Metroid is a series of video games about the bounty hunter Samus Aran and her fight against the Space Pirates. The games often involve Metroids, a species of energy-draining parasites. The latest game in the series is Metroid: Other M.

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Where could you purchase a Plush Samus Aran?

You usually need to make them yourself. There are a few arts and crafts websites that may have what you are looking for.

You can try looking on eBay, or even better is A lot of people on Etsy make a ton of hand-crafted plushies from an assortment of video games and animes. Though be warned, you will pay for what you get, and being that they are hand-crafted, they are usually on the expensive end. But if the plushie is something you really want, it will be well worth it.


How much does Metroid Prime cost?

If you're talking about the hole trilogy its 50 bucks. If seperate 123 its still 50. So get trilogy in stead.

You could get Prime 1 used for around $10 on ebay, and Primes 2 & 3 used for $15 on ebay as well. Conditions will vary, but i purchased all 3 used and in great, like new conditions.

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Cheat codes for gta vice city deluxe?

the same cheat codes that we are using for gta vice city

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How do you beat Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime 3?

Blast him in the mouth or hands when they begin to glow. Use charge shots as often as possible, because they will be more likely to stall his attacks.


How do you use missiles in Metroid fusion vba?

Hold R, press B.


Metroid 2 GameShark codes?

There are NO game-shark codes on Metroid 2- Return of Samus. See gameshark's website below.


What are the cheats for Metroid prime hunters first hunt on ds?

this game is demo,and it dont have action replay codes.but,have a glitch.


How do you play Metroid fusion on VBA?

Assuming you have a working ROM and the latest version of VBA, you open the program, press Ctrl+O and choose the ROM from wherever you put it. If that doesn't work, try re downloading the ROM.


How do you get through bryyo in Metroid prime 3?

I am on Bryyo myself. All I know is that you must first find the GF ship. Afterwards, go back to your own ship and go to two other places before fighting Rundas


Where do you get Energy cells for Valhalla in Metroid Prime 3?

Energy Cell 1: Lying on the ground by the ship that's crashed on the Valhalla's docking bay. Just walk over it to pick it up.

Energy Cell 2: Obtained automatically when you first load up your ship with missiles on Bryyo. Apparently impossible not to obtain.

Energy Cell 3: Generator B, Norion. This one will require you to have progressed at least up to where you've obtained the Seeker Missiles. Use the plasma beam to fuse together the circuit board in the cargo hub, then head down to the Cargo Dock B. Destroy the Hopping Metroids there with cold missiles and your beam fire, then use seeker missiles on the door that's revealed. Head through to defeat the Metroid Hatcher, which you may have already seen on the Pirate Homeworld. If you haven't, then the process involves shooting the ends of the tentacles, then shooting the mouth before it can spit out metroids, then grappling the tentacles and pulling them away from the body. When the Hatcher is dead, roll through the ball tube to nab the energy cell.

Energy Cell 4: Hidden Court, Bryyo. In order to obtain this energy cell, you have to have extended the bridge in the Machineworks Bridge section of the area that connects the Thorn Jungle to the Federation Hangar Bay areas. To do so, first you need to use your Ship Grapple to grab the head of the statue in the Fuel Gel Pool and drop it on the statue in the Colossus Vista area. That'll open one side of the bridge area; use your boost ball in the spinner to extend that side of the bridge.

Next, land your ship at the Thorn Jungle landing side and head to the North Jungle Court, where you can use your Ship Grapple on a large structure in one of the alcoves. Do so, then follow the path that's revealed under it to reach the other side of the bridge. Extend it and walk back across. Head through the Hall of the Golems and get to the Hidden Court. Drop the battery onto the fuel gel pump here to extend the energy cell. Jump to the top of the room and use the halfpipe to access the energy cell.

Energy Cell 5: Connected to research station in Skytown Xenoresearch system. Required to get the Swarm Missiles.

Energy Cell 6: Command Courtyard, Pirate Command. Required to move on.

Energy Cell 7: Metroid Processing, Pirate Homeworld. Optional, but easy to spot under the floor when you charge up the core generator.

