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No he was never out of Israel and the surrounding area.

Possibly Yes!!! There is evidence that Jesus visited the orient from ancient manuscripts in a Buddhist monastery near Leh, the capital of Ladak near the Himalayas.

In 1894 Nicholas Notovitch, a Russian Doctor, published a book called -

The Unknown Life of Christ, in which he describes his extensive travels throughout Afghanistan, India and Tibet.

During his stay he visits the Himis Monastery near Leh and discovers ancient records of the life of an extra-ordinary Saint known to the Buddhists as St Issa whos life bears a remarkably similarity to the Jesus of Biblical Records and, what is more, describes his 'missing years' as he travels to the East learning, teaching and healing.

This ancient manuscript was later rediscovered by Swami Abhedananda (a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa) in 1922 and described in his book entitled Kashmir O Tibetti and again by another Russian named Nicholas Roerich, a noted philosopher and distinguished scientist in 1925, thus adding authenticity to the Issa legend.

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There is no evidence to indicate that he ever left Judea in his lifetime; other than when he went to Egypt as a child.

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Q: Did Jesus ever go to Tibet?
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