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Eye Shadow is a type of cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelids. The purpose of wearing eye shadow is to make the wearer's eyes stand out particularly with bright and bold colors. The most common type of eye shadow is in a powder format but there are also liquid, pencil and mousse forms. Eye Shadow dates back to 10,000 BC where it was used in Egyptian burials.

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Eye Shadow

What eye shadow colour is best for Asian skin tone?

I like the browns and the maroons over the blues and greens.Smokey eyes also looks very good.try to use very good quality makeup for your face.

Cool Tones, Earth Tones, Metallics, Nuetrals, and colors like:








-Olive Green

-Navy Blue









Eye Shadow

Best drugstore eyeshadow pallet?

Elf is a good drugstore brand. It comes with like 100 colors for $10.00.

Eye Shadow

Best eyeshadow colour to make bluegreen eyes stand out?

definetly anything in the purple/red family. plum, mauve, maroon, dark rusty colors. all look amazing

AnswerMocha, chocolate brown, strawberry. Creamy and light colors would look great. A touch of glitter could even help. Creamy, rich colors are perfect for bluegreen eyes. And red, orange, rust-red, yellow, ark purple, lilac, lavender, maroon, red-violet, violet, rusty and sunny colrs would look nice, too.

I have blue green eyes, and I use purples, blues and pinks. With the yeliner, I use black..alot of it :)

Eye Shadow

What do you put on your eyes before applying eyeshadow?

eye primer. i recommend urban decay primer potion :)

Eye Shadow

What eye shadow is the best to buy?

The best "department store" brand is MAC--it performs well and it's not overly expensive.

The best "mass market" brand is Revlon.

I believe in organic and mineral makeup and therefore afterglow cosmetics for me.There is a wide range of colors and options to choose from also.

Eye Shadow

What is the best color of eyeshadow for blue eyes?

First, never use a blue shadow. Stick with coffee colors and browns, but don't go chocolate.


Your hair color also makes a difference. See below for best.

Brown hair- Use a gentle pink, but do NOT go red or heavy, you will seem tired. Do a silver for night

Blond hair- Light cocoa for daytime, go gold for a night on the town

Red hair- Gentle golden for day. Mix a silver/pink for evening


Eyeshadow: Be dramatic with black or dark charcoal, pewter, too, has has a dramatic affect when contrasting blue eyes. Add to the appeal of lighter shades of blue by outlining them with a dark navy. Gain a more playful appeal with shades of peach, plum or bright berries. Even silver can work well darker hues of blue.

Eye Shadow

What is the most popular eye shadow colour in Africa?

Im not sure what the most popular eyeshadow color in Africa is but I would guess bright colors such as orange and yellow and those kinds of colors but again I'm not sure. Hope I could help. 

Greens and blues look very pretty when they are well incorporated.

Eye Shadow

What eye shadow should you use if you have brown eyes and brown hair?

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Where can one purchase red India Ink?

KIDS DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!Well now, first off if you find a product labeled 'RED India ink", you are being hoaxed, there is no such thing as RED India ink, by definition India ink is only black.....You may see it in packages labeled as that but in actuality it probably is just a permanent pigment in color....And if yer tempted to buy this stuff to do tattoos with ........BE WARNED, they often contain chemicals that keep them in suspension or even helps them to dry quicker.....AND most of the chemicals they use for this are either poisonous or have and acid base, not good for skin..............


seek out a professional and you may become a collecter of fine tattoo art, do it yerself at home and you may get a hangover that NEVER goes away..............

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Eye Shadow

What happened to Revlon's Skinlight shade of eyeshadow?

== == I think it was discontinued

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Eye Shadow

What rhymes with shadow?

art deco
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Ho Ho Ho
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Van Gogh
Meadow sort of rhymes with shadow.
There is no word that rhymes perfectly with shadow.

there are lots... so, go, no,snow, although no word rhymes perfectly with shadow...

umm some idiot who wrote that on the top ^ there is something that rhymes with shadow like shallow, nano etc...


