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In which US state do the most billionaires live as a primary residence?

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California appears to have the most Billionares, according to a study by Scribd. It exceeds the numbers in NY and Texas.

If interested in writing any of the billionaires in the United States there's a new website called that has all of their home mailing addresses.

The 2011 Forbes Rich list for the USA Billionaires Forbes 400 will give good current indications :


Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source

242 Bennett Dorrance

Bennett Dorrance

$1.8 B 65 Paradise Valley, Arizona Campbell Soup

96 Bruce Halle

Bruce Halle

$3.4 B 81 Paradise Valley, Arizona Discount Tire

372 Peter Sperling

Peter Sperling

$1.15 B 51 Phoenix, Arizona education

293 Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons

$1.5 B 60 Scottsdale, Arizona web hosting

11 S. Robson Walton

S. Robson Walton

$20.5 B 67 Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart

9 Jim Walton

Jim Walton

$21.1 B 63 Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart

312 Johnelle Hunt

Johnelle Hunt

$1.4 B 79 Fayetteville, Arkansas trucking

130 Warren Stephens

Warren Stephens

$2.8 B 54 Little Rock, Arkansas investment banking

375 Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens

$1.1 B 51 Atherton, California venture capital

331 Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman

$1.3 B 55 Atherton, California Ebay

107 John A. Sobrato

John A. Sobrato

$3.2 B 72 Atherton, California real estate

96 George Roberts

George Roberts

$3.4 B 68 Atherton, California leveraged buyouts

91 Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

$3.5 B 74 Atherton, California discount brokerage

50 Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt

$6.2 B 56 Atherton, California Google

171 A. Jerrold Perenchio

A. Jerrold Perenchio

$2.3 B 80 Bel Air, California television

359 Alan Casden

Alan Casden

$1.2 B 65 Beverly Hills, California real estate

293 Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

$1.5 B 75 Beverly Hills, California Real Estate

227 Alec Gores

Alec Gores

$1.9 B 58 Beverly Hills, California private equity

212 Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Stewart and Lynda Resnick

$2 B - Beverly Hills, California agriculture, water

171 Nicolas Berggruen

Nicolas Berggruen

$2.3 B 50 Beverly Hills, California investments

159 Tom Gores

Tom Gores

$2.5 B 47 Beverly Hills, California private equity

128 Haim Saban

Haim Saban

$2.9 B 66 Beverly Hills, California television

117 Kirk Kerkorian

Kirk Kerkorian

$3 B 94 Beverly Hills, California casinos, investments

107 Steven Udvar-Hazy

Steven Udvar-Hazy

$3.2 B 65 Beverly Hills, California aircraft leasing

88 Jin Sook & Do Won Chang

Jin Sook & Do Won Chang

$3.6 B 56 Beverly Hills, California retail

80 Sumner Redstone

Sumner Redstone

$4.1 B 88 Beverly Hills, California Viacom

331 David Duffield

David Duffield

$1.3 B 71 Blackhawk, California PeopleSoft

69 Rupert Johnson

Rupert Johnson

$4.5 B 70 Burlingame, California Franklin Resources

72 Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson

$4.4 B 78 Hillsborough, California financial services

150 Cargill MacMillan

Cargill MacMillan

$2.6 B 84 Indian Wells, California Cargill Inc.

