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on Friday peopil tend to go to temple because of this it an important day

Why not other days?

my answer probably they need to work

Friday end of the week get paid???

it is a tradition for centuries Friday they go to temple

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Hindus typically attend the mandir, or temple, on special days like Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They also visit the temple on auspicious occasions like festivals and for daily prayers.

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when they feel like it.

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Q: What day do hindus attend mandir?
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Way that respect is shown to the god and the atmosphere in the mandir?

Respect in a mandir is shown by removing shoes before entering, dressing modestly, maintaining silence or speaking softly, and performing namaskar (bowing) or offering prayer. It is also important to follow any specific customs or rituals observed by the community. Being mindful of the sanctity of the space and conducting oneself with reverence contribute to creating a positive and respectful atmosphere in the mandir.

What is mandir in English?

Ans1. a mandir has a god in a shrine and an incent stick, offerings of flowers,offerings of fruit, a holy cowbell and a gold dish with a light candle. Ans2. The most important aspect of a mandir is its Garbha Graha (Garbha means womb graha means house) where the main deity of the temple is placed and worshipped. The design and architect of a temple has to follow fix rules and regulations as well as the system of worshiping the deity. A mandir will have a covered house with a conical structure over the main deity, a big court yard for the people to gather and entrances. It may have the symbolic or a statue of the deity and other statues related to the main deity.

Is Hindus a common noun?

"Hindus" is a common noun when referring to the followers of Hinduism as a group.

What day do the Chinese people go to church?

Most Chinese people do not typically attend church on any specific day. Christianity is a minority religion in China, and those who do attend church may go on Sundays.

How many hindus live in Australia?

As per the 2016 census, there were approximately 440,300 Hindus living in Australia.

Related questions

Who worships in a mandir?

Hindus worship in a Mandir.

What is a Hindus church?


Who made the mandir?

The hindus.

What do you hear in a mandir?

Hindus hear chanting of holy Namas in mandir.

What temple does Hindus pray?

It Is Called A Mandir.

What is a Hindu Mandir?

A Mandir is a place of worship, i.e. a temple. It is a Hindi word and usually refers to a Hindu place of worship. The mandir houses the idols of the Hindu dieties. They are worshipped and prayers are offered.

Is it mandatory for Hindus to worship at a Mandir?

No they do not. Hindus can worship at shrines. Even the shines in there own homes.

What is the name of the temples where Hindus worship?

The name of the temple that hindus worship is called a mandir. A mandir can be used for many things including worship, ceremonies and also community centres.

What does a mandir mean to the Hindus?

A place where people go to pray.

What is the place for prayer of Hinduism?

Mandir Is The Hindus Prayer Place

Who goes to a mandir?

Mandir is a temple, place of worship for Hindus - the followers of Hinduism. Hence, Hindus go to Mandirs. However, those who believe in Hinduism, no matter what religion they belong to also visit Mandirs.

What is the Hindus worship building called?

It is called a मंदिर 'MANDIR' in Hindi and 'TEMPLE' in English.