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Hollywood Undead is a rap rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California. They have released two albums to date, Swan Songs in 2009 and American Tragedy in 2011.

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Hollywood Undead

When and why did Deuce leave Hollywood Undead?

He was kicked out of the band due to musical differences and disagreements with the rest of the band. when the band wanted to stay on tour, Deuce wanted to go in the studio. Deuce also took credit for writing allot of songs in 'Swan Songs' which he didn't. also when they played live, they had to play with a backing track for his vocals, he wasn't confident live, he was really in a band which he wasnt comfortable with and tried taking too much credit. he was kicked out in early 2010.

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Hollywood Undead

Is Charlie Scene really married?

yes he is married and also his wife is pregnant

Hollywood Undead

Why does charlie scene wear a bandanna not a mask?

well whn they first started th band h couldn't afford a hockey mask like the others so he just used a del taco bag after eating dinner. It annoyed him so much cuz it was very uncomfterable so he decided he would have th easiest mask in the band

Hollywood Undead

Who is the kid in Hollywood Undead?

The kids singing in Bullet by HU is Johnny 3 Tears' daughter, Ava. (:

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Austin Mahone (Singer)

Where can you buy Carol never wore her safety goggles poster?

I checked the Flinn Scientific website, but they don't sell them directly, as far as I can tell. I think that they do give them free to new teachers, though, in a kit.

Hollywood Undead

Is Danny from Hollywood Undead married?

no even though i love hu hes a american idol reject (but hes amazing)

Hollywood Undead

How tall is Deuce from Hollywood undead?


Hollywood Undead

Who is the band leader of Hollywood undead?

J dog, Johnny 3 tears and Charlie scene

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Hollywood Undead

Where is Hollywood?

Hollywood is a district, not an actual city. It refers to the movie industry centered in Los Angeles, California, and to a part of town loosely bounded by the Sunset Strip (technically in West Hollywood) to the west and the Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood sign to the east.

Hollywood Undead

What are the names of the members in Hollywood Undead?

The Current Members of Hollywood Undead are:

Jordon Terrell "Charlie Scene"

George Ragan "Johnny 3 Tears"

Matt St Claire "Da Kurlzz"

Jorel Decker "J-Dogg"

Dylan Alvarez "Funnyman"

Daniel Murillo "Danny"

Daren Pfeifer "Buscuitz" (Touring Member)

The Former Members of Hollywood Undead are:

Aron Erlichman "Deuce"

Jeff Peters "Shady Jeff"

Hollywood Undead

What are the names of the guys in Hollywood undead?

Duece (replaced by Danny)

Charlie Scene

Da Kurlzz


Funny man


Hollywood Undead

Who is the new leader of Hollywood Undead?

if leader you mean replacing duce that would be danny

Hollywood Undead

How tall is charlie scene?

most members are about 5'8"-5'11" i think hes 5'9"

who cares he's awesome.

Hollywood Undead

What type of music does Hollywood Undead sing?

Rapcore & rock

Hollywood Undead

What does 40's mean in Hollywood Undead songs?

A "40" is 40 ounce bottle of alcohol.

Hollywood Undead

Does charlie scene have a side project?

Yes....he pretty much makes remakes all of his songs in a metal version with his friends.

Actually, Charlies side project is called Han Cholo. You can see it at www.hancholofans.com

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What are the names of the members of unlv?

lil ya ,tech-9,yella

Hollywood Undead

Does Charlie Scene have a child?

Yes. He has 4. 2 girls and 2 twin boys.

Hollywood Undead

Who in Hollywood Undead has kids?

Johnny 3 Tears has a 3 year old named Ava and Danny has a 1 year old named Scarlett

Hollywood Undead

Whose child is singing at the end of bullet by Hollywood undead?

Its Petra Christensen - she is the daughter of Ken Dudley's (a sound engineer at the recording) friend.

Hollywood Undead

What are the Hollywood undead members real names?

Hollywood Undead prefers to hide there names but people think there real names are:

  • Jorel Decker - J-Dog
  • George Ragan - Johnny 3 Tears
  • Jordan Terrel - Charlie Scene
  • Dylan Alvarez - FunnyMan
  • Matthew St. Claire - Da Kurlzz
  • Aron Erlichman - Deuce (Tha Producer) [former member]
  • Jeff Peters - Shady Jeff [former member]
  • Daniel Murillo - Danny [newest member]
Hollywood Undead

When is j-dog's birthday from Hollywood undead?

no, his birthday is may 1st

Hollywood Undead

Is funny man from Hollywood undead dead?

yes, he passed away in 2004 while on vacation in venezuela. he was quoted as saying "live rad or live bad" right before the fatal accident which involved a particularly nasty lizard in his hotel room. No He's still alive. I believe that if he died he wouldn't be here in 2011 so don't. Believe what the first person. Funny man is still alive and way funnier.

Hollywood Undead

What year did Hollywood undead formed has a band?

Hollywood Undead formed in early 2005, although they didn't have a lot of song, though they released their earlier songs in Swan Songs Rarities EP or B-Sides EP

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Where can you download Hollywood Hogan's WrestleMania 18 theme song?

try two download morpheus of the internet it lets you download any song, video ,etc


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