Berry is a term used to refer to any small edible fruits. They are usually semi-oblong or round, juicy, sweet or sour and brightly colored. Berries do not have a pit or stone, although there may be a lot of seeds.

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Can you eat Mahonia plant berries?

Yes you can, though they are a little sour. They make good jams and jellies too

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How do you get a Liechi Berry in Black and White?

In Pokémon Black and White, the Liechi Berry cannot be found. The Liechi Berry can only be found in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 by purchasing them from the Florist in the Join Avenue provided you have set up a Florist shop. However you will have to keep on buying Liechi Berries from her on a daily basis in order to get multiples due to there being no way of planting and harvesting Berries within the games.

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When are red currants ripe?

When they're red and plumpy.


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What does an apple look like?

a roundish hard thing that is usually red or green or pink


Do cranberries grow on land?

Yes of course they do!! It's just the way their harvested is different than other crops, because the land has to be flooded to let the berries float up for easier picking.


When do muscadines ripen?

Mid September through October


Can the berries on a mistletoe kill you?

do not eat them, leave them for the birds, ( most of them won't touch them either, they will make you violently ill.


Are Mulberry tree berries poisonous?

No, mulberries are edible.


Is there any edible winter berry?

How about trying Pyracantha for edible berries? Bitter but you can make a jam.

Or, Aronia Melanocarpa (Chokeberry) which makes a nice jam and feeds the birds too, not to be confused with Prunus Virginiana aka Chokecherry which is also edible when fully ripe or can be made into jams. Sambucus nigra, Elderberry, makes a great cough syrup, wine or jam and feeds the birds as well in summer. Elderberry likes its roots near run-off or a stream but in a sunny spot. Lycium barbarum (Goji), Hippophae rhamnoides (Seaberry) and Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Lingonberry) or Viburnum trilobum (American highbush cranberry) may be worth a try. Jeannie at

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Why are cranberries floated on water?

There was actually a tidbit about this on the Discovery Channel. Cranberries are grown in a ground depression because harvesting is easier when they ripen. Basically, when harvest season arrives, the harversters flood the basin with water (to just over the tops of the plants). There is a machine that works as an agitator, and shakes the cranberry plants under water, to where the Cranberries themselves shake free from the plant. Cranberries are *bouyant* and float to the top of the water. When this happens, harvesters can use T-shaped (squeegy on a long handle looking) tool that gathers all the Cranberries to one end of the pool, and then scooped into a box or onto a conveyer belt. This process saves a lot of money on man hours as well as BenGay for sore backs. Cheaper goods is supposed to mean less cost to consumers.

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Wild Aussie plumlike fruit starting with n?


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Are hackberries poisonous to dogs?

Most dogs seem to love the leaves of these plants (Celtis species) and seek them out especially. I haven't seen any come to harm, but this may not be true for all Celtis species.

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Do you mean majors, or fields of study, or types of bachelor degrees, masters...? If you mean majors or bachelor degrees, general lists can be found in college prep books (from the library, etc.). However, different colleges have different terminology and offerings, so it would be best to check with individual schools, as well. For example, my major in college was technically "Human Development and Family Processes" but my undergradute degree is listed as "Individual and Family Studies" and my title is a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources. You may have to check severla places to get the full picture - I don't know of one place that complies every single type of degree.

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Do Maqui berries work?

The answer is a very simple yes. Animals love them, so should we.

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Is yew poisonous?

Yes and no. The seeds are deadly while the flesh is sweet and edible. So, although I sometimes pick them and suck off the skin and flesh and then spit out the seeds, I wouldn't do that where anybody might see me and copy me and then die from swallowing the seeds.

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List of dry fruits?

I'm listing here the names of a few dry fruits and their Hindi names.

Almond - Badam

Cashew Nut - kaju

Dates- Khajur

Dry Date - ChuaraDried Fig - Anjeer

Pistachious - Pista

Raisins - Kishmish

walnut - akhrot


Why do plumbs and berries change color when they ripen?

as it dries up the water content goes with the colour of the fruit. so it changes colour


Are Banyan Tree Berries Poisonous?

The Banyan Tree berries are non-poisenous. Usually humans will not eat it, however, its one of the most common diet of Birds & Monkeys. Hope this answers your concern :)


What are dates made from?

Dates are called dates in both the fresh and dried form.


Is watermelon a berry?

Watermelons are not a true berry, but are a type of modified berry called a 'pepo'. Yes! Technically watermelons are a berry! a berry is anything where the entire ovary is fleshy and juicy throughout. The outer covering may be either soft and leather or somewhat hard, the later of which is the case of the watermelon


Is brambleberry a real fruit berry?

Yes it is. It is the vague name given to the blackberry. It usually refers to berry bushes with thorns such as the raspberry or the blackberry.

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Where did 'loganberry' come from?

This delicious American berry was named in 1893 for U.S. horticulturist James H. Logan (1841-1928), who developed it by crossing a blackberry with a raspberry.

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How do you get rid of the burnt taste when food gets slightly burnt?

If it's rice that you have burnt, stick a fork in the middle of the pot. This will draw the burnt taste out of the rice (some of it anyway) If you slightly burn a sauce add a little English mustard but don't allow it to boil again or its effect will not work


Are Munthari Berries Native Australian berries?

Yes. The Munthari is naturally found along the length of the Coorong, South Australia, in the sand dunes where is has been picked and eaten by the local Ngarrindjeri people for centuries. When ripe, the sweet aroma of the fruit can be smelled long before seeing it.


Are wintergreen berries edible?

Yes, when I go in the woods I chew on them all the time.


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