Native to Iraq and Iran, pomegranates are a seedy fruit. They are cultivated in most Mediterranean areas, and have a rich flavor and color.

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Can a diabetic drink pomegranate juice?

absolutely. just give yourself the appropriate amount of insulin.

I am a credible source because I have Type 1 Diabetes


Why should you not eat the white part of a pomegranate?

It has no taste for one thing, might be a little bitter, but mostly all the juice is in the seeds. It's similar to the pith (white part) of orange peel - edible, but not tasty.


Are pomegranate seeds edible?


I've been eating this stuff all my life. Add a little bit of salt to the bowl, take a spoon full and insert in mouth. Chew everything including the seeds, (you will experience an explosion of juice being release) savour and swallow all. Repeat until bowl contents have been consumed.

The seeds will add an improved flavor to the juice.

Also guys and gals, why wouldn't you swallow the seeds? Seeing how great it is at cleansing the digestive track.



Do pomegranates have betalains?



How does the myth of Persephone and Demeter add to the theme of the pomegranate by eavan boland?

The myth represents the struggle of the mother to let go her daughter: so too the poem.


What to add to pomegranate and blueberry tea?

Both teas could use a little sugar or cinnamon. Something to spice them up.


How can you tell if a pomegranate is ripe?

Pomegranate color ripens to a bright red/deep red shade on the outside. The color depends on the potash availability in the soil. Usually before ripening, the skin is hard, tight and cannot be easily scratched. When ripe, the outer skin becomes bit soft. If you are able to scratch the skin using your fingernail and gentle pressure, then it is ripe.

Another sign is when the patals of the crown turn inside, it is a stage of maturity and the fruit is ready to eat.

The unripe fruit is exactly round in shape like apple. When ripe, the round shape is changed with the sides slightly become square. This happens due to the arils pressing against the outer wall as they reach maximum juice content. A pomegranate has slots inside the fruit, the round shape is stressed and the fruit looks flattened on the sides.

An easy way to remove the seeds is to cut the pomegranate in half then hold one half in your hand seed side down over a large bowl. Wallop the half with a wooden spoon. The seeds come out quite easily saving time over the old fashioned method of using a pin to remove each individual seed.

The best way to get to the seeds is to slice the pomegranate almost in half, from crown to halfway to the bottom. Use your fingers to break the two halves apart, and then tear away the connecting membranes and remove the seeds over a large bowl, half filled with water. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the membrane will float on the top. Skim off the membrane and strain the seeds of water. To juice them, put the seeds in a blender and pulse a few times, just enough to break up all the seeds. Let the mixture sit for a minute for the hard seed bits to settle and pour through a strainer. Add sugar to taste.

One of my earliest memories is that of using money my grandmother had given me to buy candy to buy a pomegranate instead. Oh, I loved them. I loved the fact that we kids had to dress up special in our worst clothes in order to eat them. We had to eat them outside, too (it's still pretty warm in November in Los Angeles where we lived when I was a kid), and spit the seeds out into the shrubbery. Messy, juicy, sweet food that involves sanctioned spitting? We were in heaven.

Now we have our own pomegranate tree and we get to hang out in pom heaven come every November. (No more seed spitting, we grownups eat them whole.) Here's the thing to know about pomegranates (other than the juice stains) - just because the fruit is red doesn't mean that the seeds inside are ripe. We don't pick our pomegranates until they begin to burst at the seams. This usually happens a few days after a rain. The seeds absorb the moisture and the skin cannot contain them anymore. Once the skin has cracked to reveal the seeds the pomegranates must be picked immediately, and used up quickly, or they will get moldy.


Pomegranate is a monocot or dicot plant?



Are pomegranates safe to eat if you have gestational diabetes?

Yes, pomegranates are actually on of the better fruits to eat when you have gestational diabetes.

Fruits high in fiber include (they tend to have a lower glycemic index): apples(2.5%), pears (2.1%), apricots (2.1%), blueberries (2.7%), kiwifruit (2.1%), pomegranates (3.4%), and avocados (6.7%).


How do you eat a pomegranate?

