Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a series of comedy movies, starring Mike Meyers.

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Austin Powers

Was Heather Graham In Goldmember?

It has been reported that she did record a scene, though the scene was never seen in the movie

Austin Powers

What certificate is Austin powers?

the first one is a 15 and the 2nd is a 12 and 3rd is a 12.

Austin Powers

Is Austin Powers rated R?

All 3 movies are rated PG-13.

Austin Powers

What studio produced the Austin Powers movies?


Austin Powers

Who is the legendary songwriter that wrote Close To You and was featured in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery?

Hal David

Austin Powers

Who was the director of Austin Powers?

Jay Roach?

Austin Powers

Which characters does mike Myers play in Austin Powers?

He played Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard, and Goldmember .

Austin Powers

What is the best Austin powers movie?

Third entry in the Austin Powers franchise is one of the best

Austin Powers

Is there going to be an Austin Powers 4 movie?

According to the IMDb website- one is set to come out in the future. Mike Meyers is writing it and Jay Roach is coming back as the director. The movie is said to be 'In Production.'

Austin Powers

Is there a Austin Powers 4 coming out?

When asked "So no more Austin Powers?" Myers responded, "No, no, there is a fully conceived idea for a fourth and I can just say that it's from Dr. Evil's point of view. So if you balanced how much of it was Austin with Dr. Evil, it's more about Dr. Evil than Austin."

-"IGN: Interview: Mike Myers and Antonio Banderas". IGN

So, yes. It is supposed to come out in 2013.

Austin Powers

What is Austin Powers middle name?


Austin Powers

What is beyonce's character in called Austin powers?

Foxxy Cleopatra

Austin Powers

Who is Austin Powers' girlfriend in the first movie?


Austin Powers

Are they making a new Austin Powers movie?


Aparently there is going to be a forth Austin Powers film come out in 2013.
Austin Powers

Why was Austin Powers frozen?

He was frozen so later in the future, when Dr. Evil came back Austin Powers would still be at his prime and try to capture Dr. Evil.

Austin Powers

What was Beyonce name in Austin Powers in Goldmember?

Beyonce character was called Foxy Cleopatra.

Austin Powers

How would Amy Rose and Rouge The Bat look in the see through fembot nightgowns from Austin Powers?

Amy would be ok... but rouge would be phenomenal!

Austin Powers

How many Austin powers movies are there?

Uhhh, three?

1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

2. Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me

3. Austin Powers: Goldmember

Aparently there's going to be a forth Austin Powers film come out in 2013.
Austin Powers

What motorcycle is used in Austin powers in goldmember?

It is a BMW R 1200 C Classic customised specialy for the movie.


Austin Powers

What Year Will Austin Powers 4 Come Out?

As of March 2010, it's scheduled for 2013. The date could change in the future.

Austin Powers

What was the first Austin powers movie?

International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers

What is the name of Dr Evil's cat in the movie Austin Powers?

Dr. Evil's cat is named Mr. Bigglesworth. He started out as a Persian cat (like Blofeld's cat in the Bond movies), but ended up as a hairless cat when he lost his fur during an escape with Dr. Evil.

Austin Powers

What is Austin powers mojo?

Austin Powers mojo is a subatnce that helps him be a spy and be 'Shagedellic' and that's why msot women love him. HIs mojo also helps him be great in bed or 'shagging' That's is why most women find him sexy evn though he isn't really.

Austin Powers

How playsthe fictional character 'austin powers' in the movie series?

jim carrey

Austin Powers

What are the Austin powers movies in order?

1.International Man Of Mystery

2 .The Spy Who Shagged Me

3.Austin Powers in Goldmember


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