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they mean it cannot exist

I think it means that his/its message is a lie. If god exists then so must the devil. I believe that is somewhere in the bible.

I think it means that what you know of the Devil is a lie. Ask any Cristian who/what the Devil is, and they will say that he is the "adversary of God". Or that he is the "evil tempter", looking for weak souls to corrupt so he can bring them down to Hell and torture them for eternity. But that is the lie.

The truth is that the Devil is the "accuser of men". Meaning, if God is our judge, than the Devil is the prosecutor. He is the one who brings all our sins before God as evidence against us. As for the "evil tempter", yeah, he might be a tempter, but there is no "evil" involved. These temptations are simply tests, meant to gadge our faith in the Law, and in God.

Just saying...

Anyone from the South knows what this means. It is the same as saying the devil is a liar. When someone gets a "bad report" instead of saying that's a lie, we say the devil is a lie.

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Q: What does it mean when they say the devil is a lie?
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