Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Hetalia: Axis Powers is a webcomic created by Hidekaz Himaruya, which is later adapted into a manga and an anime series. The characters of the series are personifications of the countries, and the protagonists are Italy, Germany and Japan of the Axis Powers and America, England, France, Russia and China of the Allies in World War 2. Each character is portrayed with the positive and negative stereotypes of his/her country and is used to represent the country's involvement in historical and political events.

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Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

When is the Hetalia movie coming to the US?

Well Good news! The season 3 and maybe 4 are coming in march and perhaps august the movie should be out! Atleast that's what Funimation says!

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What are the 2p characters in hetalia?

2P!Hetalia is pretty much the same as Dark!Hetalia or Hetalia: Another Colour. It's the characters dark sides, and they're in different outfits and have a darker skin tone then the originals. Hope this helps~ ^^

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Is Scotland a real character in Hetalia?

No. As Scotland is a country, he could potentially be made, but there is no official design. However, there is a design adopted by the fanbase that is accepted as Scotland by fans until an official one is created.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

How old are the character in hetalia?

Most of the characters are around their twenties. Although the creator did assign some with ages, but some have yet to be announced.

Italy- 20

Germany- 20

Japan- doesn't have an age.

America- 19



china- 4000


South Italy (Romano)-22-23





Russia- idk

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Where can you buy hetalia stuff online for cheap?

It depends on what you are looking for but I find and to be useful

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Where can you find hetalia models for mmd?

I would search it in Youtube. I found a really good (And I mean REALLY GOOD) Sealand model by searching in Youtube.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Does France fancy England in Hetalia?

Ha...France fancies everyone.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Is hetaliA season 3 on Netflix?

It will come soon, once they finish dubbing it in English.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What are the Hetalia character's birthdays?

America: July 4th

Austria: October 26th

Belarus: August 25th

Canada: July 3rd

China: October 10th

Cuba: May 20th

Egypt: February 28th

Estonia: February 24th

England: April 23rd

Finland: December 6th

France: July 14th

Germany: October 3rd

Greece: February 3rd

Hungary: June 8th

Iceland: June 17th

Japan: February 11th

Latvia: November 8th

Liechtenstein: July 12th

Lithuania: February 16th

North Italy: March 17th

Poland: July 22nd

Prussia: January 18th

Russia: December 30th

Sealand: September 2nd

South Italy: March 17th

South Korea: August 15th

Spain: February 12th

Sweden: June 6th

Switzerland: August 1st

Taiwan: October 25th

Turkey: October 29th

Ukraine: August 24th

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Do Axis powers hetalia characters age?

Yes, but not like normal people. They age depending on how quickly their country develops. For example, Italy was depicted as a toddler in the 10th century because he was weak and ruled by others.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What are some good episodes of Hetalia to learn actual facts about World War 2?

I don't think there really are any. The show is loosely based on history, but emphasis on the "loosely".

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What is the second season of hetalia called?

Hetalia World Series .

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What are the names of all the hetalia characters?

If you mean human names, here are your answers:

Italy - Feliciano

Germany - Ludwig

Japan - Kiku

America - Alfred

Russia - Ivan

China - Wang Yao

France - Francis

England - Arthur

Romano - Lovino

Prussia - Gilbert

Spain - Antonio

Greece - Heracles

Turkey - Sadik

Austria - Roderick

Hungary - Elizabeta (Eliza for short)

Sweden - Berwald

Finland - Tino

Canada - Matthew

Poland - Feliks

Lithuania - Toris

Latvia - Raivis

Estonia - Eduard

Belarus - Natalia

Switzerland - Vash

Sealand - Peter

The other characters do not have official names yet.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What does the sound Kol Kol Kol mean when Russia says it in Hetalia?

It's the sound he makes when he is angry. It's kinda like a warning signal to shut the heck up.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

When will hetalia axis powers episode 53 come out in English?

All the axis powers shows have already come out in english.

Copyright Law
Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Who are the hetalia characters copyrighted to?

Hidekaz Himaruya

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Is ride that mustang in hetalia?

No, it is simply just a small little game people like to play.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

When will hetalia axis powers volume 3 be released?

In English, it will not be released due to Tokyopop shutting down in America. In Japanese, it has already been released.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Who created Hetalia?

Hidekaz Himaruya is the creator of the series Hetalia : Axis Powers.

You can read more about him here :

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What is the name of Italy's cat in hetalia?

Itabby its not in the strip im pretty sure. Hope i helped :)


In the anime, Italy refers to his cat as 'Buke'

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What Hetalia character should I cosplay as?

Depends on your body figure, budget, and which character you like.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

How old is Sweden from the series Hetalia?

21 in his "human" appearence. The age as a country goes as far back as 587 years ago.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What is the name of the hetalia theme song?

Marukaite Chikyuu.

Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

What is Denmark from Hetalia like?

Denmark is said to be full of youthful vigor and humor, though he is also very stubborn and doesn't listen very well to others. As a result, he is known to be very controlling, bossy, and demanding, to the point where it is hard to get along with him.

He declares himself to be the "King of Northern Europe", and speaks in an Ibaraki dialect. He is also a heavy drinker.

If you want anymore information or any pictures you can just type in "Hetalia Wiki Denmark" in Google or any other Search Engine.

New Zealand
Hetalia (Anime and Manga)

Is hetalia New Zealand a girl or boy?



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