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Ivory Coast, (also known as Côte d'Ivoire) is a country located in West Africa. Its capital city is Yamoussoukro, and its official language is French.

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Ivory Coast

What is happening in ivory coast?

Ivory coast president Gbagbo want UN peacekeepers out

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Ivory Coast

Where is telephone country code 225?

Country code +225 (dialed as 00 225 from many places) is Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in western Africa.

Landline numbers begin with +225 2 or +225 3

Mobile numbers begin with +225 0, +225 4, +225 5, or +225 6

(Note that, in the case of mobile numbers beginning with +225 0, you do not drop the leading 0 from the domestic number when calling from other countries.)

(The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)

Ivory Coast

What is the currency in Ivory Coast called?

the Currency is called :Franc (XOF)

Ivory Coast

How does the geography of Ivory Coast affect the poverty?

Geography has nothing to do with poverty. All around the world you can see many cases of two or more countries sharing the same geographical spot and showing completely diffcerent economies. Does not Holland and the Asian country (the one that MADE an island to place the airport) are examples of lousy geographical conditions?

Ivory Coast

Famous people in the Ivory Coast?

i know one person from ivory coast who is famous guess what im related to him his name is didier drougba he is a soccer player for chelsea a group in england

Ivory Coast

Famous buildings in cote d'ivoire?

The tree top bedroom

Ivory Coast

What is the capital of Cote d'Ivoire?

The capital of Côte d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro and the largest city is Abidjan.

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If an item is described as alabaster ivory is it actually ivory?

No, it's made of alabaster stone.

Ivory Coast
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Ivory Coast

What is the Ivory Coast's biggest problem facing the nation?

That's probably their debt to foreign countries.

I personally happen to believe that the biggest challenge for Ivory Coast are the volatile commodity prices. The country is an agriculture super-power and any sudden drop in prices of Cocoa or Palm Oil may trigger a wave of protests.

Since the World (see Jim Rogers and Marc Faber on commodities super-cycle..) is in dire need of agriculture products, I believe this will be a great decade for IC. However, if the country will not succeed in diversifying the economy and the money from the exports are not spent on the long-term capital projects and into potential future drives of economic growth, the country will find itself on a brink of civil war again (and this I happen to believe will happen).

Name Origins
Ivory Coast

How did the Ivory Coast get its name?

Ivory was traded along ther coast

french gave them a different name and it's been passed on until it's reached IVORY COAST

Ivory Coast

What is the Ivory Coast's national flower?

No information for a national flower for the Ivory Coast was found. It appears that they do not have a national flower.

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Ivory Coast

Why is the Ivory Coast called the Ivory Coast?

It was called Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast in English) by the French colonials. Beginning in the 19th century, the area was one of the chief export areas for the ivory trade to Europe and became known as the ivory coast (common noun).

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Ivory Coast

What does a cote mean in french?

à côté means next to, close to

Ivory Coast

What is the meaning of the Festival of Masks in Ivory Coast?

To show who they are and how they honor they gods in many was.

Ivory Coast
International Cuisine

What do the people of Ivory Coast eat?

The people of the Ivory Coast grow many kinds of tropical fruits, which is a main component of their diet. They enjoy fresh bananas and pineapples at most meals. Manioc, plantains, grains, chicken, and fish are also dominant in their diet. Some unusual things you may find on the menu are monkey and dog; they also acquired a taste for snails during French colonization.

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Ivory Coast

Who is the President of the Ivory Coast?

Alassane Dramane Ouattara is the current President of the Ivory Coast.

Former Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast from 1990 November 7 to 1993 December 9, Ouattra was Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast under president Félix Houphouët-Boigny, until the president died of prostate cancer. There was a struggle with Ouattra and Henri Konan Bédié for power, but eventually Bédié won, and Ouattra returned to working for the IMF.

Ouattra attempted to run for president in 1998, but had his nationality papers revoked by the courts. Not until shortly after the 1999 coup d'état, did Ouattra return to the country, supporting the revolution. However, he was barred from the 2000 presidential election by a law which stated that both of the candidates' parents must be from the Ivory Coast. This was a major factor in the 2002 civil war.

Not until 2007 was Ouattra told by Gbagbo he could run for president. The election had already been delayed from 2005 due to the civil war, and was further delayed to 2010. Finally on 2010 October 31, the presidential election was held. Ouattra was initially deemed to be the winner, but the Constitutional Council later invalidated half a million votes, declaring Gbagbo the winner. This led to a lesser civil war, which eventually ended up with Gbagbo's arrest on 2011 April 11. Ouattra was finally sworn in as president on 2011 May 6, 6 months after his election.

Ivory Coast

What is the capital of Ivory Coast?

The capital city of the Ivory Coast (La Cote-D'Ivoire), is Yamoussoukro.

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On which continent is Ivory Coast located?

Ivory Coast is located on the west coast of Africa.
Ivory Coast is a country in West Africa. It is on the continent of Africa.

Ivory Coast

Is Yamoussoukro in Senegal?

No, it is the capital of the Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast

What do the colors on Ivory Coast flag mean?

The Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag was officially adopted on December 3, 1959. Its design is modeled after the French Tricolore.

The orange shade represents the savanna grasslands, green represents the coastal forests, while white is symbolic of the country's rivers.

Ivory Coast

What are the basic characteristic of social stratification?

There are some characteristics of social stratification: 1) social (unbiological) - distribution goods in society is based on norms or generally recognized rules; 2) traditionality - social inequality different group of people is saved during all history of human civilization.

The common types of social stratification are : economical (the level of wealth and income); political (access to political power); educational (education level); and

occupational prestige.

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Ivory Coast

What are 2 famous landmarks in Ivory Coast?

the 2 famous landmarks are yakssuma and kalian

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Ivory Coast

Are Ivory Coast and Costa Rica same?

No. the Ivory Coast is a country in Africa. Costa Rica is a country in Central America.

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Ivory Coast

What is the name of the most famous coast?

ivory coast.


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