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The population in each region of the Philippines as of the 2010 Census and Housing Population by the National Statistics Office:

#1, Ilcocs Region 4,748,372

#2, Cagayan Valley 3,229,163

#3, Central Luzon 10,137,737

#4, Calabarzon 12,609,803

#5, Bicol Region 5,420,411

#6, Western Visayas 4,194,579

#7, Central Visayas 5,513,514

#8, Eastern Visayas 4,101, 322

#9, Zamboanga Peninsula 3,407,353

#10, Northern Mindanao 4,297,323

#11, Davao Region 4,468,563

#12, Soccsksargen 4,109,571

#13, National Capital Region (NCR)11,855,975

#14, Cordillera Administrative region (CAR) 1,616,867

#15, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) 3,256,140

#16, Caraga 2,429,224

#17, Mimaropa 2,744,671

#18, Negros Island (NIR) 4,194,525

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Because most people in the provinces are looking for a greener pasture in Metro Manila (a better job) for a better living.

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Q: Distribution of the population in the Philippines?
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