130 David Sun

David Sun

$2.8 B 59 Irvine, California information technology

372 Irwin Jacobs

Irwin Jacobs

$1.15 B 77 La Jolla, California Qualcomm

188 Bill Gross

Bill Gross

$2.2 B 67 Laguna Beach, California investments

139 Jeffrey Skoll

Jeffrey Skoll

$2.7 B 46 Los Altos, California Ebay

15 Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

$16.7 B 38 Los Altos, California Google

375 Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang

$1.1 B 42 Los Altos Hills, California Yahoo

375 George Joseph

George Joseph

$1.1 B 90 Los Angeles, California insurance

375 Thomas Barrack

Thomas Barrack

$1.1 B 64 Los Angeles, California Colony Capital

312 Gary Michelson

Gary Michelson

$1.4 B 62 Los Angeles, California medical patents

273 Howard Marks

Howard Marks

$1.6 B 65 Los Angeles, California money management

273 Bruce Karsh

Bruce Karsh

$1.6 B 56 Los Angeles, California money management

227 David Hearst

David Hearst

$1.9 B 66 Los Angeles, California Hearst Corp

200 Edward Roski

Edward Roski

$2.1 B 72 Los Angeles, California real estate

200 Michael Milken

Michael Milken

$2.1 B 65 Los Angeles, California investments

159 Anthony Pritzker

Anthony Pritzker

$2.5 B 50 Los Angeles, California hotels, investments

139 David Murdock

David Murdock

$2.7 B 88 Los Angeles, California Dole, real estate

48 Eli Broad

Eli Broad

$6.3 B 78 Los Angeles, California investments

39 Patrick Soon-Shiong

Patrick Soon-Shiong

$7 B 59 Los Angeles, California generic drugs

171 Tamara Gustavson

Tamara Gustavson

$2.3 B 49 Malibu, California self storage

58 David Geffen

David Geffen

$5.5 B 68 Malibu, California movies, music

273 Daniel Pritzker

Daniel Pritzker

$1.6 B 52 Marin County, California hotels, investments

273 Kavitark Ram Shriram

Kavitark Ram Shriram

$1.6 B 54 Menlo Park, California Venture capital, Google

263 Henry Samueli

Henry Samueli

$1.7 B 57 Newport Beach, California semiconductors

260 George Argyros

George Argyros

$1.75 B 74 Newport Beach, California real estate, investments

26 Donald Bren

Donald Bren

$12 B 79 Newport Beach, California real estate

331 Henry Nicholas

Henry Nicholas

$1.3 B 51 Newport Coast, California semiconductors

117 Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

$3 B 64 Pacific Palisades, California movies

375 David Filo

David Filo

$1.1 B 45 Palo Alto, California Yahoo

293 Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman

$1.5 B 44 Palo Alto, California LinkedIn

227 Richard Peery

Richard Peery

$1.9 B 72 Palo Alto, California real estate

212 Romesh T. Wadhwani

Romesh T. Wadhwani

$2 B 64 Palo Alto, California Software

39 Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

$7 B 56 Palo Alto, California Apple, Pixar

15 Larry Page

Larry Page

$16.7 B 38 Palo Alto, California Google

14 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

$17.5 B 27 Palo Alto, California Facebook

227 George Hearst

George Hearst

$1.9 B 84 Paso Robles, California Hearst Corp

331 Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

$1.3 B 56 Portola Valley, California venture capital

242 John Arrillaga

John Arrillaga

$1.8 B 74 Portola Valley, California real estate

150 Archie Aldis Emmerson

Archie Aldis Emmerson

$2.6 B 82 Redding, California timberland, lumber mills

188 Jack Dangermond

Jack Dangermond

$2.2 B 66 Redlands, California mapping software

130 John Tu

John Tu

$2.8 B 70 Rolling Hills, California information technology

107 George Lucas

George Lucas

$3.2 B 67 San Anselmo, California Star Wars

331 Charles Brandes

Charles Brandes

$1.3 B 68 San Diego, California money management

331 Thomas Steyer

Thomas Steyer

$1.3 B 54 San Francisco, California hedge funds

293 John Fisher

John Fisher

$1.5 B 50 San Francisco, California Gap

293 Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel

$1.5 B 43 San Francisco, California Paypal, Facebook

273 Michael Moritz

Michael Moritz

$1.6 B 57 San Francisco, California venture capital

227 John Pritzker

John Pritzker

$1.9 B 58 San Francisco, California hotels, investments

227 Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff

$1.9 B 46 San Francisco, California business software

227 Phoebe Hearst Cooke

Phoebe Hearst Cooke

$1.9 B 84 San Francisco, California Hearst Corp

227 James Coulter

James Coulter

$1.9 B 51 San Francisco, California leveraged buyouts

212 Doris Fisher

Doris Fisher

$2 B 80 San Francisco, California Gap

212 Mark Pincus

Mark Pincus

$2 B 45 San Francisco, California online gaming

212 Gordon Getty

Gordon Getty

$2 B 77 San Francisco, California Getty Oil

188 William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Hearst

$2.2 B 62 San Francisco, California Hearst Corp

166 Ray Dolby

Ray Dolby

$2.4 B 78 San Francisco, California Dolby Laboratories

117 Stephen Bechtel

Stephen Bechtel

$3 B 86 San Francisco, California engineering, construction

117 Riley Bechtel

Riley Bechtel

$3 B 59 San Francisco, California engineering, construction

91 Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz

$3.5 B 27 San Francisco, California Facebook

375 Alexander Spanos

Alexander Spanos

$1.1 B 87 Stockton, California real estate

375 Jim Breyer

Jim Breyer

$1.1 B 50 Woodside, California Venture Capital

331 Scott Cook

Scott Cook

$1.3 B 59 Woodside, California Intuit

263 Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher

$1.7 B 60 Woodside, California Money management

242 Thomas Siebel

Thomas Siebel

$1.8 B 58 Woodside, California business software

171 John Doerr

John Doerr

$2.3 B 60 Woodside, California venture capital

86 Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore

$3.7 B 82 Woodside, California Intel

3 Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

$33 B 67 Woodside, California Oracle

46 Charles Ergen

Charles Ergen

$6.4 B 58 Denver, Colorado EchoStar

39 Philip Anschutz

Philip Anschutz

$7 B 71 Denver, Colorado investments

69 John Malone

John Malone

$4.5 B 70 Elizabeth, Colorado cable television

331 Pat Stryker

Pat Stryker

$1.3 B 55 Fort Collins, Colorado medical technology

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source

139 James Leprino

James Leprino

$2.7 B 73 Indian Hills, Colorado cheese

312 Gary Magness

Gary Magness

$1.4 B 57 Magness, Colorado cable, investments

273 Karen Pritzker

Karen Pritzker

$1.6 B 53 Branford, Connecticut hotels, investments

188 Peter Buck

Peter Buck

$2.2 B 80 Danbury, Connecticut Subway Restaurants

331 Richard Chilton Jr

Richard Chilton Jr

$1.3 B 53 Darien, Connecticut hedge funds

359 C. Dean Metropoulos

C. Dean Metropoulos

$1.2 B 65 Greenwich, Connecticut investments

359 William Macaulay

William Macaulay

$1.2 B 66 Greenwich, Connecticut energy investments

293 Stephen Mandel

Stephen Mandel

$1.5 B 55 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds

117 Edward Lampert

Edward Lampert

$3 B 48 Greenwich, Connecticut investments

107 Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones

$3.2 B 56 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds

60 Thomas Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy

$5 B 67 Greenwich, Connecticut discount brokerage

44 Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio

$6.5 B 62 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds

35 Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen

$8.3 B 55 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds

139 Steven Rales

Steven Rales

$2.7 B 60 Washington, District of Columbia manufacturing

75 Micky Arison

Micky Arison

$4.2 B 62 Bal Harbour, Florida Carnival Cruises

375 John Henry

John Henry

$1.1 B 62 Boca Raton, Florida sports

114 Terrence Pegula

Terrence Pegula

$3.1 B 60 Boca Raton, Florida natural gas

397 Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

$1.05 B 77 Coconut Grove, Florida Progressive Corp

329 Bharat Desai

Bharat Desai

$1.35 B 58 Fisher Island, Florida outsourcing

188 Fred DeLuca

Fred DeLuca

$2.2 B 63 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Subway Restaurants

