Prom (which is short for promenade) is a formal dance held at the secondary school level. Most proms are held for high school juniors and seniors. Proms are generally held in the spring.

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Can you go to prom with friends?

Of course you can. Lots of people go to prom as a group of girls or boys, and meet there with a group of the opposite sex.

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How do i let him go if i dont really want to?

girl i dont know iu cant help you , i got trouble doin dat to Letting go is one of the hardest lessons we learn from an early age. Want proof? Try taking a cookie from a nine month old, see how much he likes it! But part of maturity is learning to accept loss. But how, you asked? By accepting the fact that your life and your well-being do not depend on his presence in your life; by learning to love yourself and love being with yourself; by telling yourself that one day this pain of loss will just be a memory and that one day you will probably find Mr. Right and actually be glad that Mr. Wrong is out of your life!


What movie is more cowbell from?

It didn't come from a movie, it was a sketch on Saturday Night Live 10 years ago.


Is there a 6th grade prom?

I live in New York and we don't have prom for 6 graders. There's a 5th grade prom for when you graduate from elementary school. An 8th grade prom for when you graduate middle school and a 12th grade prom for when you graduate high school. Some schools have junior proms but here in new york we don't. at least not in public school. It all depends on the school you go to.


What grade do you have to be to go to prom?

Depends on the school, but usually if you're invited by someone who is old enough to go, you'll be allowed to be their date. Usually, juniors and seniors can go to the prom without anyone else, but if you are a freshman or sophomore, you have to go with somebody that is a junior or senior. Actually, though, if youm are a sophomore couple and find a junior couple, than you can just swap partners at the door, then find your partner again when you go in!


What is the significance of having a Junior and Senior Prom?

To make memories of your teen years.


Can you go to prom with your best friend's ex?

No, even if she says its ok she probably is hurting inside so that is a definite no.


What is an awesome way to ask a girl to prom?

Just ask with full respect for her decision. A personal asking in verbal means would do. Just ask sincerely and honestly.


Where can you find an Asian prom dress?

You can make one or hire a fashion designer.


What is the flower thing called that the guys wear at prom?

Girls wear a corsage, guys wear a boutonniere.


What is Prom Night the movie's Prom Theme?

I'm pretty sure it's "The Time of Our Lives".


Should the word prom be capitalized in a sentence?

It should only be capitalized if it forms the title of a specific prom.


What grade is junior prom in?

Junior year, 11th grade.

The Twilight Saga

Do Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan get married?

Yes, Edward and Bella get married at the beginning of Breaking Dawn.


When does Prom the movie come out on DVD?

Incredibly soon.


What was the knife used in prom night?

Cold Steel Black Sable.


Junior and senior prom opening remarks Samples?


Where can you find cheap camoflauge prom dresses?

Do you like shopping online? if so you can try only two fashion trade company, they sell cheap custom made prom dresses, you can choose any design from their sale platform, click my ID to contact them.

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Where can you buy a used prom dress?

Used Prom Dresses
  • You could consider buying one online. A quick search for "Used Prom Dress" on the Google search form to the right will come up with a number of results.
  • Try local consignment stores and used clothing stores. You could save yourself some leg time by calling ahead and asking what they have in stock. Remember that dresses can be adjusted to fit you.
  • Why not trying looking at your local thrift-shops!
  • search for "Used Prom dresses" - there are organizations that collect donations and distribute - for low cost or for free
  • You can find thousands of used prom dresses for sale at They put buyers and sellers together.
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What are the roses that go on girls wrists at proms?

You're thinking of a corsage (pronounced korr-SAHGE). It can be roses or any flower. Corsages. A mum, or a wrist corsage?


Who plays Kristen in the movie Prom?

The character Kristen was played by Madison Riley.


What is the best way to buy a prom dress?

I'm afraid there's not a best way to buy a prom dress but some suggestions maybe helpful to you. If plenty of dollars and time are available, just go to the shopping malls to search some stores you like.but it always pays to do your research before your hit the stores.You can pick up a summer style in the fall. Go for something basic like a black cocktail dress or a simple satin sheath so as not to risk looking 'so last year.' Then stash it away so you don't catch a glimpse every time you peer in your closet. Bring it out closer to prom time and it'll feel brand-new. If there aren't many dress stores in your area, buying online can give you access to a lot more options. Or if you're shopping on a budget, you can find great deals online that stretch your money further. However, dress shopping on the web comes with a few major caveats. And this is always the best way for me to buy a prom dress I think…


Why do the guys give you flowers then go to prom?

Because they want to show you that they are happy with you going with them to the prom.


How do you get a guy that barely knows you to ask you to prom?

You could ask him to prom. Or you could start talking to him and let the guy get to know you.


Where can you find prom dresses in size 00? has a TON of dresses from any prom dress designer you can think of. They have a lot of different styles too.


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