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density of CO = 0.789 g/cm³

density of SO2 = 2.63 g/cm³

So sulphur dioxide is denser than carbon monoxide.

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Q: Which is denser carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide?
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What gas is denser carbon dioxide or hydrogen?

Carbon dioxide is denser.

If carbon monoxide is heavier than oxygen then why install carbon monoxide detectors on ceilings?

While carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air, it diffuses evenly in a space and can reach lethal concentrations throughout a room, including at ceiling height. Installing detectors on ceilings ensures that they can effectively sense any buildup of carbon monoxide in the environment.

How is carbon dioxide denser than oxygen?

Carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen because it has a larger molecular weight per molecule. Each molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2) consists of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms, making it heavier than each molecule of oxygen (O2), which consists of only two oxygen atoms. This difference in molecular weight causes carbon dioxide to be denser than oxygen.

Is carbon dioxide dense or more dense than air?

Carbon Dioxide is less denser than air.

What is the chemical makeup of carbon monoxide?

Carbon dioxide has the formula CO2. This indicates that it has one carbon (C) atom and two oxygen atoms (O2). Carbon dioxide is approximately 1.5 denser than air and reacts with water to form carbonic acid.

Is argon a heavier gas than Carbon Dioxide?

Yes, argon is heavier than carbon dioxide. Argon is a noble gas that is denser than the diatomic molecule carbon dioxide, which consists of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.

What is denser oxygen or carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is heavier (more dense) than oxygen. About 8 CO2 molecules weigh the same as 22 O2 atoms.

Is water or carbon dioxide denser?

Carbon dioxide is denser than water. At room temperature and pressure, the density of carbon dioxide is about 1.98 kg/m3, while water has a density of 1000 kg/m3.

What is heavier oxygen or CO2?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is heavier than oxygen. The molecular weight of carbon dioxide (44 g/mol) is higher than that of oxygen (32 g/mol), which makes carbon dioxide heavier and denser than oxygen.

Which planet has a thick atmosphere which is mainly composed of carbon dioxide?

The atmosphere of Venus is the layer of gases surrounding Venus. It is composed primarily of carbon dioxide and is much denser and hotter than that of Earth.

What would you need in order to get plants to grow on mars?

Water, a denser atmosphere with carbon dioxide, and warmer weather.

Who's atmosphere is mostly CO2?

Both Mars and Venus have atmosphere made mostly of carbon dioxide. The atmosphere of Venus is much denser.