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Windows is a consumer and enterprise grade family of operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. First released in 1985, it has become the best-selling operating system in computer history, and has 90% of the total operating system market.

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What is the default browser in Windows 7?

The default browser in Windows 7 is Internet Explorer version 8.

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Are BMP files lossy or lossless?

BMP file types are lossless.

BMP format stores color data for each pixel in the image without any compression. For example, a 10x10 pixel BMP image will include color data for 100 pixels. This method of storing image information allows for crisp, high-quality graphics, but also produces large file sizes.

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How do I remove exception processing message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf7c4?

computer errors

How do I remove exception processing message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf7c4?From a Google of the Problem, ...cause I just had it happen. Hopes this helps.

Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6b7c

Hey Falcon

Strange but solvable. Of course this depends on when the error appears. This seemed to be a familiar error. And doing an internet search lead to alot of solutions. Gave me a flash back to the c:> prompt btw.

But try this

Solution 1) Click on start, control panel, task bar and start menu, click on the start Menu tab, click on Customize, click on Clear List button. clear on clear. This should solve your problem

Solution 2) Unless you have an older version of Apples quick time. You may need to update this video display. Which version if you have this are you using?

Delete or rename the file: QuickTimeFavorites.qtr

If you have reverted to sp2 remove these kbs KB925902, KB931261, KB930178, KB931784 & KB932168

Start>>Run>>msconfig>>Startup tab. I then turned off Reader_sl

Solution 3) Turning off your bios floppy disk drive. Floppy drive may have failed.

Solution 4) Are you inserting any blank usb, photo sticks, detachable memory cards or usb drives? Then Windows attempts to index it. Turning off the indexing should help rprevent this problem from reappearing.

Solution 5) Do you have a realtek audio device? There is a microsoft fix for this conflicting with Windows animation cursor flaw.

Solution 6) Do you have any symatec protucts older versions reverted? If so update to a more recent version.

Solution 7) uninstall all Usb pereph. Then re-installing them - This is the step recommended by Norton Ghost staff and it worked for me, LAWindsurfer.

Solution 8) Case of multiple hard drives, card readers.

Uninstalling card readers and other hard drives to make boot drive c: then re-installing every thing.


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Hard Disk Drives

Why would your computer freeze up after defragmenting the hard drive?

Moved FilesOne reason may be because files were moved and your computer needs to be restarted cause the computer was reading the files and they all of a sudden moved. Physical FaultsOne possible reason for this is that your hard disk is developing physical faults. Sometimes these faults may not be picked up by tools like ChkDsk however chkdsk is a good place to start I would advise using the /r option. There are other free tools around that can help you identify Hard disk Faults like "Drive Fitness Test". If any of these tests show that the hard disk does have faults it should be replaced as soon as possible. Software is available that will enable you to clone the faulty drive onto a new one.

put your computer in SAFE MODE.THEN DEFRAG.

Check your hardware in device manager and see if there are any conflicts,(yellow ? marks), beside your display adapter, your monitor, and your sound drivers), sometimes a driver can become corrupt and you may need to update it. Also The defrag could have defraged a file in your registry that is no longer used, I recommend buying Registry Mechanic, this will fix any errors in your registry that can also cause freezing. One last thing, go into safe mode, and do a scan on your hard drive for errors, make sure before you do the scan make sure the box is checked for,"automaticaly fix errors". Then when that's all done, do a defrag in safe mode.

Like you I have had problems defragging, but I think that in my case it was something wrong with the defragger, as when i did it 2 weeks ago, then my computer crashed doing this, i restarted, 'Cannot Find Hard Drive', so then it went to a comp shop they fixed it, did disk defrag again, then computer restarted with the same problem, then it started to go through, 'Used Clusters' 'Unused Clusters' 'Bad Clusters' then here it takes forever to do then the computer frooze, so i turned it off, went and bought a new computer


Your problem is either a driver, harware or heat issue. Try updating chipset drivers with the original that came with your motherboard if it doesint work update with windows update to get the a signed driver, check to see if your hdd is running hot if you cant touch it get rid of it, update your bios if this occurs when you have just changed your hdd, disable the s.m.a.r.t function in bios if your hdd is older than 9 years old and lastly has i have seen enough before your video card is failing, change it.

