7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a family drama TV series that centers around a Reverend named Eric Camden, his wife named Annie and their kids - 3 daughters named Mary, Lucy and Ruthie and 2 sons named Matt and Simon. The series revolves around the Camden family and their lives along with the lives of their neighbors.

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7th Heaven

In 7th heaven is sandy's baby simon's?

no, its martins baby

7th Heaven

What was Jessica Biel's name on 7th heaven?

Mary Camden

7th Heaven

Who did Jessica Biel Play on 7th Heaven?

Mary Camden

she was the basketball player

7th Heaven

When did seventh Heaven first air?

September 1996

7th Heaven

Is there a season 12 in 7th heaven?

no, there is only 11 seasons

7th Heaven

Who played the twins on 7th heaven?

According to Wikipedia, "Samuel "Sam" and David Camden(born February 14, 1999) are fraternal twin boys and the youngest of the Camden children. They were originally played by all four Brino quadruplets, Lorenzo, Myrinda, Nikolas, and Zachary, but once the quads started aging and showing differences between them-especially since one is a girl (Myrinda)-Lorenzo and Nikolas became the official actors for Sam and David."

7th Heaven

How many episodes of seventh heaven are there in all?

There are 243 episodes of 7th Heaven in all.

7th Heaven

How many seasons of 7th Heaven are on DVD to buy?

So far 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8 have all come out but we are still yet to know when the 9th comes out.... if you are looking for the seasons go to www.walmart.com and that have 1-8 in stock Buyers beware. They have listed Planetmedia on here and it says they sell all 11 seasons. It is not true. Planetmedia goes by many names. They go by TVDVDboxsets as well as many other names. I was one to get fooled. They are based out of Japan. They say they have all of 11 seasons. They only send 7 seasons and they don't send all of the episodes of those seasons either. Many of my dvd's were scratched also. I have tried to contact them many times and they do not get back to you. I also ordered another set of movies and they took my money , but never sent me the movies. Please be careful. Don't order when you have been told that only 8 seasons are out. No one has the whole 11 seasons. Just a warning.

7th Heaven

What is the best 7th heaven episode?

Depends. But a fan favorite is "In Praise of Women"- S3 in which Annie gives birth to the twins. And who can forget the Pilot episode.

7th Heaven

Why did jessica biel leave 7th heaven?

She left because she wanted to further her career and did not think she could with a goody goody role, I don't understand it!
7th Heaven

Who main characters in the tv show 7th heaven?













7th Heaven

Who played Zoe on 7TH Heaven?

Katie Cassidy

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7th Heaven

When is both Season 4 and 5 of Highway to Heaven coming out on DVD?

Seasons 4 and 5 are available, but only as a set which includes Seasons 1 through 5 inclusive for about $100.00.

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7th Heaven

Who is the little girl talking on the 911 Remix of Heaven by DJ Sammy?

The stations director for KISS.FM California's daughter.

"The little girl's vocal was actually the daughter of the program director at the time. He simply read her the lines and had her repeat them for him, with a little emotional prompting. Then he edited himself out of the voice track. This was one of the most requested songs in the stations history, and had all of the local market talking. It even crossed over to Clear Channel's other stations for a wider audience"

7th Heaven

On 7th heaven what episode did Kevin and Lucy meet?

They meet for the fist time in season 6 episode 18 ;)

7th Heaven

When did Matt camden in 7th heaven lose his virginity?


7th Heaven

When is the fifth season of the 7th heaven scheduled to be available on DVD?

the fifth series is to be released December 4, 2007.

7th Heaven

Who was the cast of 7th heaven?

The 7th Heaven cast members are Stephen Hicks who had played Reverend Eric Camden, Catherine Hicks who had played Annie Camden, Barry Watson who played Matt Camden, Jessica Biel played Mary Camden, Beverley Mitchell who played Lucy Camden, David Gallagher who had played Simon, Mackenzie Rosman played Ruthie, Lorenzo Brino played Sam, Nikolas Brino played David, George Stults played Kevin Kinkkirk, Tyler Hoechlin played Martin Brewer, Sarah Danielle Madison played Dr. Sarah Glass, Richard Lewis who had played Rabbi Richard Glass, Laraine Newman who had played Rosina Glass, Carlos Ponce who had played Carlos Rivera, Geoff Stults who played Ben Kinkirk, Natalie Ramsey played Patty-Marie Kinkirk, Alice Hirson played Jenny Jackson, Graham Jarvis who played Charles Jackson and Beverly Garland who played Ginger Jackson.

7th Heaven

Who played Roxanne in 7th heaven?

Rachel Blanchard

7th Heaven

When is season 6 of seventh heaven coming out on DVD?

Season 6 of 7th heaven is out in june, got to, tvshowsondvd.com for full information.

7th Heaven

What season of 7th heaven does Lucy get pregnant in?

at the end of the 8th season

7th Heaven

Who played the part of Savannah Kinkirk in 7th Heaven?

twins alyssa and Hannah yadrick

7th Heaven

How old is ruthie camden in 7th heaven?

Real name is Mackenzie Rosman and she will be 20 on December 28, 2008

7th Heaven

What is the town that 7th heaven takes place in?

the small town of glenoak

7th Heaven

Is seventh heaven a soap opera?

no, it is a sitcom...and a really bad one at that 7th Heaven is a primtime soap that was on the WB network, now the CW.


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