171 H. Wayne Huizenga

H. Wayne Huizenga

$2.3 B 73 Fort Lauderdale, Florida investments

200 Robert Rich

Robert Rich

$2.1 B 70 Islamorada, Florida frozen foods

293 Michael Heisley

Michael Heisley

$1.5 B 74 Jupiter Island, Florida manufacturing

150 Igor Olenicoff

Igor Olenicoff

$2.6 B 69 Lighthouse Point, Florida real estate

273 Norman Braman

Norman Braman

$1.6 B 79 Miami, Florida art, car dealerships

355 Edmund Ansin

Edmund Ansin

$1.25 B 75 Miami Beach, Florida television

200 Phillip Frost

Phillip Frost

$2.1 B 74 Miami Beach, Florida pharmaceuticals

312 Tom Golisano

Tom Golisano

$1.4 B 69 Naples, Florida Paychex

171 Christopher Cline

Christopher Cline

$2.3 B 53 North Palm Beach, Florida coal

75 Dirk Ziff

Dirk Ziff

$4.2 B 47 North Palm Beach, Florida investments

359 Charlotte Colket Weber

Charlotte Colket Weber

$1.2 B 68 Ocala, Florida Campbell Soup

331 Robert Stiller

Robert Stiller

$1.3 B 68 Palm Beach, Florida coffee

263 S. Daniel Abraham

S. Daniel Abraham

$1.7 B 87 Palm Beach, Florida Slim-Fast

263 Isaac Perlmutter

Isaac Perlmutter

$1.7 B 68 Palm Beach, Florida Marvel

200 Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross

$2.1 B 73 Palm Beach, Florida investments

200 George Lindemann

George Lindemann

$2.1 B 75 Palm Beach, Florida investments

200 Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene

$2.1 B 56 Palm Beach, Florida real estate, investments

139 Malcolm Glazer

Malcolm Glazer

$2.7 B 83 Palm Beach, Florida sports teams, real estate

81 William Koch

William Koch

$4 B 71 Palm Beach, Florida oil, investments

212 Edward DeBartolo

Edward DeBartolo

$2 B 64 Tampa, Florida shopping centers

263 Albert Ueltschi

Albert Ueltschi

$1.7 B 94 Vero Beach, Florida FlightSafety

242 Alfred James Clark

Alfred James Clark

$1.8 B 83 Vero Beach, Florida construction

331 Arthur Blank

Arthur Blank

$1.3 B 68 Atlanta, Georgia Home Depot

242 Bernard Marcus

Bernard Marcus

$1.8 B 82 Atlanta, Georgia Home Depot

212 Ted Turner

Ted Turner

$2 B 72 Atlanta, Georgia cable television

53 Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy

$6 B 63 Atlanta, Georgia media

26 Anne Cox Chambers

Anne Cox Chambers

$12 B 91 Atlanta, Georgia media

375 S. Truett Cathy

S. Truett Cathy

$1.1 B 90 Hampton, Georgia Chick-fil-A

50 Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar

$6.2 B 44 Honolulu, Hawaii Ebay

150 Robert Holding

Robert Holding

$2.6 B 84 Sun Valley, Idaho oil, resorts

359 Nicholas Pritzker

Nicholas Pritzker

$1.2 B 67 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

273 James Pritzker

James Pritzker

$1.6 B 60 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

273 Jean (Gigi) Pritzker

Jean (Gigi) Pritzker

$1.6 B 49 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

273 Joseph Mansueto

Joseph Mansueto

$1.6 B 55 Chicago, Illinois investment research

263 Penny Pritzker

Penny Pritzker

$1.7 B 52 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

242 Thomas Pritzker

Thomas Pritzker

$1.8 B 61 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

212 Neil Bluhm

Neil Bluhm

$2 B 73 Chicago, Illinois real estate

171 Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin

$2.3 B 42 Chicago, Illinois hedge funds

159 Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker

Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker

$2.5 B 46 Chicago, Illinois hotels, investments

139 Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

$2.7 B 57 Chicago, Illinois Television

66 Sam Zell

Sam Zell

$4.7 B 69 Chicago, Illinois real estate, private equity

293 Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky

$1.5 B 42 Glencoe, Illinois Groupon

375 Michael Krasny

Michael Krasny

$1.1 B 58 Highland Park, Illinois retail

212 Jude Reyes

Jude Reyes

$2 B 56 Kenilworth, Illinois food distribution

212 J. Christopher Reyes

J. Christopher Reyes

$2 B 57 Lake Forest, Illinois food distribution

188 William Wrigley

William Wrigley

$2.2 B 47 Lake Forest, Illinois chewing gum

166 Ty Warner

Ty Warner

$2.4 B 67 Oak Brook, Illinois Beanie Babies

375 Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

$1.1 B 74 Winnetka, Illinois insurance

96 Gayle Cook