Please perform the steps given below to increase you system performance.

1. Uninstall all the unwanted software.

To uninstall a software :

a. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

b. Select the software from the list and click on Add/Remove button and follow the online screen instrctions.

2 Erase unnecessary files in the windows temporary folder.

1. Double Click My Computer.

2. Double Click the drive where windows is installed. This is typically drive C.

3. Double Click the windows folder. This is typically C:\Windows.

4. Double Click the temp folder.This is typically C:\Windows\temp.

5. Press control-A to select all files and folders.

6. Press the delete key.

7. If confirmation is asked to delete these files choose yes to all.

3. Defragment hard disk.

1. Close all applications.

2. Disable your screen saver.

3. Disable all the programs on the taskbar if possible.

4. Click Start.

5. Click Program.

6. Click Accessories.

7. Click System Tools.

8. Click Defrag.

9. Select the drive to defrag. You should defrag every hard disk on your system. This process can take a long time.

10. Click Ok.

11. Enable your screen saver.

4. Remove Startup programs

Click Start

Select Run

Type msconfig in the text box

The "System Configuration Utility" window will open

A list of programs will be shown each having a checkbox to the left of the name.

Click on the checkbox to enable the program (so it runs when windows boots) and click a second time to Uncheck the box to disable the program (so it does not run when windows boots).

5. Set the size of the virtual memory (swap file) to an constant optimal size.


1. Right click My Computer

2. Click Properties

3. The System Properties window lists the amount of RAM in your PC (record this for step#8)

4. Click Performance

5. Click Virtual Memory

6. Click Let me specify my own virtual memory settings

7. Click the arrow next to the hard disk.

8. Here are some guidelines to choose the best location for your virtual memory file

a) Select the quickest hard disk.

b) If you have, two hard disks that are similar in performance select the hard disk that does not contain Windows system files.

c) Make sure the drive has free space equal to at least twice the size of the recommended swap file size.

d) If the partition is on the same physical drive, select the partition in alphabetical order. For example, if you have one 2GB hard disk and you partition it into two 1GB partitions drive C & D) You should pick Drive C over Drive D if meets all the guidelines of a, b & c.

9. Set the Minimum/Maximum to: With large hard disks settings a 128mb or 256mb swap file should be sufficient in almost every situation.

Note: The amount of RAM plus the size of the virtual memory file is the maximum amount of RAM you can use at once. Win386.swp is the filename used for the swap file. The file is quite large don�t delete it.

10. Click OK.

11. After setting the size of the virtual memory file windows will display the following message. You have chosen not to let windows manage virtual memory automatically. Click Yes.

11. You must restart your computer before the new settings will take effect. Do you want to restart your computer now? Click Yes

12. Sometimes Windows 95 takes a long time to shut down. During this time, it is doing necessary system maintenance. You must wait while the computer shuts down.

Also try using a registry cleaner, some file paths may be redundant, a registry cleaner will fix these errors. Visit for top rated cleaners

13. Actually this problem bothered me quite a long time too, but recently I find functional software which can fix all these problems just with one click: tuneup360, maybe you guys could have a try.

Microsoft Windows

The total number of command buttons on the title bar of an opened word processing window is?


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File Formats

How do you convert vpj files to and flv file?

its simple. use converting software's to convert file into different formats.

one of them that i would prefer is " total video converter".

there are many too. u can google them.

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Audio Editing and Recording

How can you convert audio cassette tapes to digital files?


  1. * A Computer with sound
  2. * A 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio cable
  3. * Audacity Audio program (FREE)
  4. * Lame MP3 encoder (FREE)
  5. * Cassette player
  6. * Cassette Tape

I found a very useful step-by-step guide on how and where to install audacity and lame. how to connect the cassette player to the computer and tips on how to record the audio. there are even pictures to explain everything better.

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Microsoft Outlook and Live Hotmail

How can you bypass a Smartfilter to access your Hotmail account from work?

