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Dubbed The Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) was a renowned English nurse, statistician and writer. She rose to fame for her work in nursing during the Crimean War, where she took care of the wounded soldiers.

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Florence Nightingale

Was Florence Nightingale a nun?


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Florence Nightingale

What is the starting salary for a qualified nurse in the UK?

the starting salary for a qualified nurse in the UK is 10,000 USD

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Florence Nightingale
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What is Nursing legislation?

Legislation Governing Nursing. ... It includes definitions of the classes of nurse registration, entry-to-practice and title protection regulations, and regulations on initiating controlled acts.

Florence Nightingale
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How can you tell the difference between a canary and a budgie?

Budgies are larger than canaries and have beaks that curve downward. Canaries have straight beaks.

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Florence Nightingale

What was Florence Nightingale's childhood like?

Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy, on May 12, 1820. She was named after her birth place, although Florence spent most of her childhood in London, Derbyshire, and Hampshire. Her father taught her well, so even though she didn't go to school, Florence could do mathematics, history, and philosophy, and spoke Greek, French, Italian, Latin, and German.

She was a beautiful child, with an active imagination. She loved writing, and did well in her studies. Her family was very rich, and went to expensive parties in Europe. When Florence was 19, her and her sister Parthenope were presented to Queen Victoria.

Florence Nightingale

What was Florence Nightingale's favorite color?

Her favorite color was blue

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Florence Nightingale

What are the 14 fundamentals needs of man according to Henderson?

The 14 fundamental needs of man are developed by Virginia Henderson, influenced by Thorndike's needs of man. They are :

  • Breathe normally. Eat and drink adequately.
  • Eliminate body wastes.
  • Move and maintain desirable postures.
  • Sleep and rest.
  • Select suitable clothes-dress and undress.
  • Maintain body temperature within normal range by adjusting clothing and modifying environment
  • Keep the body clean and well groomed and protect the integument
  • Avoid dangers in the environment and avoid injuring others.
  • Communicate with others in expressing emotions, needs, fears, or opinions.
  • Worship according to one's faith.
  • Work in such a way that there is a sense of accomplishment.
  • Play or participate in various forms of recreation.
  • Learn, discover, or satisfy the curiosity that leads to normal development and health and use the available health facilities.

The first 9 components are physiological. The tenth and fourteenth are psychological aspects of communicating and learning The eleventh component is spiritual and moral The twelfth and thirteenth components are sociologically oriented to occupation and recreation.

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Previous question of ministry of health nursing exam in Oman?

yes. i want previous sample papers of moh test in oman for nurses

Florence Nightingale

What are nurses headdress called?

The headgear worn by nurses back in Florence Nightingale's day and still today is called a cap, or nurses' cap.

Nurses' caps were originally designed to keep the hair in place; famous illustrations from Nightingale's time, in the 1800s show nurses wearing these caps. The origin of the style came from nuns' habits, nuns of course being traditionally the earliest leaders of the nursing profession, and the entire nurses' uniform, including the cap, was intended to represent professionalism (not previously altogether evident among lay nurses until Nightingale's time) and also for ease of laundering.

Up until the mid-to-late twentieth century, nurses' caps were a very visible part of the hierarchy in the profession, with junior students starting off with a plain style which became increasingly elaborate or more highly-styled as the student progressed from one level to the next, in a similar way to the status shown by the habit worn by each particular level of nun. The particular level a nurse had attained was instantly identifiable by the headgear.

Caps have remained widely in use, but in many areas were more or less discontinued by the 1990s for reasons, it was said, of hygiene, which appears illogical; more probably for fashion and status reasons. Nurses' caps have remained in continual use by the military of many countries.

With the increase in the proportion of men entering the profession, the nurses' cap also came to be considered somewhat redundant, and the entire uniform was in some places replaced by theatre-style scrubs.

More traditional nurses' caps have been and are being reintroduced in some hospitals, mainly for women and for identification purposes, but also because they are considered to look smart and attractive as part of a uniform.

Florence Nightingale

What did Florence Nightingale do?

Florence Nightingale was the first nurse to establish a system as we know today as triage which means it organizes things according to level of treatment for the patient. This is where it made it more pratical so that when wounded soldiers were being treated her system kept things in order including the proper protocol for infection prevention which is still practiced to this day when nurses are being trained all over the world. It was Florence Nightingale who set the nursing field ahead of its time when she was an actively practicing nurse in the 1800s.

Florence Nightingale

What are some hardships and struggles of florence nightingale?

Florence Nightingale's parents didn't want her to become a nurse but in a couple of years her dad gave in and so she went away to train as a nurse.

Florence Nightingale

Where did florence Henderson go to school?

For high school, she attended St. Francis Academy in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Florence Nightingale

Is Denise welch florence welch's mother?

no. her mother is new-yorker, evelyn welch .

Florence Nightingale

Explain the 13 canons of florence nightingale's theory?

Nightingale's Canons: Major Concepts

  1. Ventilation
  2. warming
  3. Light,
  4. Noise
  5. Cleanliness of rooms/walls
  6. Health of houses
  7. Bed and bedding
  8. Personal cleanliness
  9. Variety
  10. Chattering hopes and advices
  11. Taking food. What food?
  12. Petty management/
  13. observation
Florence Nightingale

What is contribution of Florence Nightngale?

Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War and saw the dreadful conditions that wounded soldiers were being nursed in, poor hygiene and lack of training of the nursing attendants. She came back to the UK and set up the Nightingale School of Nursing with the aim of training nurses to a high standard to be able to go and train nurses in other hospitals.

Florence Nightingale

What did Florence Nightingale make a difference to her country?


Florence Nightingale

Which benevolent woman was called 'The Lady with the Lamp'?

Florence Nightingale

War of 1812
Florence Nightingale

Who was Florence Nightingale and what did she do?

Florence Nightingale (b/d May 12, 1820 - death August 13, 1910) was known as 'The Lady of the Lamp' and was a pioneer of modern nursing among other things.

It's important you read more about her because she was one fantastic woman (in a world of men) and didn't often take no for an answer.

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Florence Nightingale

What was Florence Nightingale's father's name?

Florence Nightingale's father's name is William Edward Nightingale.

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What commercial or television was Howl by Florence and the machine used?

In the UK it was used in the trailer for Being Human on BBC3

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Florence Nightingale

How far is it from Eugene OR to Florence OR?

60.6 Miles

Florence Nightingale

How is biochemistry related to nursing?

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions within living things, and a lot of its applications are often found in medicine or nutrition. But occasionally they can have appealing use for environmental impacts of certain industrial processes, like how organisms react to greenhouse gases.

An interesting topic for biochemists is whether a vodka martini tastes different if shaken or stirred.

Biochemistry is the basis for all drug interactions in the body.

cortes09: the nUrsing is very mUCh related to biO chemistry,

if you will ever think about it biochemistry, a study about the sources of living in our environment and also chemistry which is the study of matter or chemicals the way it is called is based from the one tackeld in nursing,. whicdh is the chemical rEACTANTS IN OUR ENVIRONMENT that can be cause of diseases by matters that can be solve by a scientific Observation or well experiments and testings

Florence Nightingale

When did parthenope florence nightingale's sister die?

Frances Parthenope Verney, nee Nightingale died on the 12th of May 1890

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When did florence nightingales dad die?


Florence Nightingale

Is Florence King Florence Nightingale's dad?

No. Her Father was William Nightingale.


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