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Q: What do we mean when we say concert is energy efficient?
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Is biomass energy efficient?

I am so smart and i say it is efficient... If you object, come see my lawyer:p

What does it mean when you say that energy transformation are not '' efficient''?

When energy transformations are not efficient, it means that there is a significant amount of energy lost as waste during the process. This can result in lower overall productivity and increased costs due to the inefficient use of energy. Improving the efficiency of energy transformations can help conserve resources and reduce environmental impact.

What is the Fat molecule stored in the body for fuel and energy?

If you mean why: because it is a much more efficient way to store energy than, say, a carbohydrate. You would need twice the amount of carbohydrate molecules to give the same amount of energy.

What does it mean when The efficiency of an average gasoline powered car is about 25 percent?

It means 25 percent of the energy consumed to power the car is turned into useful energy. So if it is 100% efficient, then you can say that it will go 4 times as fast as a 25% efficient car. (not realistic because there are a lot of other variables)

How do you say a concert in French?

un concert

How do you say concert in french?

concert. It's the same

Were is Justin biebers concert at for the never say never concert going to be?

Justinbieber were is you never say never concert going to be tommoww

What does it mean to say a radio is not 100 percent efficient?

When a radio is not 100 percent efficient, it means that not all the electrical energy input is converted into useful radio frequency output. Some energy is lost as heat or in other non-useful forms, resulting in less effective performance and potential inefficiencies in power consumption.

How do you say how was the concert in french?

Comment était le concert ?

Are chest or upright freezers more energy efficient?

They say chest freezers are superior, but its up for debate depending on who you talk to

How do you say efficient in Greek?

efficient in is = αποδοτική

How do you say record the concert in spanish?

Grabar el concierto = to record the concert