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Messianic Jews believe that Jesus, or more appropriately Yeshua or Yoheshua, is the messiah promised to them in The Bible. The difference between Christians and Messianic Jews is that the Messianic Jews hold fast to their Jewish ancestry and identity, or in other words they are NOT Gentiles.

Messianic Jews are involved in many, if not all, of the usual Jewish traditions including Bat and Bar Mitzvah, Jewish weddings, circumcision, and the Sabbath.

The Messianic faith is simply belief in the promise that Israel would be sent a redeemer.The original context of the early believers in Yeshua of Nazaret originate within and were accepted by the various sects of 1st century Judaism. Early Messianic Judaism (and real messianic Judaism) holds to Torah observance in light of Yeshuas teachings. The Messianic faith is is definitely not Christianity- as Christianity rejects Torah and is clearly pagan in its practice, and therefore a false system(Duet 13). It is useful to understand that Messianic Judaism includes both Jew and non-Jews who have been reconciled to the G-d of Israel through faith in His promise, the seed of Abraham (singular seed) - The Messiah, who would reddem His people...Israel (There is only one people of G-d. One bride, One Kingdom). Messianics are reconciled to G-d through faith-the same faith of Abraham , who are then indwelled by the Ruach Hakodesh(Holy spirit) who write G-ds Torah upon their hearts, and minds. Interestingly non-Jewish believers are in every way accepted into the fold of G-d (if not men), understanding Jewish heritage has no merit in justification before G-d but embracing the ways of Torah - doing the commandments, as they follow Rabbinu Yeshua in halacha(how to walk out Torah), who has died for our sins as the pascal lamb, and was raised from the dead for our justification.

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The modern "messianic movement" is an affront. They are Christians pretending to be Jews for the purpose of "converting" them to a Torah-less system which is pagan in practice.

The Messianic movement was created by various Christian sects, primarily the Southern Baptists, as a concerted effort to convert Jews to Christianity. The majority of messianics have no Jewish heritage whatsoever. Messianics are 100% Christian.

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The Messianic Mystery refers to the fact that Jesus heals, preaches, and teaches, He instructs His followers not to tell others about His miraculous works when they go out to preach. The Gospel of Mark emphasizes the Messianic Mystery.

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It is a branch of Christianity (which, like the other Christian denominations, puts faith in Jesus). Both the Christian community and the Jewish community hold that messianic Jews are actually fully Christian, even if they keep commands from the Torah. See also the Related Link.

Why don't Jews accept Jesus

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Q: What is Messianic faith?
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Messianic Judaism is a modern religious movement, and it is difficult to attribute its creation to a single individual. However, it emerged in the mid-20th century as Jewish believers in Jesus sought to reconcile their faith in Jesus as the Messiah with their Jewish identity and heritage. Various leaders and organizations have contributed to the development and spread of Messianic Judaism.

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Messianic Israel Alliance was created in 1999.

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No, the Jewish faith believes Jesus was a regular human being. The Catholic faith believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Answer: Actually, there is a middle ground of sorts. Look into the Messianic Jewish church. However, most Jews AND Christians consider messianic Jews as Christians.

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