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About 3,000,000 people nation wide use the internet daily.

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Q: How many people use the internet daily?
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How many people use the internet daily in the US?


How many people use the internet daily in the uk?

52,731,209 people use Internet in UK. Source:

How many people use the internet on a daily basis?

about a couple of 24,320,892 million users everydayAnd that's your daily dose of internet information

How many people visit the internet each day?

1,966,514,816 people use internet daily in the whole world.that is 34.7% of the population.

How many kids use the Internet daily?


Some people worry about the internet why?

People are worry about internet because now the use of internet is increasing in the daily routine of the people's life to do many things online and because of this, they are worried about how the life will become without Internet.

What is the meaning of the word internauts?

Internauts are people who use the internet. It usually refers to people who use it daily and who are skilled at using it.

How many people use a computer daily?

Over 3 million people use a computer daily.

How many people over 55 currently use the Internet?

1 million people use the internet

What kind of jobs include use of the internet and marketing?

There are many jobs which use the internet and marketing daily. Radio stations rely on the internet as well as marketing their station so persons tune in. Office supply or industrial companies often use marketing and the internet as a resource daily.

How many people use the internet a day?

There are over five million people who use the internet everyday. Harry you are wrong, there are more people who dont use the Internet than do Atm

How many people use Internet in New Mexico?

thousands of people use internet along with young kinds too. 90% of people

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