Colonial America

The history of the thirteen British colonies that would eventually declare independence in 1776 and later become the United States.

Colonial America
Rhode Island
Maps and Directions

What colony is located west of Rhode Island?


History of the United States
Colonial America

Who founded Pennsylvania and why?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania on March,4,1681 for two reasons: To make money and to provide the Quakers a safe haven in the American colonies. Penn considered his attempt a "Holy Experiment." Pennsylvania accepted all colonists who believed in one God. Because many colonists of differing beliefs were allowed to settle in Pennsylvania, the colony prospered. Dutch, Germans, Swiss, as well as British Quakers settled the area.

William Penn wanted to name Pennsylvania "Sylvania" which means woods, but King Charles II wanted to name Pennsylvania "Penn" because of Williams dad's (and Willam's) last name was Penn. So King Charles II and William made an agreement and put their 2 ideas together. "PENN" and "SYLVANIA" put it together it makes PENNSYLVANIA.
William Penn

Colonial America

What is the name of Lord Ganesh's wife?

lord ganesha had two wives. one was riddhi and other siddhi. he also had two sons shubh and labh with them.

Colonial America
Century - 1800s
Flag of the United States

What did the American flag look like in the 1800's?

stars and stripes

Since the original Flag Resolution by the Second Continental Congress on June 14th 1777 the flag of the United States of America has been 13 red and white alternating stripes with white stars in the blue upper left corner (canton) of the flag. Since 1777 the flag has remain basically the same with the exception of a star being added as new states joined the USA. There was one other difference: In 1795 the US flag had 15 stars for 15 states (Kentucky and Vermont joined the original 13) and the flag also had 15 stripes. Yes, 15 stripes for the 15 states in the union. This flag flew during the War of 1812 with the British. After that flag we went back to 13 stripes.

In 1814 this 15-star/15-stripe flag flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor while British ships shelled the fort all night. Francis Scott Key observed this while being held on a British ship and eventually wrote a poem "Defense of Ft. M'Henry"... which became the words to OUR National Anthem.

So, the "Star Spangled Banner" that we sing about in our nation's anthem had 15 stripes.

Colonial America
Louis Pasteur

Was Louis Pasteur a Freemason?

Louis Pasteur was most likely never a Freemason. He is not listed in William R. Denslow's definitive book, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, or by any other reputable source. Understand that, in most cases, it is virtually impossible to prove a negative, therefore one cannot say with absolute certainty that Pasteur was NOT a Freemason, but there is no evidence to indicate that he was.

Masonry, like most groups, is very proud of its famous members and usually points them out, so if evidence existed, Pasteur would be claimed as a member by the Fraternity. When only anti-masons are the ones claiming someone was a Mason, it is very unlikely that the person really was. Despite what some say, Freemasonry simply isn't a "secret society" and there are generally plenty of membership records to be found.

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Colonial America
Mohandas Gandhi
Civil Rights Movement

Can the freedom to choose be a drawback?

We are far better with our Freedom to chose! This includes our freedom to Beleive in GOD and keep Love in our lives!

Atheists and fake god believes cannot feel anymore than each of their own Lust, for only each of their own wants! Thus they are missing so much meanings from their life!

Colonial America

What colony did John Smith say no work no food?

Jamestown Va

Colonial America

What did apprentice do in colonial times?

blacksmithing silvermaking printer logger tanner stuff like that

History of the United States
Colonial America

Did the Puritans came to America to establish religious freedom?

No. The Puritans came to practice their religion, but non-Puritans were not welcome. If you were not a Puritan, you had to settle elsewhere

Colonial America
Word and Phrase Origins

What is the origin of the word 'stepchild'?


Old English. steop-, with connotations of "loss," in combinations like steopcild "orphan," related to astiepan, bestiepan "to bereave, to deprive of parents or children," from P.Gmc. *steupa- "bereft" (cf. O.Fris. stiap-, O.N. stjup-, Swed. styv-, M.L.G. stef-, Du. stief-, O.H.G. stiof-, Ger. stief-), lit. "pushed out," from PIE *steup-, from base *(s)teu- (see steep (adj.)). Etymologically, a stepfather or stepmother is one who becomes father or mother to an orphan, but the notion of orphanage faded in 20c. For sense evolution, cf. L. privignus "stepson," related to privus "deprived."

Founding Fathers
New York
Colonial America

How did people make money in New York colony?

They fished whales and fish.

They traded with the Indians, built ships, farmed grain, rice, and wheat and manufactured iron goods.

farming. New York's fertile soil, long growing season, and warm summers made it an easy choice to earn profit by farming cash crops and raising and selling livestock. If one did not choose to be a farmer, they often went into the business, trade with Britain, shopkeeping, blacksmith, or carpentry, slave trade, forestry,

While not many people realize it, New York center was a big center for the trade, selling, and buying of enslaved Africans for many of the British colonies would sell fish at the fish market. most people would be fisherman.

Colonial America
North America
South America
Candlepin Bowling

Whats the oldest state in America?


Colonial America

What is colonial nationalism?

Nationalism is pride in your nation. Colonial nationalism is pride in the colony a nation controls. It means great pride in the colony you live in.

History of the United States
Colonial America

Why did the English colonists in America expected to have representative government in the colonies?

They didn't expect to have a a representative government in the colonies... but they did want one.

Colonial America
Medication and Drugs

Robert smith do drugs?

He was not an addict, but did drugs recreationally in the 80's.

Founding Fathers
Colonial America

Who were the founding fathers of Colonial Maryland and what were the reasons for settlement?

Maryland was founded by George Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore, but he died before he could get the charter. So his son Cecilius Calvert was the one who got the charter. It was founded as a place for Catholics to escape persecution in England. It was named in honor of Henrietta Maria, Queen Consort of Charles I.

History of the United States
Colonial America

Which eurpean country built the first permanent settlement in what is now the US?

That would be the Spanish, who founded St. Augustine, Florida in 1565.

Colonial America

What year did Delaware become a colony?

1638 by Peter Muit and the New Sweden Company

Colonial America
Care of Horses

How do you hold a riding crop?

in between your pinkie and reins.

`When in riding position, your hands should be at the " 10-2 Position" Right thumb at the angle of 10 on a clock, and left hand at the angle of 2 ( think of it like their pointing to the numbers but your hands are held at a tight fist). MANY people say thumb straight up, hand straight, but by Olympic, Spruce Meadows, and many other high-end trainers, they have taught the "10-2". The only time your hand should be straight, thumbs up, should be in your two-point position. ( But I'm not here to be your coach, whichever you like best :P ) When holding a crop with the 10-2 position your hand position should not change (unless in use). The crop is usually held over the thigh. :) ` Have fun!

Colonial America

The first legislature in America was the?

The first legislature in America was The Virginia House of Burgesses.

Colonial America

Who was the captain of the Mayflower?

Christopher Jones was the Captain of the Mayflower when it took the pilgrims to North America.

History of the United States
Colonial America

Why was rice important to the southern colonies?

History of the United States
American Revolution
Colonial America
Georgia (US State)

When did Georgia become a US state?

On January 2, 1788 Georgia became the fourth state to join the Union. It re-entered the Union on July 15, 1870, after being the last state in the Confederacy.

History of the United States
Colonial America

Did the Narragansett trade with the colonists?

Yes, even though it lead to there downfall and loss of Narragansett territory known as Aquidneck which is now known as racist Rhode Island.


Religion & Spirituality
Colonial America

Was john wheelwright a colonial leader?

YES! he founded New Hamshire

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