PomegranateThere are a many ways to eat a pomegranate, and definitely more than what I have listed. Here are a few ways to eat a pomegranate:

1) Take all of the red seeds out, place them in a bowl, and eat them. These seeds may be taken out by either placing the pomegranate in water and taking off the skin, popping out the seeds with your hands, or cutting the fruit in half, taking out the seeds with a spoon or fork, and placing them in a bowl.

2) Eat the seeds with a spoon. As explained in 1, you may cut the fruit in half and eat the red seeds, but using a spoon to eat them directly out of the pomegranate.

3) Do not take out the seeds, but eat them out of the pomegranate. You may, again, cut the fruit in half, but this time using no spoon nor hands, and just eating the seeds right out of the fruit. I would not recommend this, however, as it becomes very messy. The juice inside the red seeds easily squirts out, and can get on cloth, skin, etc.

The juice inside the pomegranate it very sweet and tangy, and sometimes a bit tart, if not fully ripe. A fully ripe pomegranate is very juicy, and more sweet than tangy. The small, white seeds inside the red seeds may also be eaten.

The only part of the pomegranate that may not be eaten is the red skin covering the outside, and the thin, white layer of skin beneath.

  1. Use a knife to slice the fruit in half.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop the fruit out of its rind.


  1. Use your nail to peel the rind off.
  2. Then eat the fruit.

What color are the seeds of a pomegranate when it is ripe?

a deep ruby red


How do you grow a pomegranate?

You can propagate them from cuttings of year-old wood and plant with a couple of buds above ground.

Pomegranates like a Mediterranean climate for good growth and heat is not a problem to this plant if water supply is adequate. Only light fertilizer is needed. Prune to a single trunk and bear in mind that fruit is produced on the ends of the young branches.


Why did hades feed Persephone pomegranate seeds?

Because once you eat fruit from the garden of the underworld, you cannot leave


Why can't you eat the white stuff in a pomegranate?

You CAN eat the membranes that hold the seeds in place... in fact, if you get organic pomegranates - no pesticide residue on them - you can even eat the skin. The supposedly "inedible" portions of the fruit are in fact loaded with antioxidants and despite the fact they are a bit bitter, are very good for you. I often just munch the seeds whole, including the membranes and the actual seeds themselves, which some folks spit out (the seeds are QUITE tasty, actually!), after sucking off the fleshy red part around them - just as i like to eat a bit of the rind of watermelons, as well as the white portions of oranges (called "zest", appropriately!), because these parts of the fruit are packed with good things and are not in the slightest toxic - nor will they give you a stomach ache unless you eat a lot of them. Pomegranate juice is in fact often made by grinding up the entire fruit, skin included. The skin has excellent anti-bacterial properties by the way......so don't be afraid to eat it, despite the bitter flavor which is the result of tannins: its VERY good for you!!




Does pomegranate clean out your system?

Yes! Its texture and thickness is much like a plum or prune.


What are the seeds in a pomegranate called?

The seeds in a pomegranate are called "arils".


Do pomegranates grow on trees?



How do you make pomegranate juice to drink?

half the pomegranate with a knife. remove pulp with seeds. add very little salf and keep aside for sometime then juice it in a mixie or squeeze out juice with hand. add palm candy for better health drink immediately. storing in fridge or drinking later is not advised as it can loose nutrients.


Can chickens eat pomegranate seeds?

Yes! I feed my flock Pomegranates almost every day in the fall.


Can pomegranates be frozen?

Yes they can.


When are pomegranates in season in Australia?

Peak buying season is between March and June in Australia


Where do pomegranates come from?

Middle Eastern Countries, originally.They are now cultivated world-wide where the climate is suitable; there are commercial orchards in California.

Why no parthenocarpy in pomegranate?

because charlie the unicorn can't live with a world pomegranate seeds.


How do you eat pomegranates?

Cut the fruit, remove the seed sacs and especially the rind which is bitter, and eat the pulp.

One way to peel it is to initially remove the top and bottom of the fruit, then make several longitutinal cuts into the pulp between the segments, then split into segments and remove the seeds. The seed sacs are eaten in the Middle East, but are not to everyones liking.


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