has a kind of rulebook called an Ordnung which dictates much of Amish daily life. Ordnungs are different in each community. In some communities, the Ordnung is as strict as to determine the type of thread used to stitch the clothing. When it comes to the clothing, only young children can wear more vibrant colors, like pink, depending on the community's Ordnung. When children get older the girls have to wear bonnets that their hair (in a bun) is "tucked" into. Women always wear dresses, and I believe they also wear aprons most of the time. Men wear pants and long sleeved shirts (depending on weather?) with suspenders. Men often wear hats, as most farmers wear. Married men grow beards. Women don't shave legs. The list goes on and on. If you want to learn more you can look up an Amish documentary on Netflix- more interesting than it sounds.

Do the Amish have buttons or zippers on their clothes?

They do not have zippers. Amish clothing styles are simple and meant to be functional. Clothing is made at home out of plain fabrics and is usually dark in color. Lighter colors are used for younger children and sometimes for summer shirts and dresses for adults. Amish men wear straight-cut suits and coats without collars, lapels or pockets called mutza suits. Most men wear black. Their trousers never have creases or cuffs and are worn with suspenders. The wearing of belts is forbidden, as are sweaters and neckties. Men's shirts fasten with traditional buttons in most orders, while suit coats and vests fasten with hooks and eyes. Their pants are made with a flap in the front held closed by buttons to avoid the use of a zipper.