Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee is a young adult book written by Jerry Spinelli which explores the themes of racism and homelessness. The book has received various awards and a film adaptation was released in 2003.

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Maniac Magee

What did Maniac Magee do with the frog?

While Maniac Magee was playing baseball, a frog was substituted. Maniac bunted the frog and needless to say, he ran the bases backward and from thid to home, while the frog hopped away.

Maniac Magee

Where can 'Maniac Magee' be read in e-book form?

A bookstore

Maniac Magee

What is John McNab's nickname from book Maniac Magee?

His nickname is Mr. Bars.

Maniac Magee

Why did jeffrey scream at aunt dot and uncle dan during the musicale at school?

They hated each other

Maniac Magee

What was the dogs name in Maniac Magee?

Bow Wow? I'm not sure but I think it's Bow Wow.

Maniac Magee

What is the author's purpose in Maniac Magee?

the author's purpose for maniac magee is not to be notty yes that's right not to be notty

Maniac Magee

What is the last thing maniac did at the band shelter and why?

he painted it

Maniac Magee

What did Mrs. Beale do when Maniac started talking street talk at home?

she slapped him.

Maniac Magee

How does jeffrey in Maniac Magee get the nickname Maniac Magee?

The kids in the east end made it up. They did because Jeffery (Maniac) was pretty much crazy. he always ran, and was a very wild person.

Maniac Magee

Why did maniac leave after successfully untying the knot?


Maniac Magee

What was the most Perilous challenge Russell and Piper gave maniac to do?

Kiss the Américan bison baby

Maniac Magee

Who is Maggie Magee Molino?

It appears that Maggie Magee Molino is an award-winning photographer and writer from the United States. She is very active in camera clubs and related organizations. Here is a link to her personal Web page:

Maniac Magee

Who stopped mars bars Thompson and maniac from fighting?


Maniac Magee

What was Maniac Magee screaming to his aunt and uncle during the spring musical?


Maniac Magee

Amanda Beale's brothers in Maniac Magee?


Maniac Magee

What is the main problem and solution in the book Maniac Magee?

The main problem in Maniac Magee is that there's a boy without a home . & then Amanda found him a home .

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Maniac Magee

What are different maniacs?


crazy=just maniac

Pyromaniac- a person with a mania for setting things on fire

Kleptomaniac-obsession who steals even small things

Nymphomaniac or Eretomaniac --excessive sexual desire

Animaniac- obsession about animals

Maniac Magee

What are the Finsterwallies in Maniac Magee?

It is voilent shaking in the arms and knees from after gong into Finsterwalds backyard.

Maniac Magee

Why was Grayson interested in learning about them black people in maniac Magee?

Very helpful guys

Maniac Magee

In Maniac Magee what did mcnab do to strike out maniac?

nothing. maniac didn't strikeout but almost did Mc'nab threw the ball at his head strike 1.At his knees strike 2.Then, at his feet and maniac hit it like a golf ball no strike three. Also he threw a frog at him and maniac bunted it

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee why is john Mcnab so angry at Maniac?

He couldn't strike him out. He striked everyone out until Maniac came along & maniac wouldn't get out.

Maniac Magee

Is Maniac Magee real?


Maniac Magee

Who are all the characters in Maniac Magee?

The main characters in the book Maniac Magee are:

  • Jeffrey Lionel Magee "Maniac Magee
  • Amanda Beale
  • Mars Bar Thompson
  • John McNab
  • Piper McNab
  • Russell McNab
  • Earl Grayson
  • Mrs. Beale
  • Hester
  • Lester

See the related link for more information on each character.

Maniac Magee

What are 5 chores that Maniac Magee did at MrsBeale's house?

he mowed the lawn, carried out the trash, cleaned up his own spills, turned put the lights, and flushed the toilet.

Maniac Magee

How many awards has Maniac Magee won?

The book Maniac Magee has won 17 awards. They are:

  • Boston Globe/Horn Book Award
  • Carolyn Field Award
  • Newbery Medal (American Library Association)
  • Charlotte Award
  • Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award
  • Flicker Tale Award
  • Indian Paintbrush Book Award
  • Rhode Island Children's Book Award
  • Buckeye Children's Book Award
  • Land of Enchantment Award
  • Mark Twain Award
  • Massachusetts Children's Book Award
  • Nevada Young Readers' Award
  • Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader's Choice Award
  • Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award
  • West Virginia Children's Book Award
  • William Allen White Award

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