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for every tree you cut down replant 1 or more to keep the cycle going

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for every tree you cut down replant 1 or more to keep the cycle going

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Q: How can you make logging more sustainable?
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How much will a logging company save investing in sustainable logging?

Depends on the wood

How is sustainable timber produced?

Sustainable logging means logging an area in such a way as there is always trees to be cut. In other words, logging in a way that leaves young trees, medium age trees and mature trees behind each time you log, so that you can always log that area in the future. The opposit is called "clear cutting" which means you can't go back in that area to log for over thirty years. Re-planting the area can be part of your sustainable logging plan. I have sustainable logging operations on my hundred acres in Maine and except for the skidder trails throughout the woods, you would not notice the loss of trees each year.

Why Logging makes the animals habitat gone?

Some animals live in trees, and some people just don't care. Sustainable logging practices aim to replace trees removed by logging, and to remove trees at a rate that does not exceed the rate at which new trees can grow to replace them. Even sustainable logging practices can have an impact on an ecosystem, for instance if a forest of several kinds of trees is replaced with a single variety that may be more profitable for the logging company. However, in many cases logging is performed with total disregard for wildlife or even human residents. Logging unsustainably is cheaper in the short term, and the cleared land can provide farmland for growing crops and raising cattle. Because of the composition of forest soil, however, this soil may only be suitable farmland for a couple of seasons, prompting further logging and habitat destruction in order to provide more farmland.

What can people do to make the world more sustainable?

Some things people can do to make the world more sustainable is to ride a bike, not drive, use the stairs more often, and recycle.

What can you do to make your food products more sustainable?


How do you do sustainable logging?

One example is when you cut down 1 tree you plant 2 more in it's place so you still get the wood you need put your not totally destroying the land,

Should the logging industry be allowed to harvest public forests?

It depends on the specific regulations and management practices in place. Sustainable logging practices can be implemented to balance economic needs with environmental preservation. Collaboration between stakeholders, including government agencies and environmental organizations, is essential to ensure responsible forest management.

Which is the best way to make resources sustainable?

use more solar power

Why is logging controversial?

ORIGINAL ENTRY: "logging is bad, but there are certain types of logging styles that can be even worst. For example, clear cutting can be bad if it is done in large areas. Clear cutting can cause the land to erode quicker and disturbs the wildlife. However, todays methods of sustainable logging is bad for the forests, the wildlife. I HAVE ENCLOSED A PICTURE OF ONE OF THEM......"

What is the solution to deforestation according to experts?

Experts recommend a combination of sustainable logging practices, reforestation efforts, protection of existing forests through conservation and restoration, and reducing demand for products that drive deforestation, such as palm oil and beef. Additionally, enforcing strict regulations and monitoring illegal logging activities can help address deforestation.

Is all logging illegal?

No, There are some forestry practices where trees are replanted and grown for commercial use. This sort of sustainable husbandry of the forest is not morally illegal.

Why does the UK want to encourage recycling of iron and steel?

To try and make earth more sustainable