Gayle Cook

$3.4 B 77 Bloomington, Indiana medical devices

312 James Irsay

James Irsay

$1.4 B 52 Carmel, Indiana Indianapolis Colts

242 Dean White

Dean White

$1.8 B 88 Crown Point, Indiana billboards, hotels

273 Herbert Simon

Herbert Simon

$1.6 B 76 Indianapolis, Indiana real estate

81 Roger Wang

Roger Wang

$4 B 62 Nanjing, Jiangsu retail

242 Min Kao

Min Kao

$1.8 B 62 Leawood, Kansas navigation equipment

375 Gary Burrell

Gary Burrell

$1.1 B 74 Spring Hill, Kansas navigation equipment

4 Charles Koch

Charles Koch

$25 B 75 Wichita, Kansas diversified

242 Bradley Hughes

Bradley Hughes

$1.8 B 78 Lexington, Kentucky self storage

375 Tom Benson

Tom Benson

$1.1 B 84 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Saints

139 David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein

$2.7 B 62 Bethesda, Maryland leveraged buyouts

375 Bernard Saul

Bernard Saul

$1.1 B 79 Chevy Chase, Maryland banking, real estate

103 Ted Lerner

Ted Lerner

$3.3 B 85 Chevy Chase, Maryland real estate

331 Stephen Bisciotti

Stephen Bisciotti

$1.3 B 51 Millersville, Maryland outsourcing, football

397 Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder

$1.05 B 46 Potomac, Maryland Washington Redskins

331 Bill Marriott

Bill Marriott

$1.3 B 79 Potomac, Maryland hotels

312 Richard Marriott

Richard Marriott

$1.4 B 72 Potomac, Maryland hotels

117 Mitchell Rales

Mitchell Rales

$3 B 55 Potomac, Maryland manufacturing

171 Amos Hostetter

Amos Hostetter

$2.3 B 74 Boston, Massachusetts cable television

44 Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson

$6.5 B 81 Boston, Massachusetts Fidelity

263 Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft

$1.7 B 70 Brookline, Massachusetts New England Patriots

29 Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson

$11.7 B 49 Milton, Massachusetts Fidelity

242 Jim Davis

Jim Davis

$1.8 B 68 Newton, Massachusetts New Balance

212 Michael & Marian Ilitch

Michael & Marian Ilitch

$2 B 82 Bingham Farms, Michigan pizza

159 Alfred Taubman

Alfred Taubman

$2.5 B 87 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan real estate

293 Daniel Gilbert

Daniel Gilbert

$1.5 B 49 Franklin, Michigan Quicken Loans

60 Frederik G.H. Meijer

Frederik G.H. Meijer

$5 B 91 Grand Rapids, Michigan supermarkets

375 William Ford

William Ford

$1.1 B 86 Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan Ford Motor Co

293 Manuel Moroun

Manuel Moroun

$1.5 B 84 Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan Transportation

60 Richard DeVos

Richard DeVos

$5 B 85 Holland, Michigan Amway

375 Jon Stryker

Jon Stryker

$1.1 B 53 Kalamazoo, Michigan medical technology

171 Ronda Stryker

Ronda Stryker

$2.3 B 57 Portage, Michigan medical technology

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source

212 Richard Schulze

Richard Schulze

$2 B 70 Edina, Minnesota Best Buy

117 Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Marilyn Carlson Nelson

$3 B 72 Long Lake, Minnesota hotels, restaurants

117 Barbara Carlson Gage

Barbara Carlson Gage

$3 B 69 Long Lake, Minnesota hotels, restaurants

242 Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor

$1.8 B 70 Mankato, Minnesota printing

150 Whitney MacMillan

Whitney MacMillan

$2.6 B 82 Minneapolis, Minnesota Cargill Inc.

227 Stanley Hubbard

Stanley Hubbard

$1.9 B 78 St. Paul, Minnesota DirecTV

107 Stanley Kroenke

Stanley Kroenke

$3.2 B 64 Columbia, Missouri sports, real estate

103 Ann Walton Kroenke

Ann Walton Kroenke

$3.3 B 62 Columbia, Missouri Wal-Mart

150 Pauline MacMillan Keinath

Pauline MacMillan Keinath

$2.6 B 77 St. Louis, Missouri Cargill Inc.

34 Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

$9 B 89 St. Louis, Missouri Enterprise Rent-A-Car

331 Marianne Liebmann

Marianne Liebmann

$1.3 B 58 Bozeman, Montana Cargill, Inc.

331 Austen Cargill

Austen Cargill

$1.3 B 60 Livingston, Montana Cargill Inc.

60 Dennis Washington

Dennis Washington

$5 B 77 Missoula, Montana construction, mining

273 Linda Pritzker

Linda Pritzker

$1.6 B 57 St. Ignatius, Montana hotels, investments

150 Marion MacMillan Pictet

Marion MacMillan Pictet

$2.6 B - Hamilton, N/A Cargill Inc.

