Holes - Novel and Movie

The Newbery Medal-winning book, "Holes," was written by Louis Sachar, and first published in 1998. It followed Stanley Yelnats, who was falsely accused of theft, and sent to a desert boot camp.

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Holes - Novel and Movie

What does AG mean in the book Holes?

AG in the book Holes is attorney general that came to camp Green Lake to take over and save Hector(Zero) ad Stanley.

AG means attorney general and a lady name Ms Merengo Stanly's layer she came to take Stanley out of camp and Stanley said he wants zero to come with him

AG in The Novle Holes Mean Attorney Generral He was the tall man

Holes - Novel and Movie

In the book Holes by Louis Sachar what are the lizards called?

They are called yellow spotted lizards - they have red eyes and exactly 11 spots. However, in real life, these creatures do not exist.

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who was the publisher for the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

"Holes" was first published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Louis Sachar wrote "Holes" -- he is the author. He is not the publisher. The publisher makes the actual books and and sells them for the author.

Holes - Novel and Movie

What was the problem in the book Holes?

Stanley Yelnats get sent to Camp Green Lake, a detention camp. And he is innocent.

he got sent there because a pair of sneakers of a famous basketball player landed in his hands and he was arrested because the people thought that he stole them cause he was running with them in his hands and the cop saw him and assumed that he stole them.

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Holes - Novel and Movie

Explain how the teacher kate barlow became the outlaw as kissin kate barlow?

Miss Katherine (the school teacher) fell in love with Sam the Onion man, who was negro. In the book, a woman from the town caught Katherine and Sam kissing, and she notified the sheriff, and pretty much the whole town. The schoolhouse was being burnt down, when Katherine ran to the sheriff to report it, he demanded a kiss from her. He said that if she kissed Sam, she should kiss him as well. She refused, and ran away. Sam was killed when he and Katherine were trying to escape from Green Lake, and after then, Katherine went to the sheriff, shot him dead, applied a fresh coat of lipstick and kissed him on the cheek. Since then, she became the outlaw Kissin' Kate Barlow, who robbed and kissed the men she killed.

Holes - Novel and Movie

What does zero want Stanley to teach him to do in the book holes?

To teach Zero how to read and write

Holes - Novel and Movie

How long did Stanley and zero stay on God's thumb?

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Holes - Novel and Movie

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Holes - Novel and Movie

What did Stanley find while digging his second hole?

kissing kate barlow's lipstick

Holes - Novel and Movie

What is the description of zero in holes?

The quite. no talking kid from most of first 1/2 but after he developes into a talkative person

Holes - Novel and Movie

How did Myra pick her husband in the book Holes?

She didn't really pick Elya said forget about it because she was saying who should i pick and so he left without the pig and then forgot about madame Zeroni and went to America

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who is Theodore from the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

he is a big brown guy who bullies arm pit

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who saw kate barlow ans sam kiss in holes?

Hattie Parker, the town gossip

Holes - Novel and Movie

What was Zero's relationship with Stanley like in Holes?

At the beginning, it was rocky. Towards the end, they end up helping each other.

Holes - Novel and Movie

What is Stanley character trait in the book holes?


Holes - Novel and Movie

In Holes why is Stanley given a name that is a palindrome?

Stanley Yelnats IV's great-great grandfather, Elya Yelnats, married a woman named Sarah Miller in America. Sarah noticed that Yelnats spelled backwards became Stanley, so she named her son Stanley. The Stanleys after Stanley Yelnats I kept on liking the name, and they continued naming their children Stanley.

Holes - Novel and Movie

Where did Stanley Yelnats live in holes?

His first location was at New York, then he moved to California.

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who has the same last name as Warden Walker in the book Holes?

Trout Walker

Holes - Novel and Movie

How did Kate Barlow kill the sheriff in holes?

She shot him, then kissed him.

Holes - Novel and Movie

Does Stanley find zero in holes?

no, actually, Zero is under a boat (Mary Lou) when Stanley finds him..

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who owns the shade at camp green lake from the book holes?

The warden

Holes - Novel and Movie

Who did standley's family blame for everythink that went wrong the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

they blamed stanley's no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-granfather

Holes - Novel and Movie

Why did zero leave jaffy in the yellow tunnel in the book holes?

becoz he realizes that his mom isnt coming and that other mum makes him feel uncomfortable. he's scared

Holes - Novel and Movie

In holes the book what crimes did kissin Kate Barlow do?

Leave the great rotten pig stealing grandfather in a empty desert with no food or drink.

Holes - Novel and Movie

Why do the boys give Stanley a hard time about being better than them from the book 'Holes'?

Oh I'm reading that book too (im kinda in the middle of it). I think they are just jealous.


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