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Jesus Christ (Luke 22:7-23).

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The invention of the communion cup with juice on the bottom and wafer on top is credited to Presbyterian minister, Boyd K. Packer. This design is commonly known as the "Sacrament Cup" and is used in some Christian denominations during communion services.

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Q: Who invented the communion cup with juice on the bottom and wafer on top?
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What does hostia mean?

host or wafer as in communion wafer

What do you say when you receive the wafer at communion in Anglican church?

hen you receive the wafer at communion in the Anglican church, you simply say, "Amen". This is the same in most Christian Churches.

How do you make holy communion hosts?

How do you make holy communion hosts?A different response:If you are asking about the actual wafer used in communion, it is made of flour and water, rolled or pressed into a mold or small cake, then baked.

How do you receive the body and blood of jesus durning holy communion?

Any church that permits parishioners to accept the Communion wafer in the person's hand expects the person to simply place one hand out, palm up. The priest places the wafer in the palm. The person picks up the wafer and places it onto their own tongue.

Can a catholic be present in church while a non-catholic service is sharing communion wafer as long as they do not partake?


How long is the shelf life of the communion wafer?

Most church suppliers list the shelf life as one year.

How sick would one get if they had celiac disease which means no gluten and took a communion wafer?

I have no idea, that is why I'm asking the question.

Is the wafer at communion called a host?

Yes it is. Preferably, after it has been consecrated, it would be better to use the term Body of Christ.

Why is it a sin to receive communion more than once a day?

The wafer represents the body of Christ; wine represents His blood. If we treated Communion as just a food or that we can have 'seconds' or have 'more', we reduce it to the mere 'ordinary'. So Communion is restricted as a special Holy Sacrament.

What does holy communion signify?

The actual "wafer" is the Body of Christ. Holy communion signifies the universal reception of the Body of Christ by the entire Catholic community and becoming "one holy community" through the Body of Christ.

Is it a sin to eat a wafer if you were baptized catholic but didnt have a communion or confirmation because you were taken to a protestant church?

Since you are not in full communion with the catholic Church, you should not receive the "wafer" which is the true body and blood of Christ. You can take classes to eneter into full communion as a candidate in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation)program, and then are more than welcome to receive the "wafer". You should referain from doing so until you receive a better understanding of the Church's teachings. With regard to it being a sin, you have not received the sacrament of Penance so sin only applies to knowing you are doing wrong as a a catechized Catholic. While it is not a sin for you, you should refrain from this, and seek the RCIA program. Most programs start in the fall and end with Communion and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil.

How do you say wafer crumbs in spanish?

Galleta is the Spanish word for biscuit, cookie, cracker, wafer, etc. Hostia is the Spanish word for the wafer that is distributed during Holy Communion. Migaja is the Spanish word for crumb. Depending on which wafer is intended, the translation is either migajas de galleta, or migajas de hostia.