:You should not, the Smart Filter is there for a reason and if you attempt to bypass it you will most likely be violating policy which could lead to negative action being taken against you.
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Video Editing

How can you convert your imovie hd project to mpeg 4? check it out.. its easy..

Computer Viruses
Downloader Viruses
Microsoft Windows

How do you remove Trojan downloader small jc if it is present in restore folder?

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4 Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

I've run into this bug also, in my case I've used the online scanner "Bitdefender" to find and remove it. Perhaps that would work for you as well.

Go here:

1. Click the tab for "Home user" 2. Click "Online scanner" 3. If you have SP2 installed you get a message about an active X control being blocked. You have to click the little banner to allow the active x control to be installed.

Good luck!

I've run into this bug also, in my case I've used the online scanner "Bitdefender" to find and remove it. Perhaps that would work for you as well.

Go here:

1. Click the tab for "Home user"

2. Click "Online scanner"

3. If you have SP2 installed you get a message about an active X control being blocked. You have to click the little banner to allow the active x control to be installed.

Good luck!

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Adventure Quest

Where do you get helmets on adventure quest?

you go to the Guardian arena challenge

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How do you use a start up disk for Windows 98 SE?

Using a Windows Start-Up Disk

Here are opinions and answers from Wiki s Contributors:

  • Find out more from the readme.txt that comes with the start up disk.
  • You simply go into the control panel (which you find in My Computer) select 'Add/Remove Programs' icon. A window pops up. Now click on the tab along the top called 'startup Disk' then follow the instructions. Make sure you have a floppy disk, preferably one you just bought or have formatted.
A Different Option If you have a properly formatted Windows 98 startup disk, all you have to do is power down the system completely, insert it in your floppy drive (the A: drive) and turn on your system. The startup disk will take care of the rest.
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Java Programming
Numerical Analysis and Simulation
Python Programming

How do you code a program to find kaprekar number?


class kaprekar


public static void main(String args[])throws IOException


BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

System.out.println("Enter any number");

int n=Integer.parseInt(br.readLine());

int t=n,count=0;






int s=t*t;

int p=(int)Math.pow(10,count);

int ld=s%p;

int minus=s-ld;

int fd=minus/p;

int sum=fd+ld;



System.out.println("Kaprekar Number");




System.out.println("Not a Kaprekar number");




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How do you delete system32 mtwir dll file?

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS

How do you open a do file on a Mac?

A .do file is a Java servlet and should play in the Safari web browser on a Mac. Make sure you have Java enabled in the Security settings of Safari's preferences.

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Video Games
Windows 7

Can you play Europa Universalis II on Windows 7?

Yes you can.

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Database Programming
Hard Disk Drives

What are the advantages of using database system instead of file system?

1. Redundency of data means some information may be duplicated in several places in file processing s/y .this can also be refined through DBMS.

2. Accessing of data is difficult in file processing s/y .to access the different data

we requried different program many times in other word for different type application requried different application program .

3. Multiple user can access the same data in DBMS.

4.Security also provided by DBA(Database adminstraror).

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How do you downgrade from Windows XP Home Edition to Windows 98 SE?

If you installed Windows XP in this method you can downgrade. That is, if you upgraded Windows XP from Windows 98 SE means you can downgrade Windows XP by removing Windows XP in Control panel, Add/Remove programs. Then the first Operating System (windows 98Se) will come.

I've had to do this many times at my work. The best way is to boot with a 98 bootdisk then use fdisk to wipe the hard drive. Then restart the machine with the bootdisk and 98 CD in it. Choose the option to run setup from the CD and then follow the instructions. Setup will format the hardrive and then restart to begin installing the OS.

Why in the world would you want to install 98. Microsoft no longer provides support for 98 and XP SP2 is far superior to 98 in the first place. It is a no brainer. Keep XP SP2 and forget the archaic 98.

Microsoft Windows
File Formats

How do you change psd to indesign format?

You can't change a PSD file into an INDD file because the INDD format isn't an image format - they're text files. To incorporate the image into the InDesign project, you have to perform a Place (File - Place) to put the image into the ID project. The image file then becomes a part of the overall ID file when it's saved, but it isn't changed to the ID format. InDesign links to the image file for both project presentation and printing purposes.