359 William Connor

William Connor

$1.2 B 61 Hong Kong, N/A logistics

130 Victor Fung

Victor Fung

$2.8 B 65 Hong Kong, N/A Retail

375 Alexander Knaster

Alexander Knaster

$1.1 B 52 London, N/A oil, telecom, banking

312 Evgeny (Eugene) Shvidler

Evgeny (Eugene) Shvidler

$1.4 B 47 London, N/A oil & gas, investments

107 Ron Burkle

Ron Burkle

$3.2 B 58 London, N/A supermarkets, investments

32 Len Blavatnik

Len Blavatnik

$9.5 B 54 London, N/A diversified

114 Barbara Piasecka Johnson

Barbara Piasecka Johnson

$3.1 B 74 Monte Carlo, N/A Johnson & Johnson

53 Blair Parry-Okeden

Blair Parry-Okeden

$6 B 60 Scone, N/A media

212 Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

$2 B 29 Singapore, N/A Facebook

130 Robert Friedland

Robert Friedland

$2.8 B 61 Singapore, N/A mining

260 Walter Scott

Walter Scott

$1.75 B 80 Omaha, Nebraska construction, telecom

2 Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

$39 B 81 Omaha, Nebraska Berkshire Hathaway

139 Nancy Walton Laurie

Nancy Walton Laurie

$2.7 B 60 Henderson, Nevada Wal-Mart

359 Lorenzo Fertitta

Lorenzo Fertitta

$1.2 B 42 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship

355 Frank Fertitta

Frank Fertitta

$1.25 B 49 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship

263 Elaine Wynn

Elaine Wynn

$1.7 B 68 Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels

166 Phillip Ruffin

Phillip Ruffin

$2.4 B 76 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, real estate

130 Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

$2.8 B 69 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, hotels

8 Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson

$21.5 B 78 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos

103 Patrick McGovern

Patrick McGovern

$3.3 B 74 Hollis, New Hampshire media

293 Michael Price

Michael Price

$1.5 B 59 Far Hills, New Jersey investments

60 David Tepper

David Tepper

$5 B 54 Livingston, New Jersey hedge funds

242 Leon G. Cooperman

Leon G. Cooperman

$1.8 B 68 Short Hills, New Jersey hedge funds

171 Peter Kellogg

Peter Kellogg

$2.3 B 69 Short Hills, New Jersey investments

55 Donald Newhouse

Donald Newhouse

$5.9 B 81 Somerset County, New Jersey Conde Nast

359 Nelson Peltz

Nelson Peltz

$1.2 B 69 Bedford, New York investments

227 Jeremy Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs

$1.9 B 71 East Aurora, New York sports concessions

30 James Simons

James Simons

$10.6 B 73 East Setauket, New York hedge funds

7 George Soros

George Soros

$22 B 81 Katonah, New York hedge funds

355 Alan Gerry

Alan Gerry

$1.25 B 81 Liberty, New York cable television

312 Louis Bacon

Louis Bacon

$1.4 B 53 Long Island, New York hedge funds

397 Steven Roth

Steven Roth

$1.05 B 69 New York, New York real estate

372 Alexander Rovt

Alexander Rovt

$1.15 B 59 New York, New York fertilizer

359 Sidney Kimmel

Sidney Kimmel

$1.2 B 83 New York, New York retail

359 James Dinan

James Dinan

$1.2 B 52 New York, New York hedge funds

355 Henry Swieca

Henry Swieca

$1.25 B 54 New York, New York hedge funds

331 Leon Charney

Leon Charney

$1.3 B 70 New York, New York Real estate

331 Marc Lasry

Marc Lasry

$1.3 B 50 New York, New York hedge funds

331 Stewart Rahr

Stewart Rahr

$1.3 B 65 New York, New York drug distribution

312 Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee

$1.4 B 67 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

312 Herbert Allen

Herbert Allen

$1.4 B 71 New York, New York investment banking

312 Wilma Tisch

Wilma Tisch

$1.4 B 84 New York, New York diversified

309 Marc Rowan

Marc Rowan

$1.45 B 49 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

309 Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris

$1.45 B 46 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

293 Ron Baron

Ron Baron

$1.5 B 68 New York, New York money managment

273 Barry Diller

Barry Diller

$1.6 B 69 New York, New York IAC/InterActiveCorp

273 Noam Gottesman

Noam Gottesman

$1.6 B 50 New York, New York hedge funds

273 Glenn Dubin

Glenn Dubin

$1.6 B 54 New York, New York hedge funds

242 Ted Forstmann

Ted Forstmann

$1.8 B 71 New York, New York sports management

242 Jerry Speyer

Jerry Speyer

$1.8 B 71 New York, New York real estate

242 Thomas Kaplan

Thomas Kaplan

$1.8 B 49 New York, New York Investments

227 Austin Hearst

Austin Hearst

$1.9 B 59 New York, New York Hearst Corp

227 Sheldon Solow

Sheldon Solow

$1.9 B 83 New York, New York real estate

227 Michael Jaharis

Michael Jaharis

$1.9 B 83 New York, New York pharmaceuticals

212 John Catsimatidis

John Catsimatidis

$2 B 63 New York, New York oil, real estate, supermarkets

200 Israel Englander

Israel Englander

$2.1 B 63 New York, New York hedge funds

200 David Shaw

David Shaw

$2.1 B 60 New York, New York hedge funds

200 Sean Parker

Sean Parker

$2.1 B 31 New York, New York Facebook

188 Mortimer Zuckerman

Mortimer Zuckerman

$2.2 B 74 New York, New York real estate, media

188 Philip Falcone

Philip Falcone

$2.2 B 49 New York, New York hedge funds

166 Julian Robertson

Julian Robertson

$2.4 B 79 New York, New York hedge funds

159 Stanley Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller

$2.5 B 58 New York, New York hedge funds

150 Daniel Och

Daniel Och

$2.6 B 50 New York, New York hedge funds

130 Joan Tisch

Joan Tisch

$2.8 B 85 New York, New York diversified

128 Donald Trump

Donald Trump

$2.9 B 65 New York, New York television, real estate

114 Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross

$3.1 B 71 New York, New York real estate

107 Leon Black

Leon Black

$3.2 B 60 New York, New York private equity

103 Ronald Lauder

Ronald Lauder

$3.3 B 67 New York, New York Estee Lauder

86 Henry Kravis

Henry Kravis

$3.7 B 67 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

75 Robert Ziff

Robert Ziff

$4.2 B 45 New York, New York investments

75 Daniel Ziff

Daniel Ziff

$4.2 B 39 New York, New York investments

75 Leonard Stern

Leonard Stern

$4.2 B 73 New York, New York real estate

73 Bruce Kovner

Bruce Kovner

$4.3 B 66 New York, New York hedge funds

66 Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen Schwarzman

$4.7 B 64 New York, New York investments

60 Richard LeFrak

Richard LeFrak

$5 B 66 New York, New York real estate

52 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

$6.1 B 71 New York, New York Ralph Lauren

48 Leonard Lauder

Leonard Lauder

$6.3 B 78 New York, New York Estee Lauder

43 Samuel Newhouse

Samuel Newhouse

$6.6 B 83 New York, New York Conde Nast

37 Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

$7.4 B 80 New York, New York News Corp

26 Ronald Perelman

Ronald Perelman

$12 B 68 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

25 Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn

$13 B 75 New York, New York leveraged buyouts

17 John Paulson

John Paulson

$15.5 B 55 New York, New York hedge funds

12 Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

$19.5 B 69 New York, New York Bloomberg LP

4 David Koch

David Koch

$25 B 71 New York, New York diversified

150 Charles Dolan

Charles Dolan

$2.6 B 84 Oyster Bay, New York cable television

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source

312 David Gottesman

David Gottesman

$1.4 B 85 Rye, New York investments

55 Ira Rennert

Ira Rennert

$5.9 B 77 Sagaponack, New York investments

331 Kenneth Langone

Kenneth Langone

$1.3 B 76 Sands Point, New York investments

159 David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller

$2.5 B 96 Sleepy Hollow, New York Standard Oil, banking

91 John Sall

John Sall

$3.5 B 63 Cary, North Carolina SAS Institute

38 James Goodnight

James Goodnight

$7.1 B 68 Cary, North Carolina SAS Institute

273 Clemmie Spangler

Clemmie Spangler

$1.6 B 79 Charlotte, North Carolina investments

242 Clayton Mathile

Clayton Mathile

$1.8 B 70 Brookville, Ohio pet food

85 Leslie Wexner

Leslie Wexner

$3.8 B 74 New Albany, Ohio retail

359 Aubrey McClendon

Aubrey McClendon

$1.2 B 52 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma natural gas

81 David Green

David Green

$4 B 69 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hobby Lobby

36 Harold Hamm

Harold Hamm

$7.5 B 65 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma oil & natural gas

