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Ever since money was invented, we've been involved in business and financial transactions. Questions here are about all commercial, financial and industrial activity related to the economy, investing, and stock markets. This includes questions and information about production and manufacturing, exchange and distribution of goods or commodities, and management of money and other assets.

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What is the longform of TDS?

Tax deducted Source
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Where can you obtain industry norms?

Dun & Bradstreet, The Risk Management Association, Standard and Poor's, Value Line, and Prentice Hall. ...
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What is plaintiffs bar?

Hi, in the court of law there is 3 sections of the court room, The judges desk, the defendant bar where the person that was accused of doing the crime, and there is a plaintiff bar where the prosecutor sits, or if its not a murder case, just a regular old case like stealing, damage of property etc. its the person who is suing. ...
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What is the difference between fax and email?

Fax is an electronic machine by which some printed matter can be sent as it is to a distant receiver's fax machine. Where as the email or electronic mail is typed on the computer screen and is instantly sent to a recipient by quoting his email id to be visible at his computer screen by searching his inbox. Apart from basic difference, there is some similarity in nature of both equipments. A fax machine scans the document as an image, trasmits that information...
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Why do people go into business for themselves?

People go into business for themselves in order to try and gain a higher profit. When working for others, you are limited to a smaller profit. It may also be to control their own personal time. A person who owns their own business controls their hours of work, and thus their free time. ...
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What is motion carried?

In a meeting, when a motion is being considered, when the majority of the attendees vote for the motion, the motion is carried. ---------- when a majority of those eligible to vote on that motion, in many bodies any member who has checked in is considered eligible even if they are not present when the vote is taken. In some bodies the chair can use a voice vote and the chair makes a decision on the result. A member may ask for a...
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How many digits in a UK bank account?

somewhere between 7 and 9 digits for the account number, 6 digits for the sort code ...
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What is folio charges?

sources of customers charges function
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What is the second part of an organism's scientific name?

the species, and it is usually used as an adjective in taxonomy
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What is mean by ratio analysis?

Ratio analysis is a tool used by management and fundamental investors to determine a company's general position in an industry or sector as it compares to their peers. An example would be the current ratio, which equals the current assets of a company divided by the current liabilities of which the firm is obligated. The current ratio gives investors and management a quick look as to how liquid a firm is. A large proportion of current assets to liabilities indicates a firm...
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How do you make money by collapsing a currency?

There are a number of ways to make money if you know (or believe) a currency is going to depreciate significantly. One is to borrow a large sum of money in the currency before it depreciates (or collapses) and then sell it to anyone who will buy it at today's price. Once the currency collapses it will be cheap to buy it back and pay off your loan. This would be "short-selling" (or simply "shorting") the currency -- selling what you...
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What is Cross Corporate Guarantee?

A situation where a creditor requests corporate guarantees of two or more specific corporations on behalf of each other. This is generally used in the case of a parent-subsidiary customer relationship or in the case of multiple related corporations where the credit of one at any time may be marginal and can be strengthened by the credit of the other participating corporations. ...
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What is an example of a merchandising business?

Firstly, it is important to know about the term merchandising. Merchandising may be signified as an activity of promoting the sale of goods at retail.It inlcudes the activites such as display techniques, free samples,etc. Now let us discuss about the Merchandising business. Merchandising business may be stated as a commercial enterprise dedicated to the purpose of finished goods and their resale for a profit.It will generally buy their products from a wide range of distributors domestically and internationally and market the products in a...
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What are the limitations of financial management?

Procuring the sources of finance maintaining the balance of funds applying correctly the procured finance to different departments. ...
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Why is money important in your life?

The question is as important as money itself. In fact it is the medium through which we meet the basic necessities of our daily life. The availability of money in the hands of commoners specially service personnel is limited who are to cut coat according to their cloth. Those who are having money in excess of their requirement, tends towards luxurious items.There is a familiar proverb that "90% of human problems can be solved by money". The enormous fortunes of Tatas and...
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What does payment term prepaid mean?

When the term 'prepaid'' is inscribed in payment, it means that the payment has already been made in advance before resumption of delivery. The frequently used term in Overseas Trade is ' Freight Prepaid'which means that the freight has been paid by Exporter and that no freight is payable at destination. In fact the hypothetical quantum of freight amount is considered while calculating export pricing that is quoted before the buyer. ...
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How did mike bloomberg make all his money?

The 8th richest Jewish American Mike Bloomberg have made most of his money either through interest or dropshipping businesses just like the owner of in USA and UK. Mr. Bloombergs main holdings have been, and always have been, Bloomberg News and Publishing type organizations. He originally was a Partner of the famous Salomon Brothers Brokerage. He is heavily involved with the Dow Jones publishing group. Another major holding is the Bloomberg terminal, which is used as the working toll for trading and...
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What does the term COSHH mean?

COSHH is the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. Basically a set of regulations to help improve reducing ill-health at work by controlling harmful substances within the UK ...
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Name something you bring with you everywhere?

purse / wallet cell phone keys ID Ipod
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What company has the most seven figure income earners?

When Google went public, they had over 900 millionaire employee.
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What is incentive for motivation?

Motivation does not only make your life/work interesting but also gives a new perspective to life. Motivation in itself is an incentive since not many people can even achieve this high of self introspection. Once motivated any goal in your life would seem achievable. No hindrance will be able to deter you in reaching these goals. The key behind the success though is being self motivated. If you are the one who feels that motivation would require extra money, holiday, respect etc...
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What are some purr words?

Purr, purr-usable,and purr-fect are all the ones I know of...