Eye Shadow

What colour eye shadow should you use if you have dark brown hair with reddish ginger highlights and blue eyes and pale freckled skin?

Of course the blues and the greens are going to look better over browns and maroons for you.Answer

Yes I think blues and the greens are going to suit your look very much.

well light blue would look nice or green! try mixing those colours up like green by ur eye lashes and light blue further up good luck


I would use gold to make your eyes stand out and to complment your hair.


Light blues or greens might wash out the colors in your eyes. Definitely use golds in coppery tones and browns. This will make your eyes stand out much more.

Eye Shadow

Can you use chalk as eye shadow?

umm why would you want to use chalk as eye shadow it'll rub off and you might be allergic to it heehee that's a funny question :)

Eye Shadow

Can you use blush as eye shadow?

yes you can my mum is a beauty theripist and i use blush on my eyes every day. what it does is it makes you have a natural look and it matches your cheeks.

have a look in the shops and see what blush suits you the best 1

oh and dont put chap stik on your eyes that will make it all taky and gluggy and yuk. hope this helps :)

- - - - -

There are two reasons why you shouldn't.

First is safety. Eye shadow is made specially so if you get it in your eye it won't injure you. Blush PROBABLY won't injure you, but eye shadow definitely won't. They also put antimicrobial agents in eye shadow to keep harmful eye bacteria from growing in it that blush doesn't need, or have.

The other is staying power. The places you put blush don't move very much. The places you put eye shadow are in constant motion. They have to put chemicals in eye shadow to make them stick to your skin that they don't put in blush. (This is also why eye makeup is harder to get off than blush.)

You can get pink eye shadow at any store, and if you want to wear pink on your eyes that's what to use.

Eye Shadow

What is eye shadow made of?

well it is made out of composed powder thay press it together and put some dye

Glitter Eyeshadow Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephthalate, Talc, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Acrylates Copolymer, Zinc Stearate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

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Eye Shadow

The painter just started staining cabinets but they are too dark What can we do?

Go to your liquor store or even a head shop and get the anal bleach to remove the stain. Make sure you know if it is oil or water based. Bring the product with you just to make sure.

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Does eye shadow have lead in it?

no, it does not. at least, the palette doesn't.

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What kind of makeup should you wear to a formal with hazel eyes brown hair and a navy blue dress?

I would recommend very light purples. Very light and carefully mix it with a blue and shade lighter then your skin tone. Do the light purple on your lids to complamint your eyes, the light blue on your eye crease to complamint your dress and the color close to your skin tone by you brow to make your eyes pop. Then blend all the colors together. Add mascara and eyeliner one shade darker than your skin tone. use peach or pink

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Is eye shadow made from bat crap guano?

yes, my class did a lab about it in biology and amazingly its true

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How do you put on eyeliner?

Solid eyeliner: Hold the eyeliner and close a single eye. Put the tip of the liner between both eyelids (don't worry, it doesn't hurt-just don't poke yourself in the eye) and make a mark at the very beginnings of your eyelashes.

Liquid eyeliner: In a single stroke, paint on the rim of your eyelashes. Beware, the mark of the eyeliner spreads out farther than it looks like it will, so actually draw ON the eyelashes. Liquid eyeliner smears, so let it settle for a bit before opening your eye. Also, be aware that liquid eyeliner is much more noticeable than solid, so if you make a mistake, wash it off and try again.

AnswerI use solid eyeliner, therefore I don't know if this will help you, but the kind I use is Perfect Point Plus by Covergirl in 200 Onyx, so I recommend that. So here's what you do.

1) Close one eye and hold the eyeliner in a hand on the opposite side.

2) Put it as close to the beginning of your eyelashes as possible, and make a thin line across. Do the same to the other eye. If you need help making a straight line, make small dots with the eyeliner and connect the dots!

