Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German fashion and style house based in Metzingen, Germany. Named for founder Hugo Boss, the label consists of several lines devoted to men's and women's clothing.

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Where is Hugo boss corporate office in Mumbai?

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there is no corporate office of HB in india..
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Where are Hugo boss suits made?

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I saw one at Macy's and the label said made in USA.
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Where are Hugo boss watches made?

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Hugo Boss watches are manufactured under license by the Movado group. In Asia Pacific, they are assembled in China from Japanese movements.
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Did Hugo boss design Nazi uniform?

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Hugo Boss (1885-1948) was an official supplier of Nazi uniforms starting in 1934.
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Does Hugo Boss Make Cigarettes?

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No. Hugo Boss is a fashion house, not a manufacturing firm.
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Is Hugo Boss French?

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No, it's a German company.
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Who founded Hugo Boss?

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Hugo Boss was founded in the year 1924 in the city of Metzingen --Germany, by Hugo Boss.
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Who is the current Hugo Boss male Model?

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His name is Lars Burmeister. He has a Facebook page and if you look on you will see confirmation that he renewed his contract with Hugo Boss for 2010.
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How many competitors Hugo boss fragrance have?

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pancakes. you should stop what your doing and have some fun in your life for once. now is the time to do it. oh yeah and if you ever see an oversized cat, walk away slowly.
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Where can you get a Hugo boss 36 short black suit?

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Ebay, or a Hugo boss store. Or you can get over labels and try and find something that wont run you $700+ pretty much anywhere else.
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How many store does Hugo boss has?

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Hugo Boss has at least 6,100 points of sale in over 110 countries, owning directly over 360 retail stores and over 1000 franchised stores and shops.
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How much did Hugo Boss get fined in 1945?

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Hugo Boss got fined 100,000 mark in 1945.