What race flag means what?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Checkers is go, green is jump, red is fly

Flags used by marshals on the circuit to quickly warn drivers of problems ahead of them. \

Flags are still used as a backup in case radio links fail

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Q: What race flag means what?
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What does the confederate flag paired with a checkered flag mean?

It means that a good ol' boy just won a NASCAR race.

What does the coler red on the flag signify?

It means that the session or race has stopped maybe because of a crash or the weather

What color is the flag at the start of the race?

The Green flag is usually waved when race starts and when race is back on when security car leaves the track

What is the name of the flag at the end of a motor race?


Why doesnt the flag in halo reach change to race flag?

It wasn't designed this way. There is only so much the game developers can predict. And they have only so much time. Race-flag functionality for a regular flag doesn't seem very useful, since ctf doesn't use race points.

What does a red flag usually means?

It means the thing the flag is on is a novelty or is new. 'The Red Flag' is the symbol of Communism.

Flag indicate end motor race?


What does Pakistani flag means?

Pakistan flag means freedom and love

How do you race on Disney Pixar cars online?

go in the city and find a blue flag and a red flag

What flag is used to bring a driver back into the pits during a race?

There are many color flags used in F1 racing. Some important flags are: a. Green flag - Start or Restart of a race b. Yellow flag - Caution (Usually in parts of the circuit where accidents have happened) c. Red flag - Race stopped d. Blue flag - To allow overtaking of the following car which is one lap ahead e. Chequered flag - Successful completion of race For bringing a driver to the pits there is no specific flag. The driver is contacted through the radio and asked to drive into the Pits.

What is the longest green flag race in Nascar without a caution?

May 10, 1997 at Talladega, Mark Martin won, flag to flag.

In how many NASCAR races has the checkered flag not come out?

No idea, but it's not many; the only reason the checkered flag wouldn't be displayed at the end of the race is if the race was red-flagged after it was an official race and the promoters didn't think they could get the race completed by the end of the day.