331 Joseph Craft

Joseph Craft

$1.3 B 60 Tulsa, Oklahoma coal

117 Lynn Schusterman

Lynn Schusterman

$3 B 72 Tulsa, Oklahoma oil & gas, investments

31 George Kaiser

George Kaiser

$10 B 69 Tulsa, Oklahoma oil & gas, banking

24 Phil Knight

Phil Knight

$13.1 B 73 Hillsboro, Oregon Nike

188 Mary Alice Dorrance Malone

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone

$2.2 B 61 Coatesville, Pennsylvania Campbell Soup

331 Richard Scaife

Richard Scaife

$1.3 B 79 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania investments

188 Henry Hillman

Henry Hillman

$2.2 B 92 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania investments

375 Jeffrey Lurie

Jeffrey Lurie

$1.1 B 60 Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Eagles

293 Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson

$1.5 B 55 Providence, Rhode Island Leveraged buyouts

273 Anita Zucker

Anita Zucker

$1.6 B 59 Charleston, South Carolina chemicals

263 Brad Kelley

Brad Kelley

$1.7 B 54 Franklin, Tennessee tobacco

263 Frederick Smith

Frederick Smith

$1.7 B 67 Memphis, Tennessee FedEx

130 Thomas Frist

Thomas Frist

$2.8 B 73 Nashville, Tennessee health care

117 Martha Ingram

Martha Ingram

$3 B 76 Nashville, Tennessee book distribution, transportation

81 John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria

$4 B 67 Austin, Texas hair products, tequila

18 Michael Dell

Michael Dell

$15 B 46 Austin, Texas Dell

312 Dan Wilks

Dan Wilks

$1.4 B 55 Cisco, Texas natural gas

312 Farris Wilks

Farris Wilks

$1.4 B 59 Cisco, Texas natural gas

397 Darwin Deason

Darwin Deason

$1.05 B 71 Dallas, Texas Xerox

359 Kenny Troutt

Kenny Troutt

$1.2 B 63 Dallas, Texas Excel Communications

359 Todd Wagner

Todd Wagner

$1.2 B 51 Dallas, Texas online media

312 Ray Davis

Ray Davis

$1.4 B 69 Dallas, Texas pipelines

312 Henry Ross Perot

Henry Ross Perot

$1.4 B 52 Dallas, Texas computer services, real estate

309 T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens

$1.45 B 83 Dallas, Texas oil & gas, investments

273 Gerald J. Ford

Gerald J. Ford

$1.6 B 67 Dallas, Texas banking

227 Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

$1.9 B 68 Dallas, Texas Dallas Cowboys

212 Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren

$2 B 55 Dallas, Texas Pipelines

171 Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

$2.3 B 53 Dallas, Texas online media

139 Timothy Headington

Timothy Headington

$2.7 B 61 Dallas, Texas oil & gas, investments

91 Henry Ross Perot

Henry Ross Perot

$3.5 B 81 Dallas, Texas computer services, real estate

88 Trevor Rees-Jones

Trevor Rees-Jones

$3.6 B 60 Dallas, Texas Oil & Gas

73 Ray Lee Hunt

Ray Lee Hunt

$4.3 B 68 Dallas, Texas oil, real estate

66 Robert Rowling

Robert Rowling

$4.7 B 57 Dallas, Texas investments

39 Andrew Beal

Andrew Beal

$7 B 58 Dallas, Texas banks, real estate

33 Harold Simmons

Harold Simmons

$9.3 B 80 Dallas, Texas investments

375 William Moncrief

William Moncrief

$1.1 B 91 Fort Worth, Texas oil

293 Edward Bass

Edward Bass

$1.5 B 66 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments

227 David Bonderman

David Bonderman

$1.9 B 68 Fort Worth, Texas leveraged buyouts

200 Sid Bass

Sid Bass

$2.1 B 68 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments

200 Lee Bass

Lee Bass

$2.1 B 55 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments

171 Richard Rainwater

Richard Rainwater

$2.3 B 67 Fort Worth, Texas real estate, energy, insurance

88 Robert Bass

Robert Bass

$3.6 B 63 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments

10 Alice Walton

Alice Walton

$20.9 B 61 Fort Worth, Texas Wal-Mart

375 Kenneth Adams

Kenneth Adams

$1.1 B 88 Houston, Texas Oil

293 Robert McNair

Robert McNair

$1.5 B 74 Houston, Texas energy, sports

293 Joe Jamail

Joe Jamail

$1.5 B 85 Houston, Texas lawsuits

273 Thomas Friedkin

Thomas Friedkin

$1.6 B 76 Houston, Texas Toyota distribution

