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usually where you have Dictatorship in countries is where you have limited expression of religion and worship. Latin America is free to to express far

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Q: Do the people of Latin America have the freedom to worship as they choose?
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What are some of America reiligous laws?

Freedom of religion for everyone in America. People have the right to worship God and choose what religion they want to in America.

Do the people of Latin America have the freedom to worship who they choose?

As far as I know, yes. Please note that "Latin America" is not a single country, but many different countries, each with its own laws. - However, I am not aware of any country in Latin America where such freedom is restricted.

In the US people can attend any place of worship or choose to never go to worship. Which First Amendment right guarantees that freedom?

Freedom of Religion, established in the first amendment, states that U.S Citizens may worship whichever god/s they choose.

Where do people worship the Greek Gods today?

Where they choose, when they choose.

What is prosperity for all people?

Freedom for people to choose and to do what is best for them.

Why religious freedom is important?

It is important because without religious freedom people could be persecuted and/or prosecuted for not belonging to an "official" state sanctioned religion. Freedom of religion gives people the opportunity freely to worship -- or not worship at all.


People can worship as they please

Why do people visit America?

people came to America to have religious freedom

Why people visit America?

people came to America to have religious freedom

Were do they worship?

There are many different people who worship in many different places. Many Christians for example choose to worship in a church.

What are the benefits for Asian people when immigration started and came to the u.s.?

Freedom to worship. Education. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom of speech. Employment.

Which document expresses that people are entitled to the free exercise of religion?

Freedom of worship. This part of the Constitution of most countries.

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