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The second advent

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Q: What do we call the second coming of Jesus?
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When is judgment day for everyone?

Yes there will be a judgement day for everyone. But that will come only after the second coming of Jesus and when the dead in christ shal be risen.

Why does Jesus wait to come back?

Because it is not yet time for His Second Coming. The final prophecies must happen first, and then His Second Coming will happen in the clouds. Jesus will not come back to earth as He did the first time. Everyone on earth will witness His Second Coming in the clouds with great power and glory. (Mark 13:26). First there has to be a great war, then the Antichrist has to come to make a false peace. Then the Antichrist will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and procliam himself as the Christ, for the first three-and-a-half years of his reign. Then for the next three-and-a-half years, he will reveal his true self and wage war against all those who did not accept his mark. Then the Second Coming of Christ will happen in the clouds and Christ will destroy the beast and all those who received his mark on their right hand or forehead. Jesus' Second Coming will not happen until these final biblical prophecies have been fulfilled.

What did the Pharisees call Jesus?

They called him Jesus and a Blasphemer.

What did Jesus call Peter?

Jesus called Peter the rock.

Did angel Gabriel announce the coming of Jesus only to Mary?

------------------------ In Matthew's Gospel, the angel announced the coming of Jesus only to Joseph. Given the context, the account would not make sense if he also announced the coming of Jesus to Mary. In Luke's Gospel, the angel Gabriel announced the coming of Jesus only to Mary. Given the context, the account would not make sense if he also announced the coming of Jesus to Joseph. This difference reflects the independence of the two nativity stories from each other.

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What is the third coming of Jesus?

According to the Christian faith Jesus is to make only a second coming. There will be no need for a third coming.

What do you call Jesus' first coming?


What is the second coming?

It is the predicted coming of Jesus Christ a second time on the earth... after his first reported coming in Jerusalem where he was crucified.

What do you call Jesus second coming?

The ressurection-- the time he was raises from the dead. The time where he will come again to judge us does not have a definite name.

What are the sight that Jesus second coming is near?


What is the second coming of Jesus?

The second coming of Christ Jesus is the climax event in the life of Christians. The second coming is the event that all Christians long for and are waiting for with great anticipation. The second coming will be the event that will put an end to all sin and suffering in this world. At the second coming, Jesus will destroy all wicked. He will resurrect the dead saints and take Christians to heaven to be with Him for eternity.

What is another name for the Second Coming of Jesus?

Jesus' second coming is most often describe in terms of final judgment so Judgment Day would be the appropriate answer.

Where can you find ''jesus is coming again'' in Dewey decimal system?

232.6 (Second Coming)

Jerusalem and second coming of Christ?

When Jesus comes a second time there will be a new Jerusalem.

Did Jesus Knows he was called Jesus In his second coming?

Yes, because he called himself Jesus when he was telling us about that time of his second coming. See Revelation 22. 16. I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.

What is the occasion of Jesus Christ's return to Jerusalem called?

the second coming

When will Jesus come take his believers to heaven?

No one knows when Jesus will return to take believers to heaven. And there is no signs given that gives us a clue except clues to the Second Coming of Christ to earth. Many say that there is a period of 7 years between the coming of Jesus for His children and the Second Coming, and now many in this age can see signs of the Second Coming. If this is so then Jesus' return for His children is near.

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