96 Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan

$3.4 B 28 Houston, Texas Pipelines

96 Milane Frantz

Milane Frantz

$3.4 B 42 Houston, Texas Pipelines

96 Dannine Avara

Dannine Avara

$3.4 B 47 Houston, Texas pipelines

96 Randa Williams

Randa Williams

$3.4 B 50 Houston, Texas Pipelines

91 John Arnold

John Arnold

$3.5 B 37 Houston, Texas hedge funds

59 Jeffrey Hildebrand

Jeffrey Hildebrand

$5.3 B 52 Houston, Texas Oil

46 Richard Kinder

Richard Kinder

$6.4 B 66 Houston, Texas pipelines

375 James Leininger

James Leininger

$1.1 B 66 San Antonio, Texas medical devices

329 Christopher Goldsbury

Christopher Goldsbury

$1.35 B 68 San Antonio, Texas salsa

312 Billy Joe McCombs

Billy Joe McCombs

$1.4 B 83 San Antonio, Texas radio, oil, real estate

130 Rodney Lewis

Rodney Lewis

$2.8 B 57 San Antonio, Texas natural gas

57 Charles Butt

Charles Butt

$5.7 B 73 San Antonio, Texas supermarkets

260 Drayton McLane

Drayton McLane

$1.75 B 75 Temple, Texas Wal-Mart, logistics

188 George Mitchell

George Mitchell

$2.2 B 92 The Woodlands, Texas oil & gas

166 Randal Kirk

Randal Kirk

$2.4 B 57 Belspring, Virginia pharmaceuticals

331 Steve Case

Steve Case

$1.3 B 53 McLean, Virginia AOL

139 William Conway

William Conway

$2.7 B 62 McLean, Virginia leveraged buyouts

20 Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars

$13.8 B 71 The Plains, Virginia candy

139 Daniel D'Aniello

Daniel D'Aniello

$2.7 B 65 Vienna, Virginia leveraged buyouts

171 Winnie Johnson-Marquart

Winnie Johnson-Marquart

$2.3 B 52 Virginia Beach, Virginia SC Johnson & Sons

273 Craig McCaw

Craig McCaw

$1.6 B 62 Hunts Point, Washington telecom

19 Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

$13.9 B 55 Hunts Point, Washington Microsoft

1 Bill Gates

Bill Gates

$59 B 55 Medina, Washington Microsoft

23 Paul Allen

Paul Allen

$13.2 B 58 Mercer Island, Washington Microsoft, investments

117 James Jannard

James Jannard

$3 B 62 San Juan Islands, Washington sunglasses

331 Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

$1.3 B 58 Seattle, Washington Starbucks

13 Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

$19.1 B 47 Seattle, Washington

375 Jim Justice

Jim Justice

$1.1 B 60 Lewisburg, West Virginia coal

188 Diane Hendricks

Diane Hendricks

$2.2 B 64 Afton, Wisconsin roofing

331 James Cargill

James Cargill

$1.3 B 62 Birchwood, Wisconsin Cargill Inc.

69 John Menard

John Menard

$4.5 B 71 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Retail

159 Donald Schneider

Donald Schneider

$2.5 B 75 Green Bay, Wisconsin trucking

242 Herbert Kohler

Herbert Kohler

$1.8 B 72 Kohler, Wisconsin plumbing fixtures

171 H. Fisk Johnson

H. Fisk Johnson

$2.3 B 53 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons

171 S. Curtis Johnson

S. Curtis Johnson

$2.3 B 56 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons

171 Helen Johnson-Leipold

Helen Johnson-Leipold

$2.3 B 54 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson

171 Imogene Powers Johnson

Imogene Powers Johnson

$2.3 B 81 Racine, Wisconsin SC Johnson & Sons

20 Forrest Mars

Forrest Mars

$13.8 B 80 Big Horn, Wyoming candy

20 John Mars

John Mars

$13.8 B 75 Jackson, Wyoming candy, pet food

6 Christy Walton

Christy Walton

$24.5 B 56 Jackson, Wyoming Wal-Mart

242 Leandro Rizzuto

Leandro Rizzuto

$1.8 B 73 Sheridan, Wyoming consumer products

What does Taylor Swift spend her money on?

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Katy spends her money on all her costumes for videos

How much did the US pledge to Haiti after the earthquake on January 12 2010?

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According to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) the US has so far (as of the 18th of Jan 2010) pledged $114,482,301 to the aid effort in Haiti.

Please see the related links for details on a breakdown of this spending and updated information.

What are kappa kappa psi secrets?

