Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a R&B singer and songwriter that made her debut in 1990, and became the first artist to have her first five singles top the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Who is worth more Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson?

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mariah Carey is worth more but some people say Janet Jackson On Forbes most riches wemon mariah was ahead or Janet
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Did any of Mariah Carey albums go platinum?

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she has released 13 studio albums. 9 of them platinum. 2 of them diamond. 2 of them gold. She had the record for most albums.
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What is the age gap between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?

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Mariah Carey is Nick Cannon's relationship is a 12-year age difference.
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Who has a stonger vocal range - Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey?

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Technically Mariah Carey has a stronger vocal range, ranking at 5 octaves, from A2 to G#7. Christina Aguilera has a vocal range of 4 octaves, from C3 to C7. Both, however, are amazingly proficient singers, and I personally like Christina's voice better.
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What is the history of the Carey's of Carey Lane in Cork City?

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I listened in geography. Paul Street and French Church Street and Carey's Lane were called the Hugonaut quarter after the French Hugonauts that lived there. On Carey's Lane if you go a bit past the Veritas shop there'll be a big wall with barbed wire and a big metal door and that's the graveyard of the Hugonaut church that was there or still is, it might be that big one near it. There's definitely something on it in the Cork vision centre. the graveyard is directly opposite the pub called coopers.
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Is Jim Carey related to Mariah Carey?

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No, they are not related. Jim's surname has two R's (Jim Carrey), while Mariah only has one. So they do not have the same last name.
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What is Mariah Carey's real name?

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Her real and full name is Mariah Angela Carey.
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What are some of the best selling rap albums of all-time?

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Some of the best selling albums are (no order): - 2pac - Me Against the World & All Eyez on Me both sold over 12 million and considering that they are double disk they should be over 30 million by now - Eminem - The marshall mathers LP - Outkast - Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below - Mc hammer - Please hammer Don't Hurt 'Em (18 million world-wide) - Notorious B.I.G - Life after death - Nelly - Country Grammar (over 11 million world-wide) - The fugges - The Score (18 million world-wide) Theres alot more, but well, theres alot!
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Is Tommy mottola racist?

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not sure, but mariah Carey is bi-racial and he married her. although he was emotionally abusive towards her.
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How old is Mariah Carey?

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Mariah Carey is 47 years old (birthdate: March 27, 1970). *one source still shows birth year as 1969
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Who is mariah zuranich?

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mariah zuranich is a pretty woman who is a great actress that was born on august 27 1997 shes has style, coolness, swag, brains,and a great personality
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How did nick cannon meet mariah cannon?

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They met at a Teen Choice Awards back in 2005. Then got married in April 2008 after 2.5 months of dating.
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Jay-z plus Beyonce net worth?

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Beyonce's networth as of February 2010 is $461 million & Jay Z's net worth as of January 2010 is $785million, but Jay Z would now be worth more after his recent tour with Eminem, making them one of the top richest celebrity couples in the world.
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Is Beyonce Knowles related to Shanika Knowles?

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Yes they are cousins and she is also the cousins of beyonce's other 2 sisters shantrellia and solange knowles. 1 well its a bit obvious thickie Shantrellia is a media baby that the paparatzzii made up Beyonce and Solange are the only two children of Mathew and Tina Knowles.And yes Shanica (often called Shanice) is the cousin to Beyonce and Solange.
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What does the name Mariah mean?

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Mariah means rebellious and bitter it comes from Old English.
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Is Mariah's Storm alive?

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Yes. She retired to Coolmore Stud, she is now in Ireland and she is 20 years old. She recently had a foal (Who's one years old now) by Gaileo. She'll be 21 in April. (1st)
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Were Pro Bowlers Jim and Jack Youngblood related?

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My parents always said they were brothers, but I'm not sure. They were not related Their same last name and same birth year are just a coincidence Although they both played for the LA Rams and their last name was Youngblood, they were not related. Jack Youngblood is from Monticello, Fla and was named one of the 100 greatest high school players ever to play in the state of Fla, Jim played football at Tenn. State.
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What is Mariah Carey's net worth?

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Mariah Carey has a personal fortune of 500 million dollars in 2011, she is one of the most famous singers in history. Mariah Carey's net worth is estimated about 550 million 2012.