Energy Cell 8: Ballista Storage, Elysia. Where you originally found the boost ball. Drop down, defeat the Steamlord, charge the turbines, and remove the Energy Cell. Requires Energy Grapple.

Energy Cell 9: Phazon Quarry, Pirate Homeworld. After obtaining the Nova Beam, unlock the phazite door in the Main Cavern and follow it through to Drill Site 2. Use x-ray vision and blast the drill's interior red ball, then head back to the quarry and find the energy cell.


How do you use super booster in Metroid fusion with no room to run?

you don't, it's impossible. you can boost jump though if you crouch while using the super booster.


What to do after getting a varia suit in Metroid zerro mission?

Go back to the room where you got the high jump boots and go through the morph ball tunnel under the chozo statue. Proceed forward and eventually, you will get to ridley after defeating two mini-bosses and acquiring the wave beam.


Where do you get the Darkburst in Metroid Prime 2?

Well, the Darkburst is in Agon Wastes. But you can only get it after the Seeker Launcher is obtained. Go to Mining Station B. Use the Morph Ball Slot and the big drill will start spinning. Once that's done, hurry and activate another bomb slot near the big half pipe and get in the cannon.It will fire you up to another Slot. Bomb that.Then the Drill will burst open a wall and you will have to go up there using the Half Pipe. Then use a portal to go through the Dark Aether and reach another portal which will take you to Light Aether and backtrack to end up on the ledge with the Darkburst.


How do you jump while using the speed booster in Metroid Zero Mission?

Technically, there are a few different ways.

1. Speed boost, then simply JUMP.

2. When running with the boost, stop, press down, then jump (you will be suspended in midair) then click a direction QUICKLY. Seriously, you have like 5 seconds.

3. Basically, the same as #2 except press down TWICE, then use the Morph ball Jump (NO, NOT THE BOMB CHAIN, THE ONE THAT YOU GET ALONG WITH THE HIGH JUMP) and then choose a direction, still only about 5 seconds.


How do you beat Mogenar in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption?

Use your normal beam weapon (charged or not, although not charged is a faster shot) to shoot one of the three red circles. This is easier said than done since that SOB never stops moving. When you get a hit, they turn lighter red and eventually they will be very bright white when you've knocked them out (also, they will lose the damage if they're not knocked out and you haven't hit 'em in a while).

Once it has been disabled, you need to hyper-mode out and blast it until it is burning yellow. It has been destroyed. Hallelujah! Watch out between the time that you knock them white and they're fully kaput because the cheater will regenerate them from the red orbs. This happens A LOT. If possible, try to position yourself where you have a good vantage to both spheres, and destroy them before they reach him (I usually charge one quick shot and then single fire the rest of the way for each, but that's just what works for me). You have little choice but to get pretty adept at this since you'll have to do this...say a million times or so.

Each time you destroy one, he will gain a hard phazon candy coating, and the only way to blast through is to use morph ball bombs around his tootsies. A little secret to this is to ball up before he charges you, and lay three bombs where it looks like he'll end up, and when he stops he'll stand still a few seconds and you can once again do your thing. (this was the one part of the battle I cheated and checked online :) ). Then he'll be back to his normal bothersome self (sans one power station); rinse, lather, and repeat.

Save the one on the back (yes, there's one there too--ugh!) until last, because at the end of the battle when he charges you, it's about the only chance you've got to get behind him.

His attacks:

He'll turn yellow and then do a jump sending out a shock wave that can easily be double-jumped once you get the timing down. Try to aim for a red thingy as you do so; it will open for a second when he lands and you might be able to sneak in a hit.

He'll do some mouth ray thing, and a one foot stomp which are easily jumped or dodged. When he does the mouth ray you can shoot his mouth with the freeze missles which will freeze his face. He will stand around for a few seconds, while trying to dislodge the ice; it's a good time to morph ball and get behind him if you want to try to get the sphere on his back.

When he sends out a green ghost hand, it will home in on you. Shoot it a few times to destroy it (which looks pretty f'ing incredible when you do) for extra health, which you will dearly need from all the hyper-moding.

