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The rules and constraints that must be met to fit a specific genre of poetry are diverse and sometimes complex. Find out more about the various formats through the questions and answers in this and the sub-categories of Poetic Forms.

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What is a summary of the poem coromandel fishers?

Sarojini Naidu says that the sun has risen and it looks as if the sky is praying to the sun,there

is no wind and the second line is a simile.the

poet says that the narrator is calling out to his colleagues who catch fish,to

start their day.they call themselves the king of the sea.The

seagull is an animal that knows where the fish are,so

the fishermen follow them.the poet also describes the scenery as close friends and family.The

sea god is the controller of the sea (Poseidon in Greek mythology)the

sea god will protect them.In the next para Sarojini Naidu describes that the fishermen like the land as well,but the waves and the foam of the sea is more calling to them.The poet,in the last line says that the sun is setting and it is time to go back to land.

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Is The Old Prison by Judith Wright a lyric poem?

"Old Prison" is an example of a lyric poem. The speaker expresses the haunting loneliness and mystery of an abandoned prison. This is considered a lyric poem because it demonstrates the feelings and emotions of the speaker.

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What is the meaning of the poem street cries by sarojini naidu?

there are no meanings to any writen creations
there are very well transpired events or well transformed feelings, accurately arranged making out meanings of words in image the writer who in any written work and the personal intelect while compeletion. The key is :
the concept of " Freedom writing association "

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What is the summary of the poem the diameter of the bomb by yehuda amichai?

in short this poem talks about the effectivness of bomb. it talks about how it physically may hurt only those who were in its vicinity but emotinally its effected 100s and 100s of people. the diameter of the bomb may be just 30 centimeters but its effect goes way beyond the circle and beyond god as well. this poem trancends from a very literal examination of a bomb's diameter, to the diameter of the bomb's capabilities. It may just physically hurt a few but, emotionally and mentally it effects the entire world.

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These are divisions of sense where stanza divisions do not exist?

Verse paragraphs.

Poetic Forms

What type of poem is Barbara frietchie?

Barbara Frietchie is a narrative poem or a ballad. A narrative poem is someone telling a story and there are many features making a poem a ballad.

1) Rhyming couplets

2) Using Direct speech

3) Using Repetition of lines

4) Using simple language

5) Using Archaism (old fashioned words)

6) A Dramatic poem

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What are some tips on writing a good acrostic poem?

An acrostic poem is easy to write! It can be about any subject, but it cannot rhyme, (no matter what people tell you).

How to Write An Acrostic Poem:

Write the letters of your word or phrase down the left-hand side of your page, with one letter on each line. You can skip a line between letters if you want to leave room to write more than one word.

Now, think of words which begin with each letter - don't try to make a poem yet, just write down all the words you can think of which will describe or explain your topic.

Use a thesaurus if you have trouble thinking of words! Look up your topic word(s) and any other words you think of in the thesaurus - it will give you other words which mean the same and also the opposite of your term! If you need more room, continue the list on another page!

Once you have a list, start thinking of how to write your poem. Which words or phrases are the best ones to describe or explain the topic? Which will make the clearest mental image? Which will make your readers understand your topic the best?

Nobody else can tell you what to write - poetry is your own emotion put onto the page! Click on the Related Questions for more help.

For Example:


So nice and blue

Keep on looking at it

You will love it

Writing an Acrostic Using Someone's Name

To write a poem about a specific person, you first need to think of all the qualities about that person that you would like to include in the poem.
Don't give general descriptive words like "terrific" or "pretty" - instead, show that you have really paid attention to the person and write words that describe their unique personality!
A hint: if you are writing a poem about a girl, don't talk about her appearance as much as her inner beauty!
Write the person's name down the side of your paper one letter at a time. Then write qualities for that person that begin with each letter. Remember, you can write either one word, several words, or even a phrase or sentence on each line.


Lovely, Lithe, or Likeable (whichever is appropriate)
Interesting or Inspiring
Young or Youthful

Help! I Can't Think of Any Words Starting With Those Letters!

What if I have a bunch of Z's or Q's? What if I can't think of any good words to describe my subject?

Here is where you use a handy tool that all writers know about: a thesaurus! A thesaurus gives you synonyms and antonyms for words, and will give you ideas on what words to use for each letter that you need for your acrostic poem.

What If My Poem Is About a Thing or Event Instead?

You use the same technique no matter what subject your poem is about. Write the first letters down the page.

Make a list of all the facts that you know about the thing or event - look them up if this is a homework assignment! Use your textbook or a search engine like www.google.com!

Here's an example using "Romeo and Juliet" as the subject - An acrostic poem is one where you write the letters of whatever word or words you want to use in order down the left-hand side of your paper. Then, use each letter to begin a word or phrase that describes the topic of the poem. If you want to write an acrostic poem about Romeo and Juliet, you would write those three words down the page, one letter per line, with the R at the top and the T at the bottom. Then, think of words and phrases that describe Romeo and Juliet - these can be lines from the play (such as "star-crossed lovers," "wherefore art thou, Romeo," "a rose by any other name") or descriptions that you think of yourself (such as "poison," "teenagers," balcony scene," or "tragedy"). Plug the descriptions into the lines, and you have your poem!

Clan feuds

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Where can you find the poem Orchids by Hazel simmons-McDonald?

a world of poetry for cxc edited by mark mcwatt and hazel simmons mcdonald

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Can you give me a copy of 'prayer for a beautiful harvest'?

Sorry, this material by the Philipino author Bienvenido Lumbera is copyright. You will need to purchase the work.

