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Fruit set occurs in less than one percent of the blossoms.

Whenever the bees drink pollen from the plant, the pollen grains will get stuck to its body and will fly to another plant, allowing the female and the male flower to produce another young plant, without the bees, there will not have plants after all the plants have wittered and died.

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2010-01-31 07:19:54
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Q: What would happen to the diversity of plants if there were no bees?
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What will happen to the diversity of plants if there were no bees?

Plants will be lesser and lesser as the bees did not take the pollen grains to another plant.

What would happen to plants if bees were extinct?

There are plenty of other insects that pollinate plants apart from bees so the plants would survive.

What would happen if plants did not produce flowers?

we will not get bees and we wont get honey

What will happen to the diversity of plants if there are no bees?

The absence of bees will create a problem for many plants as they are very heplful for the pollination of plants. Bees change tha plants for collecting nectar.When they collects nectar for the flower of the plants, then the seeds of the flower gets stick to their legs and when the bees goes to another flower from one flower then they carries the seeds and falls them in the other flowers.

What would happen if the honey bees disappeared?

If there were no honey bees there would be very little food. This is because honey bees pollinate plants, and without pollination plants cannot reproduce so they would die out. Only a few kinds of plants, mainly grasses, would survive.

What would happen to the world if bees became extinct?

all of the plants would die and the grass and the trees

What do you think would happen if bees and butterflies disappeared from every environment?

Flowers and plants would not be pollenated and they would die.

What would happen if bees were extinct?

We wouldn't have any honey and some plants would struggle to get pollinated until another insect moved in to take over from the bees

What would happen if honey bees disappeared?

it wont be no more honey ---------- Many plants would die out, since they wouldn't have the bees to pollinate them. These plants dying would mean other types of animals that rely on them would die out, meaning other plants or animals die out, etc. If bees disappeared, there would be a food chain collapse with untold consequences.

What will happen if honeybees die out?

If bees die out, humans will also. As bees pollinate all the plants we eat.

What would most likely happen if many bees stopped transferring pollen?

Pollination (ie fertilization) of plants would be much reduced.

What would happen if you didn't have bees?

Our ecosystem would all die and all the plants would turn brown and all the animals would die.Thanks,WildComet

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