About halfway through the battle he'll shoot a series of white fireballs at you that you can also try to shoot for health. He also does this deal where he drops a bunch of phazon crystals everywhere, and I think all you can do is hope you don't get hit.

This is what I've come up with anyway, although I haven't beaten him yet. Make sure it's not close to nap time and that you have eaten and used the restroom before you start this marathon. It takes a ridiculously long time, and I haven't even killed him yet.

One more thing--I've been able to periodically shoot him with an ice missile and it will freeze his head and stun him for a few seconds with the redness exposed, though I haven't been able to figure out when exactly to do this.

If you ever get low on health, wait until he reaches for the red balls and shoot those down. Absorb the health by charging your weapon and repeat the process until you feel like you have enough health.

Note: Even with your standard attack charged, the health will not come to you if you are not close enough.

Another piece of advice would be if your on low health, run around him. This will partially help to dodge most of his attacks and it will give you more time to shoot things that will give you help.

What freezes him, is shooting an ice missile when he laughs or roars at you. It pretty much just needs to go into his mouth, but it only lasts about 5 seconds. It's not really worth wasting your missiles. Unless you are really quick, or can destroy the balls without a charged beam.

To add to the attacks mentioned he also armors his feet between the destruction of balls and charges you. The only way to destroy that armor is with morph ball bombs dodge and morph than drop four bombs near each foot the armor breaks just keep in mind when he turns to run the other way he does an extra powerful shockwave jump to turn around or at least it feels extra powerful but dodge and lay the bombs at the right time u won't need to worry bout that just try not to be in ball mode when he jumps to turn around.

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How do you get 100 percent game completion on Metroid prime hunters?

scan all that you can

get all energy and missile tanks


How do you always win in metroid prime hunters?

If you mean winning honestly, you just have to play in a terrain where you feel more comfortable. For example I always play in "Oubliette", the terrain you unlock after having beaten Gorea phase 2. There's only one weapon there: Omega Cannon. It helps a lot. If you get it once, then you technically win the match. If you mean not honestly, you'll need an action replay code. About that, sorry. I don't know anything about them. I just play by skill to see how things turn out.


Why did Ridley kill Samus's parents in the Metroid series?

Ridley led a Space Pirate raid on Samus' planet, and then destroyed everything on the planet.

Somehow, Samus lived and the Chozo found her and all that jazz. Whoo.

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What is the restore health cheat on metroid prime 2 echos?

Hold A + B during a battle.


How do you get in the phazon mines?

To get to it, go to the Landing Site in Tallon Overworld after getting the Gravity Suit in Phendrana Drifts. From there, go to the Frigate Crash Site and enter the ship. Make your way through the ship until you get to the Great Tree Hall. Scale the tree and open the Ice door with your Ice Beam to access the Transport to Phazon Mines East. It's annoying going through the ship every time you want to get there, but I hope this helps. :)


Is Corgi International going to make Metroid Action Figures?

I don't think Corgi even have the license.


How do you get green tokens in Metroid prime trilogy?

To get the friend vouchers, you need to do special tasks that the game does not tell you. Their a total of 26 fv. Here are 3 easy ones.

1.Every 100 kills (up to 1000).

2.K.O. 5 tinbots with boost ball (Skytown,Elysia,MP3).

3.Juggle 20 times the pole (G.F.S. Olympus,MP3).

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Where was samus aran born?

Samus Aran, the Bounty Hunter, was born on K-2L, a Galactic Federation planet.

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How do you get the speed booster in super metroid?

You get the SPEED BOOSTER after you defeat KRAID in NORFAIR. You will also receive the VARIA SUIT.

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Lego star wars 3 beta cheat codes for Darth maul?

There is no cheat code, you simply need to sign in to a facebook account in-game then share 5 achievements/videos etc and you will gain access to Darth Maul.

The code "opressivemaul" unlocks Savage Opress not Darth Maul.

Here are all the cheat codes:

Darth Vader- mostimpressive

luke- kissedmysister

leia- yourworshipfulness

han- nerfherder

chewie- letthewookieewin

old obiwan- myonlyhope

lando- cloudcitygambler

boba fett- sarlaccfood

Darth sidious- darkside :

savage oppress- oppressivemaul


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