Musical Terminology

Musical terms are words and phrases that are specific to reading, writing, and playing music.

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Musical Terminology

What does untrained ear means?

A person with an untrained ear simply means that they cannot hear if something is out of tune or off pitch. It's similar to someone who is not trained in football or painting. They would not know if something was good or bad.

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Musical Terminology

What are the three clef signs?

The three main types of clef signs used in modern music notation are the G-clef, C-clef, and F-clef

Placement on different lines of the staff indicate a different tessituras, with nine possible distinct clefs.

In contemporary music literature, only four clefs are used regularly: the treble clef, the bass clef, the alto clef, and the tenor clef with the treble and bass clefs the most common.

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What is a clef sign?

A clef sign is the musical sign on a staff telling if the music is bass clef or treble clef. Bass clef is the lower one played lower on the piano, flute... etc

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Musical Terminology

What is layering in music?

layering is when you add more and more layers of different instruments on top of each other, creating a more tonal, diminished sound.

Musical Terminology

What language are musical terms written in?

Most commonly Italian, though more and more composers are writ\ing the terms in their own language.

Musical Terminology

What does sustain mean in musical terms?

It's the length of a note after it is played such as when someone strums a chord on the guitar the sustain is how long that chord can be heard without strumming again

Musical Terminology

What IS A CONductors rod called?

A baton.

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Musical Terminology

What does the term 'EP' mean in music?

EP stands for "extended play" as EP records are longer than original single 45 records, usually containing 4 tracks. Artists usually release an EP before the full album to give the fans a taste of what is coming. The EP may include anywhere from 2 to 10 songs depending on the length of the full album.

A good example of an EP containing 4 tracks was the Beatles' 'Twist and Shout (EP)'. The EP format is also used as a low-cost way of showcasing new artists.

Historically, EP records were often similar to seven inch single records but played at 33 1/3 rpm rather than 45 rpm.

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Musical Terminology

What is meaning of adagio in classical music?

Slow, calm.

Musical Terminology

What does bassline mean in music?

A low-pitched part to the song which is played by a bass instrument: a Double Bass in orchestras and jazz bands, a Bass Guitar in rock bands and many other forms of popular music, and a Synth Bass in many forms of pop and dance music.

Musical Terminology

What does compilation in music terms mean?

It just means a collection of songs by different artists, drawn from different CD collections.

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Musical Terminology

What is allegretto in classical music?

Allegretto is a tempo marking, which means fairly fast, but not as fast as allegro. It can also be a title of a movement or a piece, since Classical movements are often referred to by their tempo markings.

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Musical Terminology

How do you spell staccato?

You spelled it correctly.

Musical Terminology

What does cantabile mean in musical terms?

Cantabile - in a smooth, singing style

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What is time signature of sitsiritsit?


Musical Terminology

What is the short stick that a music conductor carries called?

It is called a baton.

Musical Terminology

What does op mean in musical terms?

Op is sort for opus. A convenient method of numbering a composer's works where a number follows the word 'opus'. For example, Opus 28, No. 4.

Musical Terminology

What is the meaning of cut time in time signature?

Cut time is basically Common time cut in half.

Common time is 4/4 time. Which is 4 beats per measure, one beat equal to one quarter note.

Cut time is 2/2 time. Two beats a measure, one beat equal to one half note.

The only difference between the two is the way that the rythym is counted. Each one dictates one whole note, two half notes, four quarter notes, or eight eighth notes per measure.

In common time , four quarters notes would be counted as, 1 2 3 4

In cut time, four quarter notes would be coutned as 1 + 2 +

Cut time is used for fast paced songs. If you want four quarter notes to be played very rapidly, insetead of using common time (or 4/4 time) to count each quarter note, it is easier to use cut time (2/2 time) and count every other note.

Musical Terminology

What is the time signature of kuradang?


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Musical Terminology

What two-word phrase refers to singing without accompaniment?

A cappella or a voce sola.

Musical Terminology

What does ostinato mean?

A short melody that is played repeatedly. Sometimes sung on the same note.

Musical Terminology

What does allegro maestoso e largamente mean?

it means fast/lively, majestically and broadly

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What does the musical term sul ponticello mean?

It means 'on the bridge'; to play the indicated section of music by bowing as closely as possible to the bridge of your instrument. It helps produce a somewhat thin, whiny, almost nasal sound.

Musical Terminology

How many minim makes a dotted semibreve?


Musical Terminology

What is a musical manuscript called?



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