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Orlando, Florida is actually the second most popular travel destination for people who live in the United States next to Las Vegas. This is accentuated by one of the biggest and most entertaining airports you will encounter. Orlando International Airport features many restaurants, gift shops, and variety of other stores that could make the beginning of your trip just as memorable as the rest of your stay. The city has become known as O-Town, although the official nickname of Orlando is actually The City Beautiful.

Over 50 million people visit here every year, including more than 2 million people from international locations, most of which are visiting from the UK. One of the most popular attractions in Orlando is Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. It features live entertainment, interaction with various Disney characters, the thrills of Expedition Everest, and an authentic safari as well as other stunning attractions. Disney's Hollywood Studios is also a major attraction that features exciting shows and amazing attractions that have been inspired by theater, movies, television, and music. It is recommended to give yourself at least 9 to 12 hours to enjoy each of these stunning locations.

While not as big as the other Disney locations, DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park also offers a thrilling option for Orlando visitors. You control your own adventures in a location that features five floors of interactive fun for the entire family. There are over 30 different attractions and theme parks available to Orlando tourists, including the famous Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Sea World, Magic Kingdom Park, and Discovery Cove.

Don't worry about accommodations or restaurants either. Orlando is home to the corporate headquarters of Darden Restaurants, which is why you will notice a multitude of Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, along with other great eateries such as Seasons 52 and Bahama Breeze. There is also an unbelievable number of places to stay, whether you choose to stay in a hotel or resort, or prefer a vacation rental. Some of the most popular hotels and resorts include Disney World Resort, Orlando World Center Marriott, and Grand Cypress.

Orlando also has much more to offer no matter what kind of activities you enjoy. From hot air ballooning and helicopter rides, to art galleries and boat tours, to golf courses, museums, water parks, and so much more, it's no mystery why Orlando has become and will likely remain such a popular travel destination.

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