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How to transform English words into and out of secret and not-so-secret play languages like Pig Latin, Ubbi Dubbi, and others.

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What is the opposite term of devotion?

betrayal disloyalty

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How do you say Chris in Pig Latin?


Humorous Languages

Is Pig Latin a Dead Language?

Pig Latin was never really a language to begin with. It is more a code which can be spoken and learnt very quickly be people and sounds very confusing to others. You simply add the first sound on to the end of a word and add "ay".

EG. I-h'ay' ile-l'ay' okolate-ch'ay' - I like chocolate.

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Sample of emcee script?

how to introduce a president in the company?

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6 If there are 3 apples and you take away 2 how many do you have?

2 apples (you took them, remember?)

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What is meaning of lahari in Telugu?

meaning of lahari

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What is the meaning of Punjabi word sangli?

secret ko na yun :P

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What does slap your pony mean. This has nothing to do with horses or ponies?

The meaning of slap on your pony means, to slap someones buttocks. Usually your mate or spouse.

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How do you speak Bubble language?

Hey my name is Olivia

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What does Atra esterni ono thelduin Morranr lifa unin hjarta onr Un du evarinya mean?

It's Ancient for "Let luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune"

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How can you tell which end of a worm is the head?

tickle the middle and see which end laughs.

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What is another word for oldies?



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What is pig-Latin?

Let's say you want to say, "Look in the bag." (For those of you who have watched Monsters Inc., Mike said this to Sulley in pig-Latin: "Ook-lay in the Ag-bay.")

Take the first (or first few letters) of the word you want to translate (it depends on the sound it makes: think would become ink-thay), and you put it as the last syllable of the word. After that, put an "ay" after the letter(s). That's pig-Latin.

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What cell term rhymes with vision?

Fission rhymes with vision.

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What are cool words to put on my bedroom wall?

Lol, omg, hot, rly, lmao, rofl, sexy, luv, ily

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What does brg stands for?

"Blue, Red, Green," an early version of the color standard which was canceled when red reasserted its status as the most popular primary color and was consequently moved to the head of the lineup.

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How do you spell Alex in pig Latin?

Lexaing because you take the first letter and putit at the end and then add -ing.

No, you don't; that guy's wrong! it would be LEXA-A because you take the first letter of the word, put it at the end of the word, then you add the letter "-a".

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How do you learn Pig Latin?

Put the first letter of a word at the end of the word, they add 'ay' to the end

eg Pig Latin = Igpay Atinlay

I'm not sure about the words with vowels at the start...

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What is a group of nudists called?

They are people who dont wear clothes

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How do you say 'i'm back' in Spanish?

Ya estoy de vuelta.

Sited: Google translator

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What does icksnay in pig latin mean?

Ixnay (the usual spelling) is Pig Latin for the English slang word "nix", which means basically "no way".

It might also be Pig Latin for the (British and Australian) term "snick", which means to just tip a ball with the bat, usually resulting in a catch dismissal.

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What does living a life of leisure mean?

Not having to go to work each day and having sufficient money to be able to take whatever pleasures your heart desires.

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How do you say my name is halston in pig latin?

You say Halston in pig latin Alston Hay.

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How do you say Rachel in pig latin?

"Rachel" in Pig Latin is, Achel-Ray.

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How does pig latin work?

You take the first letter of a word and put it on the end like instead of help it would be elph and then you just put ay on the end of everything so it would end up being elphay. Or instead of cancel it would be ancelcay. It's easy once you get the hang of it.


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