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Asked by Wiki User

AEA stands for “αγωνίζομαι επί άκρος“ which translates to strive for the highest. The door knock is: two knock, two knocks, one knock. Handshake is the two brothers lock hands like they’re doing a normal handshake and get closed together to conceal it. Then the older brother (one who was initiated the longest ago) quickly and slightly jerks their hand left and back to center (like they’re opening a doorknob). The it’s the newer brother’s turn to do the same thing. The day before you officially cross you have to stay up all night and watch the sunrise together and spend alone time with your class and the guiding spirit; the “sunrise ceremony“ as it’s called. Another event is ”joint ceremony“ which begins when you get randomly kidnapped. A brother comes up behind you and covers your eyes, puts on a blindfold, and takes you to a random secret location. They’re completely silent the whole time until they remove the blindfold, and you see all the psi tbs members are there. All they do is sing some songs and talk and you go home. The 3 main rituals (not including the 2 ceremonies) are bland and feel like a Catholic church mass. The biggest secret of all is that psi is a club for the elite and not a brotherhood based on character.

What causes might people raise money for?

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Any type of diseases, particularly rare ones that have not gotten many funds. Also cancers. And also any natural disasters occuring currently. Or for the poor, homeless, hungry, or those who are less fortunate, particularly during the winter holidays.

What is twenty-four divided by eight?

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6 divided by 8 is 0.75

How much money should you spend on clothes per month?

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On very few occasions clothes can be as low as $5 dollars while charities often give them out for free. Some fancy and custom made clothes can cost thousands of dollars such as a wedding dress for $24,000 dollars with a couple hundred

Who founded Make A Wish Foundation?

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it was founded April 29, 1980.

The full story can be found on the Make-A-Wish website (wish-dot-org) under About Us \ Our Story.

What follows below is a portion of Chris G's wish experience (and does not tell about the six individuals who understood the power of what had happened and wanted to keep it going).

How much is 95 pounds in us dollars?

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150 , more or less

How is make a wish foundation funded?

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The Make A Wish foundation grants wishes for children of two years and six months up to 18 years of age. In order to be eligible for the Make A Wish foundation the child must be diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The foundation will grant wishes to the child except those that involve the use of a firearm such as hunting.

Who founded the Daughters of Charity?

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The Daughters of charity were founded in 1633 by St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul. Although frequently mis-identified, Mother Teresa of Calcutta founded a community called the Missionaries of Charity, which is much more recent.

Most money given to charity by 1 person?

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I think it is Michael Jackson (PBUH)...not sure

Warren Buffet has given $30.7 Billion

Bill Gates $29 Billion

Li Ka-shing $10 Billion

George Soros $6 Billion

Howard Hughes $1.56 Billion

Michael Jackson estimated at $300 Million

Sample of letter asking for financial assistance?

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When you write a personal letter requesting financial assistance, you want to let the reader know what you are requesting financial assistance. You also want to make sure to include when or if you are able to make the payment back.

When did charities start?

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Charities started informally centuries ago, the idea of charity or helping out those in need is as old as mankind. It is difficult to pinpoint when the first formal charities may have begun, but the Catholic Church was founded in 1 A.D. and can be called one of the oldest still running charities ever founded.

What are three examples of carnegies philanthropy?

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You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework and you need to explain and provide examples. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. He or she is not looking for our answers.

Do you wrap angel tree gifts?

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Gifts for the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program should not be wrapped.

Why would you like to become a volunteer for homeless people?

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many homeless people are ptsd victims that were once veterans. they should all be helped.

for some, its not their fault nesesarily, and for others, they just may be stuck in a rut is all. (to quote drillbit taylor)

What charities help poor countries?

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There are many poor people around the world. Unfortunately, just giving them money has proven not to be helpful in the long run. Much better to help them create jobs, provide medical and technical assistance and so on, which allows the people to sustain the improvements. Experience has shown that large government funding often becomes the fortunes in the hands of the rulers or owners of the markets. Funds and materials sent to Iraq, Afganistan and various African countries have largely not ended up as planned. Not only that, but the items sent are inappropriate in some cases. Tents sent to Haiti were less preferred than tarps. Other items were great charitable writeoffs, but useless for the people who needed real help. Even Oprah, with her school for girls in Africa, was unable to predict the effects and had to review her efforts. However, the real deal is to discern the best ways to help the community you wish to--in the way that they need--not just what you think.

As far as the poor people go in the United States, it just depends on the area of the country where you live, how rural it is, and how interested the people who have the funds are in targeting the issue. Supporting research into different diseases is largely more popular than that of the plight of the poor.

Why is a charity called a charity?

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Caritas is a Latin word, usually translated as Charity it implies, Caring, love of one"s neighbor, sharing is caring, etc. the various charities took this up as a sort of collective banner- a catch all term for social service organizations. For example the Salvation Army, Volunteers Of America, Red Cross, Unicef, etc. it has been claimed that the last named, Unicef is the world"s largest Secular ( not religious oriented) charity and it is one of the few charitable organizations per se ( That is, by itelf) that has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize- in l965 or 66. This got big publicity at the time and Danny Kaye, named chairman launched a whirlwind flying tour of Europe for publicity purposes- for UNICEF. around l964 Halloween collection cans came in. ( Unicef is one of the few charities to avoid the Christmas rush, preferring to operate at peak in collection mode on Halloween. while on the subject of Charities, the British Royal Red Cross, which is a quasi-Government agency has long had the motto of Faith, Hope, and Charity used on its various badges and insignia. a Sterling idea. The Amnesty International and Doctors without Borders have also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ( En Masse) but this is rather unusual.