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Microsoft Word

Is Microsoft Word office an application program?

yes, if you buy office 2010 , it include word , excel, powerpoint, outlook and so on

recommend you to buy office 2010

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Operating Systems

What are the operating systems used in the hotel?

Microsoft windows office

Microsoft Windows
Computer Programming

How do you Open Local File in AS3?

set it up as a URL but put the file location in instead and it will open i, you will need to change the \ to / or the other way around i forget :)

Computer Viruses
Downloader Viruses
Microsoft Windows

How do you remove Trojan horse downloader wintrim au from windows system32 dtc32 dll?

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4 Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

Try downloading the avg free addition. Then run a full virus scan. It worked for me.

I have the same virus and my AVG free Edition put it in the Virus Vault!

My AVG moved it to virus vault, but the next day it was still there.

I just deleted the file manually now waiting for consequences good luck

Because its in you system32 folder it will just reinstall with a restart, you need to turn off system restore before deleting or running avg. To do this click on start button, right click on my computer, then click the system restore tab at the top turn it off on all drives then run avg and i suggest running housecall free scan too after these have moved them to the virus vault then reboot you computer run avg again then if it comes up clean turn you system restore back on using the same method as mentioned above .

Microsoft Windows

How do you recover Psuite exe?

Recovering Psuite ExeHere are several answers and recommendations from FAQ Farmers:
  • Psuite.exe sounds like an unfamiliar program to me. You must have uninstalled/deleted a program lately that is still being referenced by Windows - so you're getting this error message. Usually when you open a file, Windows will open the "associated" application with that file type. You can find this file type-to-application mapping by clicking on "Tools" menu from any open folder, then "Folder Options" and then clicking on "File Types" tab. Search through the list of the file types that is causing this error and when found, you'll want to change or delete this association.

After a quick Yahoo search, it looks like psuite.exe belongs to PhotoSuite, which probably comes with a digital scanner or digi camera. If you don't want to remove the assiciations one by one, you could just reinstall the software. If you want the software and assications gone, then after you've reinstalled the software, just go to the Control Panel, then "Add Remove Programs" and then choose PhotoSuite to uninstall. This should remove the physical files, as well as this "assocation" between program and file type.

  • Psuite.exe refers to MGI Photo Suite. It is a program used to open and modify photographs. You evidently had it on your hard drive at one time--either as a part of your original software package, or it was optional software installed with another program. You can look through your CD-Rom's and see if MGI PhotoSuite is listed in optional software. If not, you have at least two other options: 1. try to open the photos with another photo application you may already have loaded that might be compatible, or 2. purchase or download (probably for a fee) a version of MGI Photo Suite. P.S. Additional hint that has been VERY helpful to me: When deleting files that you think you don't need, leave them in your Recycle Bin for at least a couple of weeks. That way, if you run into a problem with deleted files that are actually essential to operating other programs or applications, you can restore them easily.
  • I have exactly the same problem as Chubby and I don't think any of the answers helps. The frustrating thing is that although Windows can't find it - it is still there, because every now and again it suddenly appears without my knowing exactly how or why. I am then able to access and use its functions for a while, and then for no apparent reason it disappears - and I don't know how to recover it by any conventional means. I think it is probably a browser problem.

There are 3 step to repair psuite.exe error

If you got psuite.exe error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair psuite.exe error you need to follow the steps below:

* Step 1 - Download a psuite.exe error repair tool,install this error repair tool.

* Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free.

* Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair psuite.exe error.

Here are the URL of psuite.exe error repair tool:

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How do you remove startpage 6 ai from Windows XP?

First try to run cleansweep, regclean programs that you can download from the web. These shorten the length of time the system has to be scanned of temp files. Then run in safe mode AVG. Then run HijackThis. Browse the file and deleted any unwanted web sites. If you have written down the extact location of the file from running AVG in safe mode, boot system up off a disk then proceed to that location and manually delete file. Reboot and rerun the above again, see if it is gone, good luck, hours and hours of fun for me.

To remove Startpage.6 from Windows XP, turn off System Restore on all drives (including C drive), reboot and run an antivirus program. This should clean it off. Reboot then reinstate System Restore.


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