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Q: When Jesus was lost in Jerusalem's his parents found him here doing his fathers work?
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Who was king when Jesus was doing his miracles?

Yes there was a pupet king when Jesus was born his name was Herod.

When did jesus established the holy order?

If you mean the Sacrament 'Holy Orders', it was instituted on the night of the Last Supper, Holy Thursday when Jesus called the Apostles to become the first priests by doing as he did - transforming bread into his body and wine into his blood.

The quote from the Bible the only path to salvation is?

In the Bible, it says that the only path to salvation is through Jesus Christ. You must confess him as Lord and Savior, in doing so you can have direct access to God in prayer because you come in the name of Jesus.

Is it illegal to name your child God?

No, it is not illegal. You can name your child almost anything you want. However, just because something is legally permissible does not mean that doing it is desirable. Religiously speaking, you shall earn God's anger if you did so. I'm not sure why you would want to.

Was Luke an apostle?

Assuming you are talking about the one from the Bible and not the one from Starwars, he was not one of the original 12 apostles. He was never mentioned as an apostle in the bible. I believe that a number of the apostle had trouble writing or were too busy preaching to write so they had other people record the ministry of Jesus for them. Luke recorded the ministry. The apostles lived it. I think Luke's role shows us that anyone can be useful to God. He didn't have to be an apostle to make an impact to the world. The apostle were being taught to preach about Jesus' life and resurrection. They were told to continue doing the miracles that Jesus had been doing during his ministry. They were also told that they would suffer and be perscuted like Jesus. I think it was for Luke's sake that he was not an original apostle but his part is just as important. He wrote about Jesus so that we can accurately read about it in the bible today.

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When Jesus was lost in Jerusalem his parent found him here doing his fathers work?


What was Jesus doing when his parents found him after Passover in Jerusalem?

He was in the temple reading and debating scripture with the rabbis and elders.

How do you show good citizenship at home?

you can be good to your parents and not yell at them when you get mad

Who were Hellen Kellers parents?

Well! Helen Keller's parents were Kathrine Adams Keller! Her fathers Name was Captain Arthur H. Keller There is your answer be happy not sad have a good research if your doing Helen Keller.!:)

When Jesus was lost in Jewish him his parents found him here doing his father's work?

When Jesus was twelve years old he accompanied His parents to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. When the celebration was over his parents left for home and assumed that Jesus was with others in the party. When it was discovered that Jesus was not among them they returned to Jerusalem to find Him. He was found in the Temple sitting among the teachers listening to them and asking them questions. When His parents asked why He had stayed behind He answered, "Did you not know that I must be about My Father's business"? This is found in Luke 2:41-50.

How many parents know their kids are drinking or doing drugs?

Many parents know, but aren't doing anything about it. The amount of parents that know and are doing something about it is probably around 25%.

Will Jesus followers ever realize they are doing the work of the devil?

No. Because they are not doing the work of the devil, but the work of God in Jesus which is faith.

Is Jesus still performing manifesting healings like in the Gospels?

Oh yes Jesus is still doing miracles, but today there are middle men doing it in the name and power of Jesus.

Where was Jesus found doing his father's work when Jesus was lost in Jerusalem?

In a temple.

Where did Jesus walk in blood as a lesson of fulfilling covenant?

There is no record in the Bible of Jesus doing that.

Where did Jesus spend most of his time doing his ministry?

Jesus' ministry was primarily in Galilee.

What are your parents doing in the night?

It depends who your parents are. If they're spies then who knows!