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What is an acrostic poem for clouds?

Coming behind the mountains

Large and heavy

Overflow with water

Unable to hold so

Dropping the heaviness in

Streams and river


Kavita garg

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Literary devices found in geography lesson by zulfikar ghose?

There is imagery,personification "the jet sprang into the sky"

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How would you do an acrostic poem with the word trust?

T - time

R - right

U - uderstanding

S - strong

T - telling

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Where can you find the poem little boy crying?

The poem "Little Boy Crying" was written by Mervyn Morris.

See related links.

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Can a poem be a mystery about what your talking?

Yes at some instances. Some people do love to express their emotions and sadness through making poems.

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What is a good acrostic poem for amber?

Any person she happens to meet

Might be fooled into thinking she's sweet

But I know the truth, she's

Especially uncouth

Rude, from her head to her feet.

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How do you write acrostic poem for grandmother?

write it with love and sweetness

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The theme of death on Robert Lowell poetry?


Poetic Forms

Discuss the Summary of the poem the dying eagle?


The eagle king has lost its eyesight almost. It keeps it head in between its body with tiredness. Its wings are dull and dirtier and hang below its tail. It is old but is not the age that has made him to sit like a raven that drenched in the rain. It is not the night time too. It is an hour before sunset.

An iron has entered into his soul which destitute his pride and territory on that day. Till that afternoon this crag was his throne. From the forests to the boundless sky, the entire space was like his empire. He has won all his enemies. The eagles that are in the glaciers or them mapping the coastal areas are his descents. Even before they fledge the Eagle king had tumbled them on the rocks from their nests.

In this morning the eyes of this monarch have been captured by the silver flash of a mighty bird that flew in between the two peaks of the mountain ranges. This sight has titillated this Eagle King. Even his hairs in the neck were bustled. The mighty bird’s feet were as strong as digging clefts in the granite. The Eagle King couldn’t recognise whether it is a Partridge or a Heron or a Falcon or even an Eagle.

The mighty bird flew in a rapid speed as if catapulted from a ledge and made a spiral. It even reached the orbits without any rising and falling waves. It also reaches the positions from where it could survey the other birds. There is no such bird it could reach the heaven and the earth. The Eagle King even thinks of pterodactyls which were existed before the vulture and could kill its carrion even in the Andes.

The shadow of the strange invader seems like a bat upon the roofs of the world. It also passes the moraines and vitriol; is it a dragon. It also has the head, body, wings and even the taut. The two whirling eyes the mighty bird like the meridian bright has not shuttered. The Eagle King hasn’t known about this strange bird before.

It is his enemy whom he can’t grapple over. The shoulders at the back of this strange bird puzzled the Eagle King a lot. Its sound was like a thunder. His claws were like lightening. The speed of the strange bird is double of the Eagle King. The anger and unconcern manner of this supercilious bird that flew over the dominion of the Eagle King disturbed him most. This ancient Suzerain made its spy in the territory with the impudent face and disappeared.

The Eagle King has found himself weak by the evening. His shoulders are untidy and his claws become nerveless. He thinks that dusk come an hour before the sunset to haunt his eyes. He also thinks that the flock that has chased away by him will come back again and to thread in the crimson archipelagos. There will find him deaf by the wings of that mighty bird. They will brood over the lost emperor of the peaks the Eagle King.


This is an allegorical poem. It deals with the descending tradition. The poet has taken the Eagle and an Aeroplane to distinguish between Tradition and Modernism.

The poem can be taken in two ways. In the literal meaning it is the juxtaposition of emotions of a bird after looking at an aeroplane. The poet beautifully pictures the emotions arouse in the mind of the bird after seeing the aeroplane.

In allegorical, the poem tries to capture the fading of the tradition with the advent of modernism. The Eagle King rules his territory without any opponent. He never allowed his rivals to win over him. He tumbled them. But this strange bird was a big puzzle to him. In the same way the poet on behalf of the Traditionalism worries about the modernism which is fascinating.

The Eagle King worries that the ‘mighty bird’ would be pterodactyl. He couldn’t recognise what kind of a bird is it. Likely, modernism can’t be predicted.

The eyes of the mighty bird were unshuttered. It is unconcern about anything. It has an arrogant look. In the same way Modernism is not shuttered and it doesn’t bother about the other trends and grows up in its own way.

The Eagle King worries that his chased away descents will come back and pity for him of his deafness. Modernism can also make the Traditionalism diminishing.

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What can you put for letter O in an acrostic poem?


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Can you write an acrostic poem on constitution?


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Afro Asian poetry?

Afro-Asian poetry illustrates and embodies all the tragedies and struggles of African and some Asian nations under the tyrannical rule of Western conquerors. They are poems which depict the struggle and suffering experienced by Africans and some Asians unto this day.

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What is an Acrostic poem for welfare?







Expresions just random words. take no offence

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How do you write an acrostic poem for the word creatures?

C-Crap is tasty

R-Really, im smart

E-Eating is fun

A-Ass is tasty


U-Umbrellas are blue


E-Elephants eat pies

S-Sexy Monkeys throw mud

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Acrostic poem for FLOWER?

fluffy floating flowers

lovely in the summer

open when its day closed when its night

withering in the winter

earning al it sunlight

really really pretty

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What is the meaning of the poem self-pity by Lawrence?

as we are not a wild animal, but supposed to be more civil, the wild animal lives for the moment and does not feel sorry for itself even as it dies a death through no fault of its own, we as humans have self pity for any little thing that goes wrong in our lives even if it is through our faults.


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