3) If you want to put it on the bottom, you can put it on more of the inside for a look that defines your eyes or on the outside for a different look.

4) So, far the bottom, gently pull down on the skin below your eyes, and take your eyeliner and slide it across. Just be sure not to put it over your tear ducts or you'll get black eye boogers which are gross :-(

If you need more help just message me (LiL_AcTrEsSx3)

Answerwhat I do is apply it to the bottom part of my eye. I pull down the skin on the botton lid and put a line on it. It makes my eyes look really thin and sophisticated. Hope it works for you!

What i do is i pretend like im putting contacts on and pul the skin below my eye down look up a little and draw iline on my water line

Eye Shadow

What are some tips to becoming a better bowler?

Practice and lots of it. I used to bowl 10 leagues a week, two leagues a night, 5 days a week and was a substitute 6 out of the 10 leagues. bowled for money (pot bowl) on the weekends and that's what paid for my regular leagues for the next week. I started out with about a 140 average and was at one time holding a 202 average. My high game was a 290, 11 strikes in a row which was really good back in the late 80's early 90's. So, Practice often and concentration is definitely a must. Good Luck & Good Bowling!!!

Eye Shadow

What are good eye shadow blush and lip colors to use on medium brown skin?

I really can't give specific recommendations without knowing your natural eye color, natural hair color, and undertone of your skin, since there are many kinds of brown-skinned people that look good in different colors.

If you have black hair and dark brown, green, or blue eyes, are are of European, African, middle-eastern, or east Indian decent, you would probably look best with gray, blue, or purple eyeshadow, rosy blush, and dark cool reds for the lip.

If you have black or brown hair and brown eyes, and are of native American or east Asian descent, you may look better with brown or gray eye shadow, coral or salmon blush, and brownish-reds for the lip.

If you have light hair and are deeply tanned, with blue or green eyes, you should try blue or lavender eye shadow, rose blush, and rose lips. If you have hazel or brown eyes, you should try tan or rose eyeshadow, coral blush, and coral lips.

Basically, if your hair and eyes are cool and your skintone is ashy or rosy, use cool colors. If your hair and eyes are warm and your skintone is coppery or golden, use warm colors. With brown skin, you'll probably look best in medium to dark colors, unless your skin is brown because of tanning.

AnswerHi there! I hope I can help you, since I seem to have the same tone with you. For darker skinned people, like us, you want to use more natural colors. Bright pinks, purples, and corals may look good on others, but don't really compliment our skin. I like using a light dusty brown for my eyes. WARNING: If you put too much on, it will look like you put brown eye liner all over your eyes. Just softly tap the brush into the eye shadow and brush it across your eye lid. I don't like to really put very much eye shadow above my eye lid. Second, for lip colors I hardly use anything. Something with a little touch of a fruity red will look good on our lips. But not like a coral red, or red red. Lots of lip colors don't seem to stand out and looks as good on darker skinner people than lighter skinned. Some of my make-up suggestions are: Bronze Goddess eyeshadow by Estee Lauder. Backstage Beauty Browns by Bonne Bell. Good luck!

You can also try on different shades and styles of makeup just by uploading a picture of yourself with Oxygen's MakeoverMatic tool. It's really cool and has tons of choices. Check it out at: http://www.oxygen.com/games/makeover

Eye Shadow

Where can one purchase gold eyeshadow?

You may purchase gold eyeshadow from your local vendors. These can include Clairs, Sears, Wal-Mart, Sephora, and Mac Cosmetics. They can also be found online on websites such as eBay.

Eye Shadow

Where can one purchase pink eye shadow?

Any cosmetic store should offer the pink eye shadow products since the item is a popular feature for women. It can also be purchased online at a cosmetic store or Amazon/eBay.

Eye Shadow

Where can one purchase glitter eyeshadow?

One can purchase glitter eyeshadow from Discount Dance Supply and Sephora. One could also purchase glitter eyeshadow from ULTA Beauty and Urban Outfitters.


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