Jason Bourne (series)

Jason Bourne is the main character in a series of books, movies, and video games. The series was created by Robert Ludlum, who died after the third book was published. It was picked up by a new author, Eric Van Lustbader, who wrote several more books in the series. All of the books by Robert Ludlum were turned into screenplays. The Eric Van Lustbader books are now being made as well.

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What style of fighting do Jason bourne use?

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The fighting system used by Matt Damon's character 'Jason Bourne is actually a style of combat called Krav Maga. Its more commonly used by Israel's Defense Forces and Britain's Special Forces. Krav Maga was developed in Hungary and Czechoslavakia in the 1930's. Its very fast, extremely powerful and lethally dangerous.

What watch was worn by Jason Bourne in the Borne Identity?

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The Bracelet is Tag Heuer S-Link. In the Bourne Identity 2003 it looks my Tag Heuer Senna special edition 2004 Automatic Chronograph and it looks to have the same face and dials, but without the yellow Senna S In the later films it will still be the S-Link Bracelet models but with the "latest" model for the time of the film. Tag Heuer link Note: It is not the new Calibre S range

Who was the first choice to play Jason Bourne?

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There have actually been four Bourne films so far (April 2012): the first, in 1988, starred Richard Chamberlain in the title role. Matt Damon took on the role 14 years later, in the re-make of The Bourne Identity.

Is there a 5th Jason Bourne movie?

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There are rumours of making a fifth installment in The Bourne film series after The Bourne Legacy, however, no movie is currently in development.

What jacket does Jason Bourne wear in the bourne supremacy?

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Flyers Jacket Type CWU 45 by Alpha Industries Color Dark / Navy / USAF Blue

What song is on the DVD menu for Bourne identity?

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Is it "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold?

Who co-starred with Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity?

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The cast in Bourne Identity (in the same order as credits) are as follows;

Matt Damon -- Jason Bourne

Franka Potente -- Marie

Chris Cooper -- Conklin

Clive Owen -- The Professor

Brian Cox -- Ward Abbott

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje -- Wombosi

Gabriel Mann -- Zorn

Walton Goggins -- Research Tech

Josh Hamilton -- Research Tech

Julia Stiles -- Nicolette

Tim Dutton -- Eamon

Orso Maria Guerrini -- Giancarlo

Denis Braccini -- Picot

Nicky Naude -- Castel

Demetri Goritsas -- Com Tech

Reussell Levy -- Manheim

David Selburg -- Marshall

Anthony Green -- Security Chief

Hubert Saint-Macary -- Morgue Boss

David Bamber -- Consulate Clerk

Gwenael Clause -- Deauvage

Emanuel Booz -- Taxi Driver

Vincent Franklin -- Rawlins

Philippe Durand -- Morgue Attendent

Paulette Frantz -- Concierge

Roger Frost -- Apfel

David Gasman -- Deputy DCM

Thierry Rene -- Wombosi Counselor

Harry Gilbert -- Alain

Delphine Lanson -- Alliance Secretary

William Cagnard -- Davies

Kait Tenison -- Bank Receptionist

Joseph Beddelin -- Zurich Cop

Rainer Werner -- Zurich Cop

Katie Thynne -- Claudia

Aaron Lilly, Ronald Benefield, Bradley J. Goode, Troy Lenhardt, Joshua McNew, Joe Montana, John Pawlikowski, Michael Rix, Brad Rizer, Andrew Webster, Houston Williams -- Marine

Alain Greelier -- Salvi

Arnaud Henriet -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Jean-Yves Bilien -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Daniel Kobby Erdkine -- Wombosi Bodyguard

Elwin 'Chopper' David -- Wombosi Bodyguard

How old should you be to watch the bourne identity?

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It's been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America, so you should be 13 or older.

Where did Matthew bourne train?

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he grew up in London walthamstow

What backpack was used in bourne legacy?

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They used they Arc'teryx Arrakis 50.

you can find it here.

Where was the final scene in Bourne identity filmed?

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This was filmed in Mykonos, on an island in Greece of the same name.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Mel Bourne Ultimatum - 2009?

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The cast of The Bourne Identity - 1988 includes: Robert Arden as Stevens Frederick Bartman as Man in bank lobby Bruce Boa as Sen. Crawford Marianne Borgo as Boutique receptionist John Carlin as Stossel (1988) Richard Chamberlain as Jason Bourne Otto Dornbierer as Boarding house manager Freddie Earlle as The Beggar (1988) Denholm Elliott as Dr. Geoffrey Washburn Joseph Frost as Young David Webb Michael Habeck as The Fat Man Leon Herbert as New York cabbie Fabreice Houg as Paris cabbie Kate Howard as Angelique Wolf Kahler as Gold Glasses Leslie Lai as Vietnamese wife George Lane Cooper as Gigantic Man James Laurenson as Gillette Derek Lyons as Hotel Guest Robert MacLeod as Yachtsman Sylvia Marriott as Meg Ted Maynard as Dugan Michael Mellinger as Bertinelli David Michael Clarke as Carl Wayne Michaels as Man in elevator Donald Moffat as David Abbott Jacqueline Pearce as Madame Jacqui Terry Richards as Johann Shane Rimmer as Gen. Conklin (1988) Cyril Shaps as Apfel Jaclyn Smith as Marie St. Jacques Rand Takeuchi as Vietnamese boy Roger Tebb as Blonde man Peter Vaughan as Fritz Koenig Yorgo Voyagis as Carlos Bill Wallis as Chernak Bill Weston as Man killed in Swiss Bank

Who sings the final theme song for the movie bourne ultimatum?

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Artist - Moby

Track name - Extreme ways

What martial arts used in bourne identity?

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filipino kali, eskrima, and some krav maga

When was the bourne first release?

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The Bourne Identity, starring Matt Damon was first released in 2002. The series went on to make 2 more movies called, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Who was the director of The Bourne Identity?

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Doug Liman I Thought It was Paul Greengrass

What is the synopsis of Bourne Identity?

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basicly a former CIA agent suffers from amnesia.So he try's his best to get his identity back its a really good movie all of them are

Is Jason bourne based on a true story?

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No. The original writers came up with the title first, then just made up an easy to film movie around it.

^^^^Whoever wrote that above is wrong because the story goes like this, a boy got beat up by 13 other boys, They thought he was dead and they threw him into Crystal Lake. At night, he swam to the surface. One of his friends was using the bathroom by the lake and he saw him, he tried to talk to him but he could not. The little boy had gotten a knife and a mask from the cultural center at the campsite and he went to the cabin the 13 boys were at. He killed all of them while asleep and he left. In the morning, the counselors went to see the boys and they saw that they were dead. they called the police and investigated but never told the kids parents of the happenings. This all happened in the late 1920's early 1930's . The camp you see in the movie in the 1980's Friday the 13th is actually Camp Keowa located in New York State and at Ten Mile River. It is said that the mask used in the movie, was thrown and is at the bottom of the lake. This story was passed on by the boy who was in the bathroom when he saw his friend go kill them, then his son passed it on to his son in the 1980's and then it was passed on to the guy who I met.

How did Jason bourne wife Marie die?

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She dies in the 2nd movie. she was shot by the bullet of an assassin. The jeep went off of the bridge and she dies in the river. From looking at the movie she died instantly when the bullet hit her because she couldn't not be revived under the water.