Bejeweled is the name of the first game and series of puzzle games created by PopCap Games, first developed for browsers in 2001. Four follow-ups to this game have been released, Bejeweled 2, in 2004, Bejeweled Twist in 2008, Bejeweled Blitz in 2009, and Bejeweled 3 in 2010, all also by PopCap Games. This category regards the entire Bejeweled series, from badge questions to tips about each of the games in the series.

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Why am I getting Unlock code doesn't match system message when I start Bejeweled Blitz on my PC?

PopCap sent me the following fix and it worked.

Thank you for contacting PopCap Games Customer Support.

We apologize for the persistent error regarding your game's registration. In order to resolve this, we recommend deleting the following three files from your C:\WINDOWS directory:




These files are all related to PopCap Games registration processes, so their removal should allow you to reregister your game successfully.

If the OS is Windows 7, the files may be in a different location:

c:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\popcinfot.dat

c:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\popcreg.dat

In order to access these files, you may need to set your Folder Options to allow you to view the directories that are hidden by default. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the Windows ("Start") button in the left corner 2. Click Control Panel 3. If your Control Panel is set to Category view, change View by option to Large Icons 4. Click Folder Options 5. Click the View tab 6. Click Show hidden files and folders 7. Click OK


What is the Highest level in bejeweled twist zen?

it's not level 99, it's even beyond 460


What is the highest score recorded of the game bejeweled?

i got 2 billion so i think that is the high score

I got 7,458,064,802 so I beat your score by about 5 1/2 billion. So I may have the high score unless anyone else hasn't posted it yet.

Actual proof of a 1.1+ billion score in Bejewled 2 can be found at under the username c2111truck. That person posted pics to their account showing the high score of 1,113,701,334 points (level 355)! This is on classic mode not endless or action (timed).

To view the pics, you'll have to create an account to view the pics but the proof is there. The other people claiming over 2 and 7 billion points have yet to show us any proof.

For those reading the above, they are not talking about the facebook bejeweled game, so don't worry it is a different game, no one has ever broken even a million on the facebook version, the highest I have heard on the real facebook bejeweled is low 800k, the highest i have seen is 640k, my own is only 549k. so keep on playing

I'm just saying the highest possible score in bejeweled 2 is 2,147,483,647 points, which is just over 2 billion and only one person has ever achieved the score: Mike Leyde.


Why is bejeweled blitz so slow now?

because most of the next gen video games suck.


Who is the worlds best bejeweled player?

Steven Berger


Where do can you download bejeweled 2 forever?

I hard been trying for 3 days and have been unsuccessful

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Why does my 1995 Firebird make a grinding sound when you put it in park and turn off the ignition What could this be?

sounds transmission related or possable flywheel related That would be the power headlight motor!!


Where can you play bejeweled free online?

In Yahoo Games they have free trials of Bejeweled. and use the "free online" version.

There is an online version on Facebook called Bejeweled Blitz.

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How do you turn on the sound to the TV in 1993 ford van?

you push the button

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Why does your grand am90 make a ticking sound when you turn corners?

Defective CVC joint.

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How do you download missions from spy net HQ?

Hit the red button, then drag the mission to the bottom box.

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When i Can Find Wrestling encore PC video game in a Full version?

just download the 14 free trial and then just get a crack and its done

Then i will play it

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Where can you buy the Asian version of 'Breaking Free' online?,free,asian,version,various,artists,album,mp3,37819.html

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Why would your 2003 Rave 4 make a squealing sound when making slow left turns the sharper the turn the louder the sound and it is not the brakes?

The most common would be a loose P/S belt. If it is tight but is still the source, it could be a restriction in the P/S system causing high pressure and resistance in the pump. The most common would be a loose P/S belt. If it is tight but is still the source, it could be a restriction in the P/S system causing high pressure and resistance in the pump.


How do you get a 7 set cascade in bejeweled 2?

In an OurWorld Challenge, I had to make a 7 set cascade in Bejeweled 2. Follow these steps. (It might sound easier than it really is.)

1. Make an Orb. (Connect 5 Jewels to make an Orb.)

2. Swap the Orb with the Jewel type that most covers the area.

3. Once you've done that, hope that you get a 7 set cascade!!


How do you get the bejeweled blade?

After logging on to your AQ Worlds account, you start in Battleon. Go north to Battleon Square and talk to Valencia. Click "Daily Quest" and choose "Bejeweled Blade" and then click Accept. At the bottom right hand corner, locate the button that opens the Book Of Lore. When it is open, click the Quests Tab on the left and choose "Guru Swamp". When there, battle the Trobbles and Leatherwings you should get two jewels before proceeding. From your starting point, go right, then up, then left to locate the Graveyard. Go inside and battle the Skeletal Vikings and Warriors. You should also have two jewels before leaving. After obtaining the four jewels, click the map icon on the bottom right hand corner and moe your cursor around the map until you get to Dwarfhold. Remember, click the PICTURES not the words on the right. When you zoom into Dwafhold, click the button for Lolosia in the bottom right hand corner. When there, battle the Fishman Soldiers, Fishwings and the Shark Bait. Avoid the Undead Pirates unless you want a bit of a challenge. (For beginners or people who like an easy life)

TIP: When dueling the Shark Bait, wait until there is a crowd before engaging the Shark Bait.

After you have found all the gems, return to Battleon Square and talk to Valencia again to turn in your Quest. She will give you the Bejeweled Blade! ENJOY!!!!


Where to find the Bejeweled blade in AQW?

Type in the question, "How do you get the Bejeweled Blade" above for the full answer and explanation. Thanks!


How much is the cheapest bejeweled 3?

Preferably, you should get a used one on Amazon. A used PC Bejeweled 3 game costs $15. There are 3 left so time is limited.


What is a safe site to download bejeweled?

no site is safe to download anything


Can you install Bejeweled 2 on Ubuntu?

Yes, Bejeweled 2 can be installed and run on Ubuntu as long as you have Wine installed. Please note that some of the graphical effects will not work correctly, but the game otherwise runs flawlessly. To install Bejeweled 2 (or any other Windows program), install Wine, then right-click the program (such as setup.exe) and select "Open with Wine." After you install the program, you can launch it from the Applications menu just like any other application.

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What is the highest recorded score for a basketball game?

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!


How many levels does bejeweled 3 deluxe have?

so far i have reached level 25 on the classic


How many ranks does bejeweled blitz have?

131 until they start to keep the same name

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What is the highest score of Bejeweled on Facebook?

806,250 by Matt Johnson


What is Highest level recorded in bejeweled 2?

i got to lvl 382 and still going